Council Rep Santana notified of delinquent properties

Submitted by lmcshane on Tue, 04/02/2019 - 06:49.
Hello Councilwoman Santana,
You asked me to mail the parcel numbers for the properties owned by Ginmark/aka White Gold. Here are the parcels and the delinquent taxes on the properties:
Parcel Number, Deeded Owner, Address, City, State, Zip Code


As you know - Joe Pagonakis recently helped a senior resident who has been living next to a vacant house 015-19-129 3310 Virginia w/unpaid $19,584.05 property taxes.

This pattern of unpaid taxes and blight was also the precursor to the eventual transfer of the YMCA building on W 25 to the Cuyahoga County Land Bank, which wited out $118K in unpaid taxes, and then transfered to Cleveland Housing Network.  It has also been the pattern to wipe out these tax liens as with 3025 W 25th St. $20,813.73 wited out.

I am calling these properties to your attention and to the attention of Cuyahoga County Council rep Dan Brady--to help residents avoid the same wait-and-see nightmare we have endured time-and-time again with these properties.
FTR - it is appalling that residents will be stuck for twenty years or more w/zombies from the CHN-Eden project-folks who are warehoused in these fraudulent PSH Housing projects.   Brian Cummins, your predecessor in Cleveland City Council, could have stopped the Land Bank set up, if he had pressed for foreclosure on the $118K in unpaid taxes on those parcels 3881 W 25th St. Ironically, former County Treasurer Jim Rokakis and County Prosecutor Tim McGinty did not press for foreclosure on the YMCA building, but did pursue$11,763 K for an adjacent land owner Lloyd Glover.
And, as it stands, there is still the highly suspicious transfer of 3873 W. 25th to the Cleveland Housing Network - an industrial property that WAS NOT condemned and was demolished by the Cuyahoga County Land Bank at taxpayer expense.  Taxpayers will never recoup the loss of tax revenue and costs for asbestos remediation and demolition on these properties.
I am asking your office to push for accountability with the Ginmark/White Gold properties.  This outfit was also investigated by Joe Pagonakis, because Ginmark operated as a demolition contractor for the Cuyahoga County Land Bank, while delinquent on the properties on W. 25th St. 

Laura McShane

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CHN plans 30 more LITC houses around Metrohealth

  Apparently - no one is interested in the story, because as cub reporter Sam Allard informed me "No one likes you."  Well, I 
guess it is an honor I will have to bear, since the Cuyahoga Land Bank is racketeering and Cleveland Housing Network and Neighborhood Housing Services  are part of their


Jasmin Santana needs to pursue delinquent property owners in Ward 14 - the media has been informed.  Cleveland Council
persons have to sign off on demolitions and Cleveland Housing Network has another "International Village" planned for the Metrohealth area. Dan Brady knows all about it, too.

Primary Owner
Property Address
3804 Pearl RD Cleveland,OH 44109
Tax Mailing Address
Legal Description
65 SW COR GARDEN & W 25 ST 01525032
Property Class
Parcel Number
Tax Year  

Tax Bill

Assessed Values  
Land Value $23,520  
Building Value $44,100  
Total Value $67,620  
Homestead Value $  
Half Year Charge Amounts  
Gross Tax $4,132.60  
Less 920 Reduction $905.84  
Sub Total $3,226.76  
Non-business Credit $.00  
Owner Occupancy Credit $.00  
Homestead Reduction Amount $.00  
Total Assessments $.00  
Half Year Net Taxes $3,226.76  
Market Values  
Land Value $67,200  
Building Value $126,000  
Total Value $193,200  
Full Rate 122.23  
920 Reduction Rate .219194  
Effective Rate 95.437969  
Owner Occupancy Credit N
Homestead Reduction N
Foreclosure Y
Cert. Pending N
Cert. Sold N
Payment Plan N
Escrow N
Payment Amount $.00


Tax Balance Summary
Balance Due
2018 (pay in 2019) Charge and Payment Detail
Taxset Charge Type Charges Payments Balance Due
  Prior year interest - 2014 $1,417.62 $.00 $1,417.62
  Prior year tax - 2017 $6,680.24 $.00 $6,680.24
  Prior year tax - 2013 $7,406.78 $.00 $7,406.78
  Prior year penalty - 2016 $1,035.90 $.00 $1,035.90
  Prior year penalty - 2012 $1,126.39 $.00 $1,126.39
  December interest - 2018 $2,683.03 $.00 $2,683.03
  Prior year penalty - 2015 $1,038.31 $.00 $1,038.31
  Prior year August interest - 2018 $4,397.04 $.00 $4,397.04
  Prior year interest - 2016 $4,010.37 $.00 $4,010.37
  Prior year tax - 2012 $7,267.02 $.00 $7,267.02
  Prior year penalty - 2013 $1,148.05 $.00 $1,148.05
  Prior year tax - 2015 $6,698.88 $.00 $6,698.88
  Prior year penalty - 2017 $1,035.43 $.00 $1,035.43
  Prior year interest - 2017 $5,456.93 $.00 $5,456.93
  Prior year interest - 2015 $2,651.48 $.00 $2,651.48
  Prior year tax - 2016 $6,683.10 $.00 $6,683.10
  Prior year penalty - 2014 $1,165.72 $.00 $1,165.72
  Prior year interest - 2013 $335.74 $.00 $335.74
  Prior year tax - 2014 $7,520.82 $.00 $7,520.82
  DELQ BALANCE $69,758.85 $.00 $69,758.85
  1st half tax $3,226.76 $.00 $3,226.76
  1st half penalty $322.68 $.00 $322.68
  1ST HALF BALANCE $3,549.44 $.00 $3,549.44
  2nd half tax $3,226.76 $.00 $3,226.76
  2nd half SPA fee $15.80 $.00 $15.80
  2nd half tax $1,580.62 $.00 $1,580.62
  2ND HALF BALANCE $1,596.42 $.00 $1,596.42
    Charges Payments Balance Due
Total Balance   $78,131.47 $.00 $78,131.47

