Dirty Dealer soon to be kicked hard by Advance Publications

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 11/09/2012 - 17:32.


Advance Publications, which owns the Plain Dealer, isn't making enough money in Cleveland. 

Last summer, several other papers operated by Advance layed off staff and cut the weekly publication days to three.  

The Dirty Dealer's employees are about to start an advertizing campaign in which they will plead to the public in NEO - to not let the Dirty Dealer "fade".

"The multi-media campaign will begin Sunday with a half-page ad in The Plain Dealer, to be followed by bus and billboard ads throughout the city. TV and radio ads will appear soon. There will be mass mailings and e-mailings to elected officials, political and business leaders and other people of influence. We’ll have a Facebook page with an abundance of content, a petition on Change.org, and a Twitter feed. We’re also working to organize community forums where we’ll discuss the future of journalism in Northeast Ohio, and the potential impact of the loss of the daily paper and much of its experienced news-gathering staff."  (Plain Dealer science writer John Mangels tells Poynter in an email.)

Too Late, I say. 

The Dirty Dealer has been a  major detriment to NEO for decades.    The Dirty Dealer abandoned the citizens in NEO while chumming it up with the OLD CORPORATE ESTABLISHMENT and Joe Roman from the Greater Cleveland Partnership.   While corporate for profit SPORTS nonesense gets the lime light, neighborhoods wither up and an outrageous school levy gets passed with the DDs blessing.   

DD, your run is over.    Time to pull the plug.   Kevin Obrien, you'll have to start your own blog.  

The only downside to the Plain Dealer closing is that Roldo won't have the Dirty Dealer to whip anymore!   

You can read about the employees sad advertizing campaign here on Poynter.org


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