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I attended the taxpayer-funded foodfest last night 11/4/2015 and intend to write it up more fully, but I raised the question of who gets the properties that will be developed?  Jeff Ramsey and Brian Cummins declined to name any one of the beneficiaries, other to say only "vetted" developers (who they say are "mom and pops"). FTR, Joe Cimperman was listed on the program, but was a no-show. (click on the blurry photo for the video):



Residents, I would ask specifically for records of donations made to Detroit Shoreway to insure that this is not a pay-to-play scheme.  The history of property transfers in Detroit Shoreway service area (and SCFBC is Detroit Shoreway) indicates that contributors to the organization are also beneficiaries of properties awarded.


SEE:Cuyahoga County Land Bank- Gus Frangos President Con Artist? JESUS!!!! | REALNEO for all image

If you read through the entire blog post you will see this entry:
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Below is some of the property transferred to TC3 Properties, along with the name of the organization in which transferred the property to TC3 Properties LLC.
The property below is NOT all of the property.  TC3 owns lots of property in Cuyahoga County.
According to county records:
Property transferred from county land bank to TC3 Properties:
3315 West 58  sold for $0
3614 West 46  sold for $0
3408 West 62  sold for $0
3804 Archwood  sold for $8,430
8712 Bancroft   sold for $25,000
4892 East 97 sold for $0
Property transferred from Slavic Village:
7811 Goodman  sold for $5500
Property transferred from Detroit Shoreway:
3471 West 63  sold for $2500
Property transferred from Fannie Mae:
13428 Sherry    $17,750  - special warranty deed that prohibits selling property for more than $21,300 for three months
1450 West 52   $30,100 - special warranty deed that prohibits selling property for more than $36,120 for three months
Property transferred from Cleveland Housing Network:
1191 East 112   $0
6801 Lawn   $0
3301 West 58  $20,000
2162 West 38  $13,000
3340 East 65   $0
3325 East 49   $0
4834 Wendell  $0
TC3 Properties LLC is also known as TC3 Contractors:
There are several TC3 filings with the Ohio Secretary of State, including TC3 Properties A thru TC3 Properties G
According to TC3's website  http://www.tc3properties.com/homes.htm , they donate to the following charities:
Charitable Activities
TC3 Properties was founded with the belief that we have a moral responsibility to give back to the communities in which we live and work. The following is a growing list of organizations that TC3 Properties has had the opportunity to work with in an effort to achieve that goal.
  • Detroit Shoreway Community Development Org.
  • West Side Catholic Center
  • TC3 In-house Rent Subsidy Program
  • Stockyards Redevelopment Corporation
  • Stockyards Neighborhood Bike-a-Thon
  • American Cancer Society
I promise that I will be more than happy to make some charity donations if you give me all of this property. 
Just tell me where  to sign up and I will be first in line.  Oh wait, there is no line.  This is a very selective process.
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Cummins (and Cimperman) are not listing the properties for Dream

Hello Brian,
I will be more specific - please send me the addresses of the 162 properties that are to be rehabbed for the "Dream" neighborhood.  I will look them up for myself.  If this information can not be provided, please tell me why. 
I would also like to know if you plan on going after Ginmark Corporation and White Gold Management LLC on Pearl Rd. for failure to pay taxes.  As you know from the experience of Robert McCall and the YMCA property, these delinquent commercial property owners skate w/o paying taxes until the unpaid amount reaches hundreds of thousands of dollars- depriving citizens of the tax revenue and services in our community.
Also, it is very interesting that former PD reporter, Joan Mazzolini, who lived on your street, Mapledale, is now Chief of Communications at City Hall. 
Thank you,
Laura McShane
On Friday, November 6, 2015 1:50 PM, Brian J. Cummins  wrote:

Thank you for your request for information.
I’ve asked the Stockyard, Clark Fulton & Brooklyn Centre Community Development Office to compile information for response to your questions.
Please note that to-date, no federal funds have been utilized for the housing rehab initiative that began in 2011, and the same applies to houses being worked on currently for the Dream Neighborhood initiative.  As such, and as Joan Mazzolini has stated, neither City Council or the Administration’s Department of Community Development has any records pertaining to your request for information
216-664-4238 office
From: Joan Mazzolini 

Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2015 11:00 AM

To: lmcshane

Cc: Brian J. Cummins; Joe Cimperman; Anthony Bango

Subject: Re: Request for information on Dream Neighborhood
Cleveland City Council does not have any records in response to this request.
Joan Mazzolini
Chief of Communications
Cleveland City Council
jmazzolini [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org



Nelson Cintron submits FOIA request

Former near west side Councilman Nelson Cintron has submitted a formal request for information-read the entire request here :



Diane Morgan also responds:

Maybe some answers will be forthcoming. A couple of observations from last night's meeting in Lakewood about their refugees:

1) When a refugee or family is moving into Lakewood, Catholic Charities locates housing for them. Sometimes they will even use Craigslist. So why, the developer scam here in the "Dream Neighborhood"?

2) When referring to the jobs many of the refugees have, it was stated that they work in restaurants and kitchens.

3) This is good, but look at the other side, 6 to 7 refugee families have purchased homes in Lakewood. The number of refugees is 800, not sure how many are children. The program has been (I think I have this right) around for 12 years. So, if there is interest in buying homes, why isn't the program that they are proposing here in the "Dream Neighborhood" one that instead of turning over federal and city tax dollars to developers who are to only rent to refugees for 5 years and then, it is my understanding, can do whatever they want with the houses, give the option to the refugees to own the house?

4) Residents of Lakewood participate in mentoring refugees/families when they move in. That is great, but the "Dream Neighborhood", where they are proposing to house the refugees is a struggling neighborhood, one that has been neglected for years by the city and politicians. Money has been siphoned off to other neighborhoods like Detroit Shoreway to support their CDC and nothing has been done in the past to help the residents there. So I ask, how can they help and mentor refugees when so many are barely able to make ends meet and struggle everyday?

5) This project has been mishandled here. Rather then introduce the concept to the community and get support and input, it was presented to us as a done deal, accept it, promote it and support it. We have had no real answers to the questions we ask about developers, where the money is coming from and why only refugees? If a family wanted to buy one of these 132 homes they have targeted for development, with the minimal amount down that they are asking from developers and the subsidy to renovate it, why can't they? They could have the agreement to stay in the house for 5 years also. Why not housing for homeless veterans?

6) We have a rich, diverse community. From the map they provided last week at the meeting at Lincoln West, it looks as though they want to break up the fabric of the community, refugees here, model neighborhood there, Hispanics here. We can't rip this fabric apart, and whatever is done must be inclusive of all members of our community, and beneficial to all. We need to respect the minority businesses that are throughout our community as well, they support families that are invested in this community.

EXCLUSIVE!! How to get HTF $30,000 grant FREE $$$$

HEY - fixer uppers - how have we missed out on this grant* (FREE Money), but folks in the "Dream Neighborhood" have it available at the discretion of the Scooby-Doo staff??!!!  Read the whole FAQ report here:

 How is this project being funded? The program is being funded through private sector investment and by utilizing existing services to better connect residents.

Individuals and organizations are investing their own resources to rehabilitate housing. The City of Cleveland allows applications for funding for single family housing rehabilitation through the Housing Trust Fund for a grant of up to $30,000 per house. There have been no applications yet and any future agreements will be between the City and the individual applicant. This program is available to anyone across the entire City. The City of Cleveland has allocated $150,000 to the Economic Community Development Institute (ECDI) to make loans for new and existing businesses owned by immigrants and refugees. This funding is in addition to funding that City makes available across the City. There is no new funding for social services. The Dream Neighborhood initiative seeks to connect the families whose children attend the Newcomers Academy at Thomas Jefferson School with existing services already available in the community.


*Theoretically, there should be a file at City Hall of all the past recipients - hey NEOMG - would love to see who has received these grants in the past years.   And, whether the process is really part of a deadline submission - so we might expect the first-round of applicants to "Dream" neighborhood now per July 2015 deadline or next deadline July 2016?