CHN Fraud

Submitted by lmcshane on Fri, 09/03/2021 - 08:02.
CHN Fraud

Crain's Cleveland ran a bullshit piece on this house in Middleburg Heights > 16536 Parklawn Ave, Cleveland, OH 44130 -® Ms. Cedeno purchased for $186K after selling her Cleveland house for $155K - if she is disabled and has a mortgage on her new Middleburg Heights home, then how will she pay off the new $75K mortgage?


We KNOW she is not going to have to pay off the $20K she got for "repairs." This reeks of more CHN fraud for insiders. SEE:

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THIS reeks of more CHN fraud

Michelle Jarboe seems ever so happy to white wash CHN (see her coverage of CHN Eden Emerald Alliance).  This latest piece of bullsh_t glorifies a forgivable $20K loan to a family, who got the golden ticket to escape to Middleburg Heights (where most of the Latinx families of CLE are moving as part of St John Bosco parish).

CHN Fraud

Not only did she sell her CLE house purchased for $51K> sold at $155 - she landed a house in Middleburg Heights for $186K and took out a $75K mortgage to make the move.  And THEN she discovers that the basement wall is in need of $20K in repairs??  

CHN to the rescue!!  Somehow - Ms. Cedeno's case jumped ahead of the 300+ people on the waiting list for these types of repairs in the City of Cleveland?? Here is the house Ms. Cedeno purchased:

NOT the shambles house - Michelle Jarboe posted at Crain's Cleveland....