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Certainly, in order for truth to exist, all impacting factual premise must be considered before the truth can be discovered.  Anything less can only be conjecture.  While it is true that the Evelyn Schwartz matter should not and could not  be settled in this forum it is also true that using this forum to describe the injury caused Evelyn for the edification of its participants is a reasonable endevor.  We all need to be made aware of the nature of the illness in our society so that we may navigate around it.  Evelyns story is such a bouy.  The facts, all of them will be investigated by an Ohio Grand Jury and the truth with all its factual premise will be discovered and the wrongdoers will be held accountable.

The few facts that have been presented in this forum hardly represent truth.  Had each of you gone to the link where Brown has published all the facts, she could document, and weighed the competing elements of this controversy for yourselves, you would recognize that truth.  Instead, most have no to time to do that nor do they place a high degree of need on it to make that journey.  As such most must rely on what others say about it for their perceptions.  If the others are intellectually dishonest most could get a completely skewed perception that dishonors themselves and the truth that is sought.

In this particular case, while it is a fact that documents presented on this forum are part of the legal file that is published by Brown, it is not sufficient to show this forum the list of checks written to dean (the caregiver) without also viewing the evidence that identifies what those checks were for......  The gremlins here would have you believe that it is proof the caregiver is stealing from Evelyn......  however the testimony will tell a completely different story......  The caregiver funded all of Evelyns needs throughout the month and the checks were repayment for receipts presented to Evelyn.  The Check for $3000 that Brown wrote,,,,,, was not money she stole from Evelyn.... the testimony and facts will show that that check was paid to Rob Faranacci the attorney that Brown the POA paid him in return for his promised to preserve Evelyn's jurisdictional challenge in court and to get Evelyn released from the grips of the probate system......  That is what he was paid for...... the letter that was presented here to detract from Browns credibility (which has been under an unreasonable assault since she sought the support of her fellow Ohioans here) is actually the letter that that attorney sent to Brown letting Brown know he was not going to fulfill his agreement to free Evelyn or to challenge the jurisdiction of the probate court to act.  If there was theft associated with that matter,, it was the attorney that was the perp, not Brown.

Don't be so quick to believe what others tell you.  Liars tend to use some of the  facts to obscure their lie.  Check it out for yourself.  Get all the facts by participating in or support the Ohio Grand Jury that will look at all the facts.  Don't believe the Gremlins that lie to you and tell you that this is a scam that is designed to get your money or expose your privacy to unscroupulous people ........ there is no mandatory cost for you to participate.  The complainant pays all the expenses for the case to be heard.  You hear the facts in the privacy of your own home and largely at your own pace and time.  Your private information is not shared with anyone unless you choose to share it.  I have never seen a case that is more representative of what is wrong in this American society.  You really should make the effort to get to the bottom of it.



William Duff


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 you are such a funny man. "Check it out for yourself.  Get all the facts by participating in or support the Ohio Grand Jury that will look at all the facts." and  " You hear the facts in the privacy of your own home and largely at your own pace and time."

These details of POA and money and so on were already decided by the court. You are shoveling.