Cummins Campaign UPDATE - new literature, more fact checking

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Some Choices...A Lot Easier

Some choices are harder than others. This one is a lot easier.

Our Ward Councilman Brian Cummins is the better far. You be the judge.

This new mailer piece places Councilman Cummins' demonstrated experience and accomplishments in direct comparison to his opponent.

More fact checking

Councilman Cummins' opponent recently put out literature attacking the councilman's character and record.

When asked about his negative campaign literature he is quoted as saying -

"I had no intention of attacking him at all...He started it, he threw a punch," Nagin said. "He’s starting a red scare."

Nagin's referral to a "punch” and a "red scare" is in reference to the Cummins Campaign publishing a factual comparison of experience of the candidates that included Nagin's affiliation with the Communist Party, USA (CPUSA).

It is a fact that a large part of Nagin's professional adult career was spent as the Chairman of the Ohio Communist Party (1979-1997) and that he has been referred to as a CP Ohio Leader and has participated in national CPUSA deliberations as recent as March 2008.

The Cummins campaign seeks to inform voters of the candidates relevant work experience.

Nagin, who is 68 years old, only provides to voters a listing of work experience that covers approximatly 9-years;  7-years as a Council Assistant to Nelson Cintron Jr., and 2-years volunteering and working for political and labor campaigns.

The Nagin campaign’s attack piece asks voters to “REJECT Dirty Politics” and goes on to calling Councilman Cummins a loner, erratic, untrustworthy, selfish, opportunistic…

Clearing misstatements and checking the facts

CLAIM - (Endorsements) No support of a single public official.

FACT - Councilman Cummins is endorsed by State Representative Sandra Williams. The Councilman also has the support of colleagues on Cleveland City Council that include but is not limited to: Anthony Brancatelli, Ward 12; Councilman Martin J. Keane, Ward 21; Councilman Kevin J. Kelley, Ward 16; Councilman Michael D. Polensek, Ward 11; and, Councilman Zachary Reed, Ward 3.

Listing of principal endorsements -

It should also be noted that Councilman Cummins has not sought out endorsements from individuals in active community leadership positions and on Boards of community organizations that currently receive funding from the City of Cleveland. This is in respect for not wanting to cause any undue pressure or influence on such people or organizations or to cause any possible perception of conflict of interest.

CLAIM - Considered untrustworthy and erratic – the reason [for Council leadership] to break up and eliminate his ward.
FACT – independent testimonials:

"no one doubts his [Cummins] brains or honesty."
Plain Dealer endorsement 8/15/09.

"Because we finally have a councilman that stands up to the good old boy network.  If he doesn’t like what he sees or hears he lets them know about it."
Dane Reich, President, The Southwest Citizens Area Council, in a letter to the Editor, Plain Press, 4/2009 with regards to why Council split up Ward 15.

"Cummins showed independence, thoughtfulness and some courage."
Roldo Bartimole, The Cleveland Leader, 3/29, article regarding re-districting announcement.

CLAIM - Not registered to vote until 2005. Joined the Democratic Party in 2006.
FACT - Councilman Cummins first voted and joined the Democratic Party in the 1980, Presidential primary election. In the 1990’s he voted absentee from overseas; in 2000 – he voted in Columbus, Franklyn County, Ohio; in 2001 and 2004 he voted by provisional ballot in Cleveland, Ohio, which can be verified through the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

To volunteer, request a yard sign, or for any questions or more information please contact Councilman Cummins using the information below.

info [at] briancummins [dot] us

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unclear, Cummins

You can't give any clear answers, can you? I keep on asking. You have a single public official endorsement: Sandra Williams (what does "support" from these councilmen mean?, money, lunch, what?). You throw out more red baiting but the red scare stuff is soooo obvious. You worked a couple years & got paid by the Green Party in Columbus but do you have that on your resume? Why are you not explaining the Green Party affiliation? Are you ashamed? Why do you have pictures of neighborhood people who don't live in the new Ward 14 on your literature? Why did you not come to the Puerto Rican Parade or the three day coffee festival at all? Do residents outside the Brooklyn Center area even register on your radar? 


Nagin - Missing the Point

Reading the rhetoric ratcheted up in this campaign, I realize that Nagin and some supporters are missing the point.  "Red-baiting" and "Red scare" are really outdated terminology.  They go back to the cold war era, when people viewed communism as a threat that was going to take over the world.  Decades ago, we witnessed the fall of the Berlin wall, Solidarity in Poland, the crumbling of the Soviet Union and the end of communist rule in many countries.  I don't think anyone views this ideology as a threat - thus, it is not "fear-mongering."  What is there to fear?  What is relative is that a candidate follows an antiquated ideology that has collapsed in most of the world.  That is what is hard to understand - and where people seem to be missing the point.

Just over a week the issues, study the candidates and ... Get Out and Vote!

Still unclear

If it is an antiquated ideology, what is the big deal over this? how does this apply to city council? why keep using it? this is still not being answered and the questions asked above your reply are serious questions that we in Clark Fulton deserve answered. not asking you unless you are speaking for Mr. Cummins.

CUMMINS ENDORSMENTS clarified and added

ENDORSMENTS -- Councilman Cummins has the endorsements (support) of the Council members listed above.  In addition the following endorsements were confirmed this past week:

  • Robin Belcher, Representative, State House Representative, District 10
  • Peter Lawson Jones, Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners
  • Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association (this endorsement is in addition to the Fraternal Order of Police as well as the Cleveland Fire and EMS unions)

GREEN PARTY affiliation -- The Councilman was in an un-paid, volunteer position with the Central Ohio Green Party and Green Party of Ohio, as a Co-Convener and a member of the Coordinating Committee repectively.  This information is provided on the Councilman's Linkedin site.  REF:

For a list of all the endorsements and additional information on Councilman Cummins visit our website at:

For periodic announcements and to add comments and ask questions visit:


...and the race within the race goes on....

whew........just  a week and a few days to go.  the mailboxes must be getting excited that they will no longer be stuffed.

clarify more please

thank you but support from the councilmen is not the same as an endorsement so please clarify more. Thank you for responding but the other questions need answers as they are sincere questions. This is my 3rd request.


Research both and you will see the one who has worked with you and been there in the block club and crimes and safety problems. The one who worked to get kids into apprenticeship programs with the unions to train for jobs. The one that helped low income homeowners get grants and loans. The one that got neighborhood play areas for the kids and coached a little league team. The one that has been doing this for years because he cares about the ward and because this is more than just a job. Then vote.