Chester Cuiksa

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Chester Cuiksa
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Cuiksa relationship with TonyB


Slavic Village landlord Cuiska

Chester Cuiska and wife, Mary - rent out tax delinquent properties that are now on the docket to be inspected. 

*************The loophole that apparently exists in Cleveland (I tried calling Parma and Lakewood to determine their policy) ALLOWS landlords delinquent on their property taxes and water bills to continue to RENT out these properties****************************

FTR -THERE are rental units managed by slum lords like the Cuiskas - throughout the city.  What does it take to close this loophole??  Why has Cleveland City Counil not acted on this problem?


3614 Beyerle: registered, payment current, inspection scheduled

3598 Beyerle: registered, payment current, inspection scheduled

6601 Lansing: registered, payment current

6523 Hosmer: registered, payment past due

3566 Sykora: registered, payment past due, inspection scheduled

7009 Indiana: registered, payment current, inspection scheduled

See for more direct way to check history of properties.


  • Year Built: 1900
  • Land Use Code: Two family dwelling
  • Zoned as: Residential
  • Rental Registration #: RR18-03116
Owner Characteristics:
  • Owner: CUIKSA, MARY
  • Last Sale Date: 04/25/2008
  • Last Sale Amount: 6200
  • Tax Delinquency Amount: 25895.57
Property Risks
Lead Risk: Elevated

Homes built before 1978 can expose children and others to lead hazards.

Structure Risks: High

Structural hazards and property violations that can impact your health.


  • Violation Type:Interior/Exterior Maintenance
  • Date: 04/29/2019
  • Status: open
  • An Interior/Exterior Maintenance Violation was issued to this property on 04/29/2019. The structure may pose a serious health or safety risk to occupants.