Distancing ourselves from the reality of REALNEO....finding the same old same old.

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Thu, 07/18/2013 - 02:32.

 Recently; I drove a long distance in support of a terminal situation.... 

As my eyes watched the roads, my mind travelled....

Small town America is no different than Cleveland....

Generations have moved about and the current families simply don't want to carry on the cumbersome family businesses of days before... 

Vacant businesses and homes across our nation show the signs of a recent demise in Americana at large. 

The days when everyone's lawns were mowed and families united at large to help one another out against the odds are long gone. 

Our elders are rapidly demising; with them goes our history if we don't find ways to hold on to it and share the history. 

Who cares? Well; usually people care when it's too late. 

It hit me hard that people across our nation are all fighting the same typical battles of life from addiction to aging issues...to caring for grandchildren to caring for grandparents. 

People are working more than one job to hold their families together. They are battling the system to get help while eating from food banks that have replaced once vibrant business entities. 

While I was blessed to visit an "amusement park" recently; the realization that retired seniors were working to afford the inflated costs of living made me sad.  It's sad.... 

Meanwhile; the world keeps moving....and the people of my generation seem so lacadaisical....half ass and negligent in thier work ethics. Countless human errors and poor workmanship are driving America into the ground. 

Ultimately; life is too short to spend it all debating the gross abusive practices caused by AMERICANS AT LARGE.... One Nation Under God seems of another era; like the dinasaur age. 

Divide and conquer. Screw your pals. Be selfish mother flowers and keep climbing that ladder of life....but forget about any ethics or respect for humanity at large.... 

As I watch middle class Americans who benefit from the public service jobs waiving their flags of forever security; I find myself disdainfully disgusted by their inflated payrolls; insulting philanthropic actions; and their lazy asses which sit in front of big screen TV's hermitting away from the real world. 

May God Bless. 

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PERS - and public service

I guess I am one of those public service folks - we're not all LAZY (!)  Not collecting two retirements - but I will be lucky to collect at least one - one day. I know where you are coming from Madame Executive - and I feel your angst.  We could be so much better.  I hate to see complacency, fear and laziness defeat America, too.

We need some self-reliance and some pride and some good neighbors.