CLEVELAND SCHOOLS: What happened to the "MORNING ASSEMBLY" in our Schools???

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Mon, 01/19/2015 - 11:42.

The "Morning Assembly" is one of the most significant parts of the day at school.

I have personally attended over 13 different schools in my educational journey up to High School Graduation. I have seen the best and worst practices. Moreover; my military training encompassed world class proven daily regiments that created some of our world's greatest leaders. Why would our "SYSTEM" remove proven practices from it's routine? We are the citizens of the United States of America. Our children deserve to know values, core traditions, and unity. They deserve to be linked via a "STANDARD" procedure that UNITES THEM ALL.

Look; divisive practices destroyed our City. Transformation requires using best practices that empower and unite the sense of community... Letting the little people (Kids) and the parents know that there are expectations.

Our city has an acclaimed principal, Mrs. Eileen Stull, who works tirelessly to sustain this at Louisa May Alcott Elementary School and it builds up her school. It invites parents parents to partake in SPO activities including sharing a cup of coffee which they bring to the table....and saying the Pledge of Allegiance and seeing kids be expected to be obedient, to clean up after themselves, to learn to be socially respectful of eachother and themselves. It was the best knowing that a leader with heart united her students every morning and her constant repetition, outlining of schoolwide goals, and of demanding respect; empowered the teachers to have more respect in their individual classes. Students and parents alike were treated with common decency and with tons of opportunities to partake in school activities. SPO Meetings, fundraisers, Smart Board fundraisers, Holiday and end of year band/choir productions. The cycle at that school WORKED WELL. It still continues to be well maintained....because their fearless leader; Mrs. Eileen Stull---dedicated herself to fighting the unacceptable behaviors of students, parents, and the community at large. She engaged ALL OF THEM and INSPIRED THEM TO BE INVOLVED. She has boundaries and tenacity to overcome barriers in her school. Her model should be used by all schools in my opinion; without regard to "grade levels".  

You see; when you undermine this practice of effectively having a "morning assembly"... You divide and conquer your own community. When you divide the students into their classrooms to have morning announcements; you divide the citizens. When you delegate authority to teachers to control classrooms during morning announcements and the Pledge of Allegiance; you are resoundingly dividing the student body and teacher standards. You are not showing leadership in this dispursement nor control; but are using a divisive measure to minimize your requirement to lead, monitor your delegation, and support your teachers by showing them respect during that morning tradition. Expecting the students to understand unity through division; without backing up teachers who are being overrun with out of control, disrespectful, and disruptive students is not healthy to your leadership role.  You are not showing them united standards; for each teacher controls their classrooms different upon dispersement of students. So, start the day off by laying down the laws of the school; forging through the checklist, making announcements, and mitigating kids who are "acting inappropriately" during those activities. Kids learn from others... SO, when they see that big and little alike rae being treated EQUALLY----with corrections, behavior modifications, and demanding respect; then others will align themselves accordingly. In time; these kids will show you more respect than you can imagine and they will be proud to have attended your school-as will their parents. Until EVERY PRINCIPAL IN CLEVELAND---can share such common core values and principles of leadership; our school system is doomed.

In the military; there are morning assemblies at all levels. It's a proven way of orienting your "team" to delegate and accomplish missions. It outlines the perimeters of things. It gives direction to the middle leadership and the rest. It's an integral part of unity.

I am comfounded by why this practice is ABSENT in the Cleveland Metro Schools formula. I understand the diversity, demographics, the multicultural issues, and much more; those thoughts are not exempt from my observations. Yet, this is America. Did it ever occur to the leadership of this district that for all the diverse needs; you fail to UNITE the district because you FAIL to EFFECTIVELY disseminate information DAILY to the students and families in a proven formula? I mean; a 15 minute morning assembly transforms the school at large. If parents know that they can enter the school and partake in a 30 minute period between entering, having breakfast with their students, partaking in cleaning up the gymnasiums/lunchrooms, rallying kids into formations (Class lines), and hearing morning announcements while saying the Pledge and so forth; then being out of there or even staying to engage in SPO meetings and activities; wouldn't they take it into consideration or make time for it? 

