Cavalier's defacing public property? or just Corporate fun?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 05/08/2010 - 21:23.

 Cavaliers sweat band on Lorain Bridge 5.5.10 image jeff buster graffiti

Is this graffiti? Or are you a Cav's fan so it's ok? Dan must think it's pretty funny, all the way to the Bank! Socialize the costs, privatize the profits.  Go Cavs!

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Thanks for sharing this Jeff - Beauty of realNEO

When I saw Cavaliers advertising on the facade of the Cleveland Museum of Art today I though it was ugly and distasteful - made my pictures of The Thinker ugly - and then I came home and saw your picture of Cavaliers advertising defacing another historic landmark here, and realized it is a campaign, and I thought it was too much. Where else have they done this?

Who is responsible for this expensive, ugly campaign and who is paying.

Let me guess, by putting Cavs ads on every Cleveland landmark we will create 55,000 new jobs...? It is about creating jobs!   Lifting depression - something the people may believe in - something for our kids to aspire toward... basketball?!?! On our museum?!?!?!

Disrupt IT

High art?

The bannors are certainly not high art. What would Cleveland Orchestra music director Franz Welser-Möst tell his pals back home about this?

"C" is for Casino

not for the Cavs!