Cuyahoga Corruption-same as it ever was...

Cuyahoga County CORRUPTION same as it ever was

Karen Farkas....Pivot...Pivot...Pivot... they're STILL fucking crooks.


What happened to the unspent $60.1 million bond funds?

In 2015, the county transferred $10 million from the emergency operations center fund and $14 million from the data center project to a demolition fund.

.."a demolition fund" mention of the sick outfit known as the Cuyahoga County Land Bank...

Editor's note: A new version of this story with clarifications was published on Thursday, Jan. 4.  County officials clarified remarks that had left the erroneous impression that they first became aware in 2017 that money from a 2014 bond sale had not been spent.


And - now an investigation of Sharon Sobol Jordan, One Community and the software company Hyland ensues:

NOTE: One Community CEO Lev Gonick bailed to an academic appointment in Arizona.

Clevelanddotcom editors bracing for the truth re: Budish

Plain Dealer media editors are bracing for the realization that they have slept through another corruption investigation at Cuyahoga County (note: Plain Dealer office scandal and current headquarters of most PD staff writers is at former Forest City owned Tower City) . This is their attempt to cover their asses, though they have their "watchdog" Mark Naymik running an attack on Peter Corrigan to insure that NEO maintains the status quo - 24/7 corruption:

Mark -- take on this issue -- namely, that the prosecutor's office clearly waited to drop their subpoenas for the investigation on IT contracts, etc. until right after the filing deadline for the Democratic primary. It is clear as day that they had them ready and purposefully did not issue them until that filing deadline passed. And it stinks -- reeks really -- of a blatantly political choice on timing that spared Budish from having a Democratic challenger in the primary. Why is no one talking about that? People would like to hear your take on that issue. Everyone knows that for Budish to have a real challenge, it would need to have come from within the Democratic party.

Cassandra McDonald called this out in February 2018:

District 8 News...

As endorsed Democratic Candidate, County Executive Armond Budish runs for reelection to keep his seat, his administration is doing musical chairs as they brace for investigation of corruption.

Sharon Sobol Jordan, Budish's Chief of Staff is resigning as she prepares to take a new position to run "Unify Project." The Unify Project will be a "a nonprofit supporting organization to the county and other public and non-profit agencies and will officially kick-off in spring 2018.

However, not so fast, Jordan is one of the people in the administration that is under investigation. So, it is not to far fetched to ponder that her resignation comes at an auspicious time. On the same day that Budish announced her resignation from Chief of Staff, a subpoena was issued on February 9th for Jordan, along with several other officials and contractors under Budish's administration.

What is even a bigger slap in the face is that when Jordan leaves the County's Administration as Chief of Staff (even pending investigation) she will still have lucrative ties to the County. How so? The Unify Project that Jordan is going to work at will be involved with the planning of the new data system that will be implemented.

Prior to joining Budish, Sabol worked at the Centers for Families and Children, and under the guise of former Mayor Michael White.

Pardon me for cutting this short, but "I feel a little Jimmy Dimora coming on." Stay tuned and watch the video.