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In the past two years Quicken Arena and Dan Gilbert have evaded $7.5 million in property taxes. I think if Gilbert has any real concern for Cleveland he’d pay those taxes, most of which comes from Cleveland school children.


Every year Gilbert has owned the Cavs and has use of the mostly publicly financed basketball arena he has been the recipient of a no tax deal worked out by former Mayor Mike White and County Commissioner Tim Hagan. (Every January, Cleveland and Cuyahoga County taxpayers pay some $8.5 million for bonds that go just for the extra cost of the arena.)


Add up $7.5 every two years and in a decade that’s $37.5 million. In 20 years it will be $75 million.


We are not talking chump change. That’s how the wealthy get super wealthy.


Gilbert, a billionaire, is the main backer of Issue 3, which would give him a monopoly position in a casino in Cleveland, and with others, in Cincinnati, Toledo, and Columbus.


That’s quite a gift to a billionaire.


Someone who is asking the public to give him a monopoly money-maker casino should show so real civic responsibility.


Paying his taxes could be a minimum sign that he would be a proper person to receive a state constitutionally voted reward.


It’s essentially a permit to print money from the public.


So every two years, $7.5 million of property taxes – just from the Quicken Arena – go unpaid because of an exemption of property taxes for all Gateway buildings, including a parking garage.


I know that the taxes are exempted but there is no law that says that Gilbert (and Larry Dolan for the baseball team) shouldn’t voluntarily pay their fair taxes.


Slightly more than 55 percent of the $7.5 million would go to the Cleveland schools.


C’mon Dan, show us you really are a concerned citizen and want to help the community. That’s your line. Prove it by paying your tax bill.




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Ah, how quickly people quit talking about PILOTs (Payments In Lieu Of Taxes) on all this tax-favored stuff, and the Cleveland Clinic properties, too.

A long time ago, when this reprehensible Gateway give-away was being cobbled together, a friend of ours happened to be riding down on an elevator with Mike White and Tim Hagan, who were laughing and commenting on how they really put one over on everybody, and today, we continue to live with the consequence.

These guys have never been public servants.

Did Dan Gilbert ever pay their property taxes?

or will they be Plymouth Parked?


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"