Destroying Evidence in America

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Is it a surprise to anyone that the suspected "Grim Sleeper," in the L.A. disappearance and murders of possibly more than a hundred women of color, worked in the City of Los Angeles police department?

Franklin is a former city trash collector who at one time worked as a vehicle mechanic at an LAPD station, sources said.

Meanwhile, here, in our own Gotham City--records are being destroyed everyday.  Records that would expose the real crimes being committed every day against families in NEO.

Cuyahoga County's scandal-plagued boards of revision leave legacy of uncertainty as new government takes hold: A Question of Values
Published: Sunday, December 19, 2010, 7:00 AM

Suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell's school records lost in East Cleveland district's disorganized archives
Published: Tuesday, December 07, 2010, 7:18 PM     Updated: Wednesday, December 08, 2010, 5:06 AM

Of course, our own County Prosecutor, City of Cleveland Health department and Cleveland Police bear no responsibility for the crimes committed here. 

Afterall, where are the records??

Sims said he and Parker are discussing whether to hire researchers to help comb through the records. Already the court is picking up the tab for researchers to inspect more than 2,000 hours of surveillance video shot from the lot next door to Sowell's Imperial Avenue home, where the remains of 11 women were found last fall.

With still two months to go before the trial, Sowell's defense has cost taxpayers nearly $200,000 and has set a new record as the most expensive publicly funded criminal defense in the county's history.

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I might add--it would be great, if someone could dig up the organizational chart for the Boards of Revisions-prior to the formation of the Land Bank, or even the current make-up of the current Boards of Revision.

Evidently, this information is not deemed that important to the Plain Dealer's data staff or to the touted information staff at CSU and CWRU.

Should I feel confident that Cuyahoga County's record keeping is in order, too?


If the PD could manage to map the demos, I think they would find the priority for demos occur along strategic ODOT planned and commercial routes where the demo and/or tax liens on the properties means investors can pick up land at an extremely discounted price--primed for redevelopment at the taxpayers' expense. And, back taxes and assessments can be waived for the right people...

A city development official formally notified the county treasurer of the city's interest in acquiring the land for redevelopment in December 2006, court records show.

But instead of placing the property in the city's land bank, records show, the county prosecutor's office put up the parcel for a sheriff's sale in February 2008. The county treasurer attempted to notify the city of the sale, but sent the notice to the wrong address.

Records show the notice went to the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

The sheriff's sale attracted no bidders, so the land was turned over to the state for another public auction in August 2008, when Barnes placed the winning bid of $1,500. As part of the deal, the county waived $207,000 in back taxes and other assessments.

What's old is new again...and, of course, this doesn't break any laws...right? It's just good business or plain-out incompetence depending on who made out, right?! Remember, to call it...Opportunity...and everyone buys it.

This time around, the 19-member Opportunity Corridor Steering Committee includes City Council members from Wards 5, 6, and 12*; the directors of community development corporations; Cuyahoga County Treasurer James Rokakis; the mayor; and Joe Calabrese, director of the Greater Regional Transit Authority

Subprime Central/Slavic Village--Anthony Brancatelli*


My first thought is the quote/work of feminist artist Jenny Holzer (see Art History I know its blasphemy in most circles to speak ill of civil servants, but I always question why someone in power sought that power.

A whistleblower gives goodies to be investigated ..... hints..

I am referring to Santina 'Sandy' 'HEROIC' Klimkowski. First off, S 'heroic' K may not physically still be there at the Auditor's office, however, she is NOT long gone. In my opinion, the RAMIFICATIONS of what she and her boss/pal Speedo with their other crooked accomplices (such as the former partners of the now defunct law firm: Bruce Zaccagnini, Timothy Armstrong, Robert Mitchell, the deceased and disgraced Louis C. Damiani, the so called 'esq.' & mastermind of VAS Enterprises and who's widow Teresa R. Damiani THEN formed another company with Lou's BFF Bruce Zaccagnini, BelCuy Partners to CONTINUE the CONSPIRACY), the principles of the commercial properties and developers whom hired VAS for their 'services' will be around for a very lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time as it has cost the taxpayers millions upon millions, effected school districts and students. Mz. 'heroic', Speedo & 'Co.' had been 'IN BIDNESS' for OVER 2 DECADES--it will take DECADES to possible eradicate. Again, while it is true that Mz. 'heroic' is NOT physically there she is NOT 'gone'...


NOw all you investigators have some food to eat, digest, and regurgitate the summaries for the rest of us! 

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