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Perry Nuke 12.20.09Perry, Ohio produces electrical power.  

Two 500 foot tall hyperboloid air cooled condensers were built, the one on the left has never been used.
Lake Erie constantly goes up the one on the right.   In the summer the condensation isn't very visible, but in the cool winter temperatures the millions of gallons a day throw up quite a plume.
Does nuclear power affect global warming?
Could the unused cooling tower be used as a foundation for an innovative wind power track?


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In spite of its graininess...

...that's an incredible image--very powerful.


Thanks Eternity, like 1600 asa

The two or three second long shot is hand held (see the lights streaked horizontally) and the digital cam was at its highest asa - with about 21Xs telephoto.  Amazing I got anything recognizable....

Hand held eh?

You must have some very stable hands. I didn't realize that one of the towers is not in use. They were going to have twice the number of reactors than what is there now.

cooling tower

How could this be used as a wind power track? Better, or just different, from turbines?