The reality that many parents feel uncomfortable entering the schools because leadership is overwhelmed and distracted with morning regiments and that the school doesn't have a coffee pot or parent area to engage events; is seriously significant.

When the leadership of any institution is faced with a less than desirable community of partakers; it is imperative to lay down the rules, regulations, and educate that populace to the expectations and opportunities.  How better to do that, than to have daily formations/morning assemblies; which engage the parent populace and to create a facebook group or page for disseminating information for SPO purposes? 

When you keep refusing to implement best practices; it makes you wonder what the real objective is? I mean; are the citizens and kids of Cleveland simply your pawns and quotas for big paychecks? Do you REALLY Care? Are you too blinded by the top heavy administration requirements to realize that everything starts at the basic levels? It is truly amazing to see all the excuses, referrals, deferrals, constant disruptions and chaos; but not see the basics implemented across the board. 

The CMSD or Cleveland Public Schools or the Cleveland Metro School District has substantially lost countless quotas through the years. Parents are sick of the excuses. There are many transforming schools. Yet, there is no common best practice in morning assemblies in Cleveland or in America anymore. The results are tons of quota programs....mediations, gang units, and police in the schools. It makes you wonder what is actually going on? 

By the way; I get it when the overeducated folks are confused about how to deal with "GHETTO" parents... ???    You treat them equally to "GENTRIFIED PARENTS". It's America. Yet, you continually adjust the rules for the people; without demanding obedience to the core values. You allow the ghetto parents' with less than desirable lives to dictate policy to protect teachers and staff from ghetto retaliation. You empower the thugs and disempower the righteous. You create an unsavory environment because you flex to accomodate undesirable mentalities. Having humanity, having standards, and demanding that all are treated equally; forces those parents to rise up or leave. When the standards are the same across the board; then they will not keep running from your expectations because there will be nowhere to run. (Parents who move between schools to avoid being held accountable for issues with students.) Transient famililes have been an issue for generations; but the schools are not interlinked and sharing information. It's all so absurd with today's technology... actually-it's inexcusable. How can soldiers deploy, transfer units, and go from place to place in the US military and be well tracked; but the students of a city cannot be tracked? Standardization of students without standardization of record sharing? It's outrageously comical.

Treating families with compassion, consideration, and humanity while sustaining your standards creates a warm and welcoming environment for both families and children to grow, share, and enjoy harmony. To know that feeling and then be jolted backwards with questionable school standards really is discouraging. Knowing how well our children prosper and overcome barriers in such an environment is priceless. Seeing them flourish is the best! When kids and parents feel happy to attend events at school and just to be there; you have achieved the mission. Until then; the noise decibel levels at the school are only a reflection of the complete lack of control in that environment.

And while I am redressing all of this.... I might as well address the word: COMPLACENCY with administrations, school employees, and anyone who enters the district schools... I mean; how can you transform when you have people in roles that could give a flower less about their student body or the parents? I mean; when you see some folks who work in these schools share that complacent attitude that is indifferent, burnt out, and lost any ambition to do something better; you really have devalued the environment. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!!!

Cleveland schools are like McDonalds; Millions and millions served.... yet, McDonald's implemented some quite basic customer service, standard operating procedures, expectations, and such and they are quite successful...most of those practices start with a smile and welcoming "HELLO, WELCOME TO MCDonald's..." statement to the customer base. 

Anyone who receives a paycheck from this taxpayer funded district; should be required to sustain basic requirements to include customer service, engagement, and inspiring kids and families to be empowered. Failing to do so should mean automatic termination...oh but they are all protected by Unions...well, then make one place to send these NEGATIVE people---an old run down school where the like minded; miserable; complacent people can be grouped together with equally like minded people....until they finish tons of transformation training on their thought processes of what the standards are.....and when they fail again; fire them. Enough is enough.

