Cleveland youth like all American youth - off the rails

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 05/17/2012 - 21:21.
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a group of sad men

I hope that their actions have not lead to the death of Occupy Cleveland. These guys are charged with "weapons of mass destruction". Hmmm, it seems that someone else was charged with that, and hell, we invaded....oops! No WMD found.

I went to Public Square Monday afternoon to say goodbye to the place before it became casino land. There was not any Occuppiers to be seen. Their website is out of date, and haters are filling up their space on Facebook.

Haters that consider themselves the patroits by condemning a movement for the stupid actions of some young guys that were lead astray and made some bad decisions.

Across this country, Occuppiers are standing up for fundamental rights and beliefs; they are the true patriots.

Satire on the sad condition of American's future

When the United States of America Federal Bureau of Investigation is proactively coaxing - apparently successfully coaxing - our younger citizens - our younger white citizens - white citizens who it is reasonable to assume are not even the most disadvantaged, desperate citizens in our nation - with visions of sugar plum explosions of reinforced conrete arch highway bridges - and the white citizens are without the perspicasity to differentiate, and without meaningful careers, and without much hope, and our Federal Courts are indicting our own citizens who are gullible and personally drifting except they know something is wrong in our country and that Occupy speaks truth - this is surely an indictment of the  entire United States of America.