CMSD plays their bluff

Submitted by lmcshane on Tue, 02/09/2010 - 20:13.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School Board District distributed the Working Draft Revision of the "Transformation Plan." 

As expected--Tremont and GINN/Spellacy were taken off the table.

I will let the Plain Dealer do their job and report the details tomorrow, which I will link to here when available. 

Suffice to say, the CMSD administration NOW claims the demolitions/closings will produce a net savings of $20,900,000, which will supposedly help CMSD address a significant portion (~40%)  of the projected $53 million dollar deficit (revision says see attached detail--well, there is no detail attached). 

Of course, that made-up detail apparently was not so important when the District wheeled out their "Transformation Plan" in January.

Meanwhile, in the City that allows our so-called leaders to destroy every remnant of local history and culture--the Clinic demolished a landmark building on Euclid this week.  Sick. Appalling. Despicable...there are not enough adjectives to describe how I feel tonight.

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KGB is alive and well

At the CMSD School Board meeting tonight--where my camera was confiscated and I was forced to scan my driver's license into their LobbyGuard system.

Your camera was confiscated?

Did you tell them you are a reporter for REALNEO?

I'm interested what right they had to block freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and what they have to hide from the public.

Isn't Jeff Buster suing Cleveland for doing something similar...?

Disrupt IT

had to do the same thing

 I had to do the same thing - scan my driver's license - when I visited their Lakeside building for a meeting. thank god that Cleveland Hts speeding ticket didnt show...

so Tremont is off the table?

I wonder if Cimperman is going to go to the mat for Paul Dunbar?

No one cares

  This is America...I am finding it hard to believe we have a democracy anymore...

my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, my spouse, my cat, my neighbors, my extended family or anyone I happen to acknowledge on the street, bus, etc.

we never had a democracy

 a representative republic actually.  and yes lmcshane - i know you know that.  but really when i get down, in the manner your post indicates, i remind myself . . . 

we have a representative republic government which is driven by the capitalist economy. 

oh and let us not forget that at its inception, only white males who owned property were allowed to vote.

so please do not give up.  many of us quietly get up each day and go out and work, contribute, one little humble moment at a time. even though at the founding of this great country perhaps not even full citizen!

thx for your input and keep up your efforts.

am glad you care, and please, do know there are others out here who do also.








stand corrected

  we have a representative republic government which is driven by the capitalist economy. 

Thanks for the moral's more like a disaster-driven capitalist economy. 

This take-down of the City of Cleveland is more than I can bear some days.  I see the mobsters driving around the near west side looking for properties to buy up and turn into rental housing for the families that will be displaced by the school closings (I still pray that this school board stops this insane man and the plan).

This is a feeding frenzy of the worst magnitude--driven by political hacks who are just giddy with their power to determine real estate values and play with people like they are chess pieces. 

Taxpayer dollars will clear whole areas of the east side and demolish schools to devalue the land for developers to pick up for nothing--counting on the futures speculation that people will HAVE to live here when the water crisis really hits America. 




I am going to try and get some sleep tonight Norm--I am so sad for our country.  Read Book of Fathers by Miklos Vamos.  I am so sad. Nothing changes.

Student Assignments

Here is page 5 of the Working Draft--

Of course, additional savings options under consideration--transform central office--is listed as a savings to be determined. 



for the working draft

useful to know



Tremont and Ginn back on the closed list

CMSD said that they were left off in error. The latest version of the report can be found  here but it will probably change in a few days.

probably changed again - yes

 thank you for the update

Where's the attached detail?

(Building closings as proposed to the Board 2/9/2010)
(See attached detail)
Watch my my other the, see it disappear...