color perfect every day of the year

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 08/12/2009 - 19:19.
color perfect every day of the year

Every day there is a plant with the perfect color for that day.  Spring, summer, fall and winter. 

How does Mother Nature do it? 

Tomorrow, it will be another color, and perfect!

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Rose of Sharon

  Lovely photo. Why are the comments disabled on the bulldozers image???  Not a great year for my floral garden.  Roses have been chewed to bits by beetles and not enough sun for real showing from the hydrangea.  My neighbor's Lily of the Nile (Agapanthas) mysteriously bloomed after several years of dormancy.  C'est la vie :)

Hello Imcshane,  Norm, Dbra

Hello everyone,  

Thanks.  I didn't mean to have comments turned off on bulldozer (stop interstate 95).   My mouse clicker musta slipped.   Or the template default has comments off.    I turned comments on.  
I sort of like the fact that the header image gallery is a little bit obscure on Realneo.   When you consider that newspapers use the same banner/header every day for decades, even centuries - when they could be using that prime  eye catching space for informing, entertaining, or providing visual delights to their readers – WoW. In contrast,  the internet allows easily publishing something different every day, every hour, even every minute.
One of the coolest aspects of Realneo - and most open social media sites - is that Realneo defines the audience as "users", not as "readers"(like newspapers which communicate only one way - top down).
Realneo users can burrow around in the content - going into the site through different paths every day.  Realneo is a maze and a labyrinth. There are still many places in Realneo I have not been.   I usually look at the content in the same habitual way.  
With the discretely placed header image content, perhaps some user’s curiosity will be piqued and they will discover that there are many doors into Realneo.   And many places to put their content.
The purplely-pink flowers in the header are Hibiscus moscheutos.   The exact same plant is shown here on  with a Rose of Sharon bush image as well.
best, jeffb


These postings should be on home page

Jeff, I'm not sure why you don't promote these header image stories to the home page... they are interesting content most people miss, because they are not where most people look for their realneo content. You should promote them to home.

And I'm sure you want comments on, as Laura mentioned...

Disrupt IT

my favorite flower in my garden -


I miss my garden, the soil here in Tremont is so sterile, though I have pumpkins and gourds growing in the back.

My neighbor across the street has hibiscus - sO big and showy - but I miss my own. Thanks for the image!