Demographic Overlays of NEO Development Dollars

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The City of Cleveland & Cuyahoga County Receive tons of Federal Tax Dollars annually that are supposed to drive initiatives to revitalize our community. Have you heard of any productive measures associated with our community using these funds which have actually helped the people directly who actually live in these areas??? Or, are all the funds going to pay for the ADMINISTRATION of these agencies and the people who live outside the area? 

Once you put a map overlay of all these tax dollars being implemented in Cleveland, Ohio and then you wonder where the money really is, you might just begin asking your own questions of how it all works for the long term objectives of some of our big Councils, the Planning Commissions, and Community Development Corporations...

The worst part about these programs and all the energy exhausted by all the above is that they have been virtually implemented and in most cases have deprived the public of direct participation in their strategic planning processes and public participation options.


Think of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Development in that area.




This paper briefly describes and analyzes the Supplemental Empowerment Zone program in Cleveland, Ohio, USA during the period 1995-2000. It is intended to complement the paper being presented by Robin Boyle and Peter Eisinger entitled “Empowerment Zones: Much Ado About Something in U.S. Urban Policy”, which provides an overview of the Empowerment Zone program initiated in the United States in 1994-95 by the Clinton administration. I was the leader of an evaluation team that followed the Cleveland program for Abt Associates and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is reflected in the as yet unreleased Abt report entitled “Interim Assessment of the Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities Program: A Progress Report”. The views of the author are not those of Abt Associates or HUD.


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The worst part about these programs is corruption

The worst part about these programs is our failure is so clearly the result of corruption at the local level - see the map of the empowerment zone and follow the money to the freeway transportation grid and Cleveland Clinic, University Circle, and a few private developments like the Tyler Building (hi E-Prep) and office parks being built on Euclid Corridor and on major clinic staff throughways - window dressing by 1,000s of local government incompetents, shitty congresspeople, all for the Clinic and UCI benefit, wasting decades of opportunity and $100,000,000s of tax-dollars, KILLING 1,000s of citizens.

Same reason Sherrod Brown's family has a coal powerplant in University Circle - corrupt killers.

Not the fault of the Federal government - not the fault of area citizens - clearly the fault of all Northeast Ohio leadership of the 1990s and 2000s, who are still in power here and paid by taxpayers to ruin our lives (except for Tubbs Jones, who died along the way).

Northeast Ohio does not deserve federal support until our current leadership is eliminated - send our money back to Washington - relocate our people out of this shithole.

Build high speed rail where the leadership will not waste the opportunity and federal taxdollars - and pay for Cleveland citizens to all move there.

Disrupt IT

CPP and City of Cleveland Snow Removal

  The colossal failure to provide emergency evacuation services on Wednesday and Thursday's black out due to an overload at Cleveland Public Power, should scare the living daylights out of everyone...

We have no CERT plan...what do we do when the whole grid gets knocked out?

 Last night, I saw a preview of what will happen, if the lights go out--fortunately, it was a brief panic and the local library (CEI) had lights and heat.