As for students and their families; realize that you are integral parts of this entire process. The world will not get better if you choose to remain stuck on ghetto tactics. What are ghetto tactics? They include but are not limited to: Screaming at administrators (raising the tone of your out of control voice), supporting bullying, failing to support basic school requirements, and allowing your children to get away with being disobedient in the school environment. Teach your children to respect the Flag of the USA. Support their mission to educate your child.  Attend school functions and partake in the School Parent Organization. If one is inactive; demand that the school starts a SPO and work with the administrators to collaborate. Stop blaming the others because you are not engaged in your child's in school and out of school needs. Grow with your children. Lead by example. Our town does not need anymore quotas (thugs, addicts, criminals, etc.) ... it needs productive people...

I am praying for all the players in this District. Life is a journey. We are all participants. Our families are pawns in a larger scale context which most of us cannot fathom. Yet; we are able to unite at the forefront with our children's basic leadership in their schools. Principals are NOT always right...and they have room to learn as well. Sometimes; their egos can get in the way of actual transformation. So, once everyone takes off their boxing gloves and puts on their working gloves; the transformation can begin. We are all in this together. So, let's make it a better place for our kids....starting with MORNING ASSEMBLIES , traditions, and saying the Pledge. . When accountability for uniform standards are checked in morning assembly at large; students will comply. When some are targeted and others not; in an non-uniform protocol; then there will constantly be dissention in the ranks. 


This is my opinion and I am sticking to it...May God Bless all the students, parents, teachers and adminstrators of the district. It's time to stop pussyfooting around about the realities that are hidden cancers of toxic neglect and demise in our city. If we want our kids to have the best we must expect the best. Every student should be excited to share a moment with their teachers and principal! Moreover; every familly should feel comfortable entering their child's school to partake in events....

Best practices across the board cite the significance of the "MORNING ASSEMBLY" as developing a sense of community and unity....






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You have a great heart and dedication level beyond words; but some of the basics get oversighted in Administrative Operations.





Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

I listen to my child talk about an out of control school...

While I will continue to work to get my child out of this school...

I am faced with daily regurgitations from her which outline the list of incidents at her school daily...

Kids in classrooms being rude, disrespectful and out o control with powerless, intimidated, and overwhelmed teachers disgusted by the entire situation.

Kids thowing stuff across rooms and daring teachers to correct them.

Kids not in uniform.

Kids talking during announcements.

Kids talking during course instructions.

Kids acting inappropriately during daily events.

Kids acting out in the hallways.

Kids cussing at teachers.

Kids bullying other kids.

When a child is not accustomed to being in a school where such out of control children are; it is disruptive to their entire learning process. When a child's learning is disrupted with other children's disobedience and complete contempt for authority; there is something not right. If the leaders, administrators, and teachers of a school do not have control over their populace; then what? I mean; is this why countless kids drop out by middle school? What the flower are the leaders afraid of with these kids? Are they afraid of the intimidating parents violating them for correcting their kids? Are they afraid of losing jobs? I mean; what is it? If a classroom is met with 19/20 kids being disrespectful; then send 19 to the office with write ups and teach the 1 child who's there to learn! Stop letting this be a vicious cycle of children running our schools into the ground. If it's about teachers not being able to control their classes; then put military leadership in the rooms to provide a helping hand. 


I can only imagine the results of kids enduring a couple years at a school full of such chaos that lacks the ability to lead children, teach children, and to create a safe and enjoyable learning environment. I feel bad for teachers who are fed up, burnt out, and totally exhausted trying to mitigate such ugly circumstances. Yet; I feel worse for the kids who are not learning any respect for authority.....

America the great!


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Education in America

Sad for what you are experiencing - it's a total crap shoot - and even if you have a positive experience one year at a school - it can change the next year with the lack of continuity.  So sad - parents chasing the system.