Claude Cornett's testimony at Estabrook Rec Center 1.9.2012

Submitted by lmcshane on Wed, 01/11/2012 - 03:55.

The public testimony of the Ohio EPA hearing held at Estabrook included exhaustive research by Claude Cornett.  This testimony is available here:

Other comments submitted for the record will be updated to this site once the Ohio EPA mails the testimony to me.

Mr. Cornett: Cle has conflicts on Ridge Rd pollution permit


Besides the fact that the City of Cleveland does not have the competence to purchase, operate, or oversee a waste "gasifier", Mr. Cornett, in the paper cited above by lmcshane, is clearly correct in asserting that the EPA permit application is untrustworthy for the fact that all  the cards are held by, and dealt by, the City of Cleveland. 

Last time the CPP made a contract it was for 50 years of AMPOHIO coal fired electricity.  Fortunately, the contract - though ignorantly approved by the City of Cleveland,  was avoided because Lehman Brothers (who was pushing the financing) went bankrupt.  


"Conflict of Interest:  The City of Cleveland’s role in this permit application and draft permit is a major conflict of interest that violates Paragraph e of Section 129 of the Clean Air Act.  Cleveland mayors and politicians have interfered in the environmental programs that it administered in the past.  The City of Cleveland’s municipal utility, Cleveland Public Power, is the applicant.  The City of Cleveland’s Division of Air Quality has played a central role in preparing and reviewing the permit application and is the contact for public comments on the proposal.  All of the employees in both of these agencies ultimately report to Mayor Frank Jackson, the chief proponent of this facility.(11)  The close administrative, financial, and other relationships between the City of Cleveland and the State of Ohio also call into question the legality of Ohio EPA issuing a permit for the proposed installation. "


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