Cleveland court clerk candidate is denied a fair hearing by city and Democratic leaders

Submitted by pavman on Sun, 10/02/2011 - 09:42.   Political endorsements are important to the public. Voters respond to "Endorsed by the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party," or "Endorsed by Cleveland City Council," when they see those phrases printed on campaign materials. I can't blame them. Aren't these groups and organizations looking out for the good of the citizenry? Aren't they extensively vetting each qualified candidate after the filing deadline and choosing the candidate that will benefit their target constituents? I used to think so.

When I decided to file as a candidate for Cleveland clerk of courts, I was excited to pursue these endorsements. With my experience, business record and detailed plans about how to improve the office, I knew I would be a shoo-in, especially given multiple reports of corrupt practices perpetrated by incumbent Earle B. Turner. I had decided to run when no one else stepped up to face Turner, whose incompetence I had experienced firsthand working in the court system. I managed to file just before the deadline.

At that time, I was disappointed to learn that many endorsements had already been given -- to Turner. The Cleveland City Council and the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party endorsed Turner prior to the filing deadline and before I had joined the race. Neither organization was willing to speak with me, meet with me or hear my plans for the city.

Even knowing that their endorsements were already given, I wanted a chance to persuade individual councilpersons and members of my party that I am the right candidate for the job. I have been ignored and actively avoided at local events by these important members of the community. How can the public trust these endorsements or the leadership of these organizations when they are so blatantly biased and uninterested in fair play?

The Plain Dealer, on the contrary, set itself apart by taking the time to interview me, review my plans for the city and get to know me as a person. Whatever the editorial board's endorsement decision, the public will be able to put its stock in the process, knowing that the paper did its due diligence and vetted each candidate before making a decision.

Phil E. Pavarini Jr., Cleveland

Pavarini is a candidate for Cleveland clerk of courts.


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Phil, I couldn't understand how Martin Flask publicly endorsed Earle Turner at a recent Tremont meeting.  Is that kosher?   Keep up the fight. 

Today's mayoral endorsements by the PD (Welo, Kleem) defy comprehension, but then again...when no viable candidates run to provide a choice you are trying to do for the Clerk of Courts position...we all lose.

When does the PD run their Clerk of Court endorsement??

Phil Pavarini

I am sorry that you are not being endorsed by "the machine".    The Clerk of Courts Criminal Division is the worst ran office in Cuyahoga County.  In my 22 years of working in the legal system,  I find that dealing with Cleveland Municipal Clerk's Office is a nightmare that I do not wish on most people.  I have worked with every single clerk's office in Cuyahoga County and refuse to deal with Cleveland's Municipal Clerk of Courts.   Cleveland's clerk's office does not accept requests for certified records by mail.  They also try to charge government employees that need certified records when government employees do NOT pay for any records in any other clerk's office in the entire county.  They were one of the last- if not the last- clerk's office to have their records on-line.   The 'employee only' line is not much better than the public lines stretching out with hundreds of people waiting in long lines only to be offered rude treatment and told to go wait in another long line for service.

It is a well known fact in the legal community that Earle Turner is incompetent and lazy.  It is no secret.  It is also no secret that many of the employees are from Earle Turner's church.  The employees need to go back to the church and pray that things improve in the clerk's office.   The employees are more concerned with breaking one of their two inch fingernails than offering the services that they are supposed to be offering. 

This is exactly what is wrong with elected officials and those that keep endorsing the same ole' - same ole'.  Earle Turner has been caught NOT working the hours that he alleges and 'riding his bike' to work sob story bullshit.

Good luck to you, Phil.  You have my vote.  I hope that other voters see through the machine and elect you.  Change has been needed in that office for many years.

 Corruption at its best.

 Corruption at its best.

Tell your friends, send money

This is my first political race.  I really appreciate the comments about the current regime... but I'm going to need a lot more than comments to make this race a reality.  We're gaining some great grass roots support.  But we need a lot more.  

Please consider sending a donation, even if it's only $20.  You can do it by paypal on our website -, or mail to Elect Pavarini, Ed Hendricks Treasurer, 2012 W 25th St #501 Cleveland, OH 44101.

Please consider attending our next fundraiser, it's at the Barley House on W. 6th St. in downtown Cleveland on Wednesday 10/12/2011 from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

And most importantly, please get that PHONE CHAIN going.  Get my name out.  Call just 10 friends who live in Cleveland, tell them about me, and ask them to call 10 of their friends.  Please do it now, today.   And keep it going.  Call 10 friends every day.  If you run out of friends, call random people from the white pages - or better, from those who request an absentee voter ballot.  Email us, electphil [at] clevelandmuniCLERK [dot] org, we'll get you numbers to call if you run out.

Vote for Phil Pavarini...


I was proud not to be endorsed by the corruption....hold your head high, Phil....


BTW....get the TEXTING machine going too....Keep it simple--not photo texts etc...just key words...

VOTE FOR PHIL PAVARINI at the NOVEMBER ELECTION for Cleveland Clerk of Courts....

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

For Phil

 If you, or a campaign person, could post more specifics on HOW you would revamp the clerk's office, it would be appreciated. I have read the previous posts on what you deem to be the priorities and agree with them. The devil is in the details of how.

 Vote for Phil Paverini Jr.

 Vote for Phil Paverini Jr.