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I do believe Mr. Dante skipped a step or two - nobody at the Central Block Club - the area in which his establishment is possibly going to reside - has heard  from anyone representing this business.  No proposals have been submitted.  Who's he stroking?  Where's he going to park his cars - everybody else has dibs on the spaces already?  Why did his fine dining joint not make in the previous place?  Inquiring minds want to know?

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Dante in Tremont

Thanks Jerleen, and welcome to REALNEO!

I had to look up some background on this... for anyone else:

Dante Boccuzzi's signature restaurant will move to the beautiful old Third Federal Savings building.

See Tremont will soon have another Restaurant/Bar on Professor on Tremonter for more.

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not a tremonter, but

Looks like the space is owned by Giancarlo Calicchia according to the auditor's website - purchased in 2007 for $185,000. Will Dante lease the space? Maybe Giancarlo, also a Tremont resident, just wants to have Dante's cooking nearby. It's a bit too high dollar and fancy for my simple taste, but I guess that's what keeps the traffic coming to your fair and gentrifying neighborhood. The good news? He's not tearing down an historic building. With the advent of Michael Symon who got his chops in your locale, maybe Tremont is seen as the sweet spot for chefs in town... I don't know, just guessing. It could be much much worse - could be an Applebees or an IHop. Gawd forbid! Who knows, maybe Chrissie Hynde will find a place for Vegeterrannean II in your sweet spot, too. Or in NY or Las Vegas.

Good folks

All good folks Jerleen and private property owners are not beholden to block groups much as we would like to think that long-term residents should have a say in everything that affects us. Unfortunately, you sometimes just have to hope for the best and stay focused on the misuse of public funds for private gain. In this case, you needn't worry. The transfer is reported in today's Plain Dealer and at the Tremonter site while it still exists.

well maybe he should look

well maybe he should look into things like that before comming in the neighborhood - and hey how about a doller menu - not all of us want these fancy restraunts - maybe make it a diner instead - thats something we CAN ALL get behind

whom ever thought this up

whom ever thought this up was cute - but you mispelled my last name - however, a dollar menu would be good - maybe we could go out to lunch - we could go dutch - and we could bring our own cool aid.

Maybe it's someone else also

Maybe it's someone else also named Jerleen?

Two Jerleens?

Sorry --I don't know who deserves attribution for this post at Tremonter.com.

Working the double -secret identity might make sense these days :)

I seriously doubt there are

I seriously doubt there are three or even two Jerleen Jusutus' - no matter the spelling - since it is a name from the Virginia hills - but that is ok - stranger things are possible - and I do believe that imitation is the greatest form of flattery - so go  for it.   Usually when people do great things they want their own name attached  and I would hate to take credit for something I didn't do or say - If you're following the Plain Press articles - they come out monthly and you never know what my next topic will cover.  Oh, and by the way, I have a few more college classes to complete and most likely one of Tremont's future new businesses will be Justus Investigator's Inc. (you know private eye).  So, have your fun - and I'll even play along - and probably have a lot more fun that you - so let the games begin - ball's in your court. Either put up or shut up.

You have wonderful day!!

You are not the only one investigating

I can assure you all this discussion on REALNEO has attracted plenty of interest and attention at a deep level so a network is at work trying to understand what the hell is going on in Tremont, besides the community celebrating Mittal speewing tons of toxic waste upon the neighborhood each year.

While I can't say there is anything wrong with anyone using any screen name they like, I believe We the REAL COOP that is represented by REALNEO expect any person connected to any account on REALNEO to be a real person, honest and brave enough to stand up and be publicly known and loved and hated for their ideas, or you are not a real member of this community - this coop - and you must leave.

No bull shit allowed in REAL NEO.

So who are you, JerleenJustice, and what are you trying to say here?

Disrupt IT

Yes, if you are not going to

Yes, if you are not going to take this seriously, please leave.


Now, now, you have Grumpy's (appropriately named for Tremont) and you are always welcome to visit the many fine Greek diners in my neighborhood...while they last... also Tremont Bistro recently opened with moderate pricing and most of the independently owned restaurants in CLEVELAND (not suburbs) feature five for $5.00 happy hour specials. I recently had an amazing solo dinner at Prosperity Social Club for $9.00...beer, salad and an entree...

Old versus new

Speaking of cheap eats, here's some sad stuff here from a guy I personally have seen chowing down at the Westside Market Cafe...next time, I will introduce myself.

Well, I just want to let

Well, I just want to let you all in on a little bit of info - if you look into the TWDC SII program - their own demographics state that more than half of the Tremont population has an income under the poverty level - some of us would like an "affordable" place to take our families out to eat - maybe I will take care of that and open up a little country kitchen - or an "affordable" ice cream parlor where the poor kids can afford to go have an ice cream scoop. 

And as far as the block clubs are concerned - every one should be treated fairly - if one must go through the "system" then they all should.  And like I said, I do believe that the parking in question has already been spoken for and if so where is Mr. Dante going to put his patrons?  We already have too many establishments claiming street space via valet parking.  And Grumpy's moved to W. 14th Street - Their place does have better food than most.  The  owner's brother (who owned the Grumpy's on Literary) catered my son's wedding  in September as well as my brother's last July,  the food was fabulous and the price was great.   Plus we have a large family and will be using his services again.  We sure wish he was still in the neighborhood.  He did have the best ham and cheese sandwiches. 


To whom ever thought you

happy holidays