Candid Conversation with Al Ratner effects change for our City and Region.

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Thu, 06/04/2009 - 09:52.


This session at the Key Club was a fantastic opportunity to question Al Ratner of Forest City and hear his visions to draw great numbers of diverse people to our city and region, and appreciate those peoples more fully.  I was impressed with his delivery, passion and vision.  Leon Bibb facilitated a great session and I was honored to have a chance to ask a key question: 

'Do you see Merit in models that facilitate positive change and appreciative diversity appreciation by employing models for social change and mutual prosperity between diverse stakeholders?'   An example of such a model is one which is employed in Israel (Tiffin Model) that engages Arabs and Jews in mutually beneficial and mutually prosperous business relationships.  We can do this here, between African Americans and Caucasian ones, for example.   

More importantly, we can facilitate a progressive and appreciative culture here by working together on issues that transcend race, religion, or sexual orientation.   We can do that by working on shared visions for positive change that transcend these stupid biases.  

Let's do it, Cleveland!  Sergio Lebid's new Cavitation processes make Cold Fusion imminently possible.  And Then this 'Futuristic' Piece becomes MUCH more pragmatic, indeed.  And I am learning so much at present here at Veale Center, CWRU at the BAWB Global Forum - leaders from all over the world fighting for a better world.   It is quite simply, da Bomb.

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Does Al Ratner pay to have

Does Al Ratner pay to have this put up at top of page every few days?

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Does Al pay?