Ginmark aka White Gold - was a CCLB demo contractor - demo monies are drying up.  Have to save those dollars for CHN projects...pls see my original post.


Sam Allard should give equal time to analyzing Brancatelli -how his wife was recipient of public monies through contracts with the Cuyahoga County Land Bank, which Brancatellli chairs. Board structure at CCLB also needs scrutiny as they don't vote on the monies spent by CCLB. The CCLB basically operates with no oversight by design. There is also question of how CHN-Eden operates in collusion with the CCLB. Transfer of a commercial and industrial property cleared by taxpayers - over $118K wited out and over $400K in demolition and asbestos removal costs for 3873-3881 W 25. Dan Brady is now being given life support to resuscitate his political presence so he can take over in event Budish is forced to resign, which looks highly likely at this point. Dan Brady has control over District 3, which includes Metrohealth and Jasmin Santana, Cleveland City Councilwoman Ward 14 has to sign off on property transfers and demolitions through the CCLB. She recently signed off on "unplanned" demolition at 3310 Virginia thanks to reporting by Joe Pagonakis who also revealed that CCLB contractor Ginmark - now White Gold was allowed to operate for the CCLB while delinquent on property taxes.


The 50 page report found millions of tax dollars issued though the Ohio Housing Financing Agency could fall victim to unfair competitive practices in the issuing of demolition contracts, including the potential for bid rigging and contract steering.


HEADS UP Ohio Housing Finance Agency - Detroit Shoreway has another CHN LITC  application in the works - no conflict since CHN Partners real estate manager used to work at DSCDO....

Waiting for an answer -


Jasmin Santana, Cleveland City Councilwoman Ward 14 just a reminder - now the CVS is completely vacant and broken into in the plaza. What is the fake CDC doing to address this? How is Jon McCartney allowed to flip a building when he is delinquent on taxes Scott Noll Joe Pagonakis White Gold aka John McCartney and deceased August Garfoli were previously Ginmark - one of the crooked demolition contractors for the Cuyahoga County Land Bank.

FHA50 - Santana CF is not your only neighborhood


Dear Council Representative -
I pray that we all come out of this soon - with a better community, afterwards.
In this linked article, Greg Zucca is quoted:
If the plan works, residents like Bauzo can ride bikes through the trails of MetroHealth’s newly opened park and shop at the new grocery store, where students from Lincoln-West can work part-time as a bagger for $15 an hour. Bauzo’s housing values might revert back to where they were pre-foreclosure crisis, and friends in the neighborhood will hopefully choose to stay in their homes rather than move to Old Brooklyn.
First, let me remind you, again - that Metrohealth is located in the SPA for Brooklyn Centre, which is part of the "Old Brooklyn" township. You currently represent several neighborhoods in Ward 14 that are loosely redefined every so often, but which are currently recognized by these areas:
No one has changed these boundaries to suddenly include the main Metrohealth Campus.  It is also imperative that you consider all of your neighborhoods in your allocation of funding.  The plan now identifies a grocery store - and, you are well aware that your predecessor did nothing to prevent a former Metrohealth board member, Mitch Schneider - from relocating the Aldis on Pearl to Steelyard Commons. 

Where is this new grocery store going to be located along the Metrohealth RTA line?  May I please suggest the old Aldis location 3787 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109, which served our senior community and was directly available to bus the #51 line, which operates 24/7 w/greater frequency than other bus routes.


