Cleveland Waterfront - Care-free Car Free Pt III

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A lake view worthy of any tourist destination - Cleveland Lakefront at Edgewater, Cleveland, Ohio June 2013.

 Please see files attachments below for more photos - and if you do want to use above photos or attached -NO Problem/no charge- please feel free but credit my camera work Laura McShane

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Brooklyn Centre to Lakefront- twenty minutes

  Originial post 6/25/2013 updated 1/11/2014  updated 2/7/2016

The transformation can be seen above - I rode today from my Brooklyn Centre neighborhood - down Denison to West 65th and on to Edgewater Beach via the under pass at West 65th.  The ride is twenty minutes at leisurely pace.  I stopped briefly to get my hair cut at a Spanish barbershop along Denison - thanks Pedro!

There are many interesting sights along the way to the lake.  

For instance, I found Yellowcake shop - not open on a Monday, but now I know where it is.  I also passed by Capitol Theater and, of course, Stone Mad - which had a sizeable Monday lunch crowd. The temperature gradient is amazing as you ride down from Detroit Ave. to the Lake - there had to be a drop in ten degrees with a beautiful breeze today.  There are still many manufacturers in the area and one has to imagine they were sited at one time to have the cool air for hot metal processing.

I spent time at the Lake today and met one of the new Metroparks lifeguards - Mike, a second year CIA student.  The lifeguards get real training and also there are breaks to get swimmers out of the water, too.  Mike acknowledged that while the beaches have improved ODNR has to work to stop debris and dredge materials from spoiling the water and the beach.  Other Metroparks employees were working at breakneck pace to tidy and remove dead wood from the park.  What a welcome sight! Employees who understand the importance of M-A-I-N-T-E-N-A-N-C-E!


Here is a photo of an interesting activity at the park - a man using a tradition known as Poi to find balance-and just up the hill the new access point via W. 76th St.:

At the top of the park, the vista and access option includes an underpass that connects to Lake Ave.  I took photos along here, because Don's Lighthouse would be a natural spot for a drink after a day sunning or just to unwind before heading back by bike.  I took a photo here, too, of boarded up maintenance building that could possibly be an Amtrak station option for the neighborhood.

I rode past Scott Miller's old Oboe studio and by West 78th St. Studios - there are so many options for formulating excursions here. St. Luke's Episcopal Church also has some beautiful murals on the side of their community outreach center where they provide clothing, food and showers to folks in need. 

I continued to Battery Park - but YOLO was not open so back to Detroit Ave. heading west. I was pretty famished by this time and grateful that the Harp Restaurant allows you to park your bike within viewing distance of the patio.  I posted a review and photos at Trip Advisor.  This experience could easily be more enhanced for cyclists.

To get home, I rode West 45th to Bridge, past Ohio City Ice Cream (closed on Monday) to W. 44th and then Fulton to Mapledale to my house.  Round trip I left at 1:30 and returned at 5:15 - down to lake, twenty minutes and back it took 30 minutes.  Make the trip by bike and be similarly rewarded.


Thank you to INTENSIVE LOBBYING by Cleveland Bikes Denison Ave  (be at the Annual Meeting January 19th)- will be give Road Diet treatment and BIKE LANES!!

Hurrah!!!  Now for some visionary connections :

To all,
I hope that this might be the time to consider transfer of the front properties at Art House to the Cleveland Metroparks.  Councilman Joe Cimperman's ward will change - but until the end of his term he supports the CDC Old Brooklyn Development Corporation that brokered the original contract for federal monies awarded to Art House.  In this capacity, he can assist with the transfer of properties and facilitate use of remaining $150,000 in federal monies still committed to the project.  
The long term future of the Metroparks Zoo as a regional family attraction would benefit from the acquisition of these properties. The Metroparks could also raise their profile as a provider of educational programming to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  
Please have a discussion on the fate of these properties - as they are key to the connection of so many historic and natural resources including the Lakefront, National Park, and Cleveland Metroparks.  
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Laura McShane


Northeast Ohio Media Group must really think I am dangerous - they delete my comments for any and anything...

Intermodal -Amtrak, Edgewater and CLE lakefront for PEOPLE

ODOT maintenance station next to tracks off Lake Ave.

How do we make our lakefront accessible to to folks via Amtrak?  The current station near the Rock Hall is forlorn and sad - is there any way we can move the station to the Detroit Shoreway/Edgewater neighborhood ?  The old building above is, I believe, owned by the State of Ohio? It is tucked off Lake Ave. and accessible by a narrow drive (just past Don's Lighthouse).

West 76th Access to Lakefront:

Amtrak station:

See photo above- the connection would make sense - relocate the station to Detroit Shoreway/Edgewater neighborhood. Here is the back side of the property via Lake Ave:

Discussion on Intermodal HUB-and related economic development possible:


Thank you CLE Metroparks

After a hellish week of dread and despair - and continued civil unrest in American cities - I was able, for a moment, to put the discord behind me at the Metroparks Edgewater Park.  Cleveland now has a place where  - on Sundays - church groups meet to worship under the sunny skies.  Kites are flying and purple martins whirl above (more purple martin boxes!).  Families of all shapes, colors, sizes pack picnics, play frisbee, swim and wiggle their toes in the sand.

Thank you Cleveland Metroparks - and thank you Brian Zimmerman.  You are one non-profit CEO in this town, who actually deserves a large salary.