Cleveland: My Address Has Power

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Restauranteur Zack Bruell has been defining the restaurant scene in greater Cleveland for decades. And his latest venture, Chinato, is just one more blockbuster success. But the idea of opening a fourth restaurant on Downtown's East Fourth surprisingly did not originate with the mastermind chef. (read more about Zack's decision to move Downtown at

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CLE is so lucky to have Zack Bruell

  His restaurants set the bar for service, ambiance and presentation.  Industry people with their own restaurants - take their families to Bruell restaurants.  I forgot that the independent chef network posted at REALNEO, but this post is currently trending.  I saw Zack Bruell this summer on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad with a bunch of his friends.  I didn't introduce myself to allow him some privacy.  But, it is not a surprise that Zack relaxes by cycling and riding the train :)   Fall is the best time to ride the train - (go weekdays, if you can).  The popular Nickel Plate Steam engine is running now:  Bike aboard is $5.