Thanks for asking - and I neglected to mention that Jasmin also represents Tremont residents. When I lived in Tremont without a car, I had three choices for shopping nearby - the West Side Market, the Dave's in Ohio City and the Topps/Finast/Save A Lot on Clark. I mostly shopped at West Side Market.
When I moved to Brooklyn Centre - I shopped almost exclusively at Aldis, which also served nearby Tremont, Clark-Fulton and Old Brooklyn residents (really should really be called... South Brooklyn)
The Aldis at 3787 Pearl did have a non-compete clause rider - but it is worth checking to see if it still applies. The Family Dollar is not doing great business (always has clearance sign out) and the building 14,520 SF and 1.99 acres w/parking/capacity has the right truck delivery access to be a full service grocery store - which is something that Metrohealth's CCH CDC would have to work out. The last person at City of Cleveland who controlled this discussion was Chris Warren - it probably now falls to Ed Rybka.
I know that the Wong Family received over $3M dollars for their property across from Metrohealth - purchased by the CCH CDC set up by the hospital. It is also worth noting that the Wong Family still operate their restaurant in the Brooklyn Centre plaza next to the Brooklyn Branch Library, which was listed w/Fred Faraj (related to Ali Faraj? not sure) -that property has now lost CVS (prescriptions transferred to Target/Steelyard and CVS/Memphis/Pearl) - and does have a Dollar Tree store/laundromat/pizza place...the plaza has lost major rental income and is listed by CBRE with auditor's site listing Brooklyn Centre Limited as the owner. (NOTE: OBCDC is fighting to keep Dollar General from building next to the South Brooklyn Branch Library).  I would love to see Metrohealth's CDC buy out this plaza. St Vincent De Paul - with support from the Bruening Foundation owns the Farnsworth Building that houses Renee Jones Empowerment Center and the Brookside Food Pantry.  There has been talk of interest from University Hospitals about the plaza - but that is rumor.
Here is the recent transfer information for the former Aldis location.
Transfer Date: 9/8/2017 10:00:00 AM
AF Number:
Parcel Deed Type Vol / Page Sales Amt Convey Fee Convey No Multiple Sale / No of Parcels
008-24-009 Limited Warranty / $1,394,000.00 $5,576.00 393762 0 / 1


Transfer Date: 8/19/2016 2:15:00 PM
AF Number:
Parcel Deed Type Vol / Page Sales Amt Convey Fee Convey No Multiple Sale / No of Parcels
008-24-009 Limited Warranty / $810,000.00 $3,240.00 363322 0 / 1

Grantee(s) Grantor(s) PEARL FDBTS, LLC Aldi Inc

Again - we need complete transparency here.  I know Old Brooklyn CDC is also working to attract a grocery provider in their service area.  The Rite Aid on 2313-2323 BROADVIEW RD - I am told it was a Pick and Pay back in the wayback -has potential for location.  It is the closest property on a RTA #51 line that may have grocery potential in "Old Brooklyn" - which BTW is where quite a few YOUNG Metrohealth doctors/and staffers are now residing.
Greg- Latin families are becoming the landlords in Clark-Fulton. I know this from conversation w/families at Brooklyn Branch library (some actually still visit after they move). Also, most skip Old Brooklyn entirely, as they move out.  Parma Heights and Middleburg Heights are popular. Church family is important is a draw.


Housing Court >BOR Ron O'Leary Land Bank pal

Board of Revision can take one of two remedies - administrative foreclosure or sheriff sale.  Thanks to Marc Dann - the machinations at the Cuyahoga County Land Bank are NOW under scrutiny


I have notified my council rep and the media to the Land Bank's next intended wite out.  NOTE: the value assigned to the building:

W Moná Scott

Ms Donald at City Hall - has referred both properties to Housing Court. Asking that this NOT be referred to Ron O'Leary at BOR for administrative foreclosure. The White Gold partners included August Garfoli - son of a former Cleveland Council person. He is deceased the current slum lord - John McCartney lives in Strongsville and is VERY politically connected.

Jasmin Santana, Cleveland City Councilwoman Ward 14

Brancatelli will want this referred to Land Bank for tax wite out. Please stay on top of this property - they are crooks. Also ran fake demolition contractor outfit Ginmark

Joe Pagonakis

Scott Noll

Sarah Buduson - WEWS


Masonic Building status August 2021 -hot housing market

Council Rep Santana - Executive Aide Miranda,
Alerting your office to change in ownership of the Masonic Building - significant unpaid taxes still not addressed.  There is some activity - clearing of damaged drywall - all windows open. 
$118,375.43 owed

Demolition at Chestnutdale-W33 - the contractor (HEZ?) left pile of dirty mattresses on the sidewalk.
$14,912.50 owed

Carnegie South Branch Library


This building was saved thanks to Sandy Smith Henry Senyak and myself - Brian Cummins made mistake of aligning with the fake CDC Metro West and it cost him. Jasmin Santana, Cleveland City Councilwoman Ward 14 was elected with expectation that she would NOT continue the SOS - she did. Nelson Cintron Jr for City of Cleveland Council Ward 14 is showing that he understands the neighborhood better than Santana. She needs to blow the whistle on ALL of the landlords exploiting loopholes in Cuyahoga County taxation - she won't. The database has been shut down b/c it shows tax delinquencies. Some of the bad players NOW know the gig is up - and have started to repay back taxes. Nelson won't put up w/ this. Jasmin - either blow the whistle NOW on your fake CDC or lose your seat just like Brian Cummins.