Drugs, assault weapons and teens

Submitted by lmcshane on Thu, 10/01/2009 - 08:00.

Living anywhere is dangerous.  The great unknown is emotion and behavior.  Mix that with drugs, assault weapons  and teens and you have terror. 

How are these guns getting on our streets and in the hands of these kids?

i-neighbors shooting report of the day

  From today's i-neighbors.org report--Ward 14 area....West 61st St. and Storer.

Someone around midnight last night shot up 4 homes in a driveby, the bullets went through their house and one house was my grandma, one bullet went through the house into the living room right above a little boys head who was sitting on the floor and into the wall, and another went through the house and through a closet busted a mirror and flew onto the steps to go upstairs...the house next door to hers got 3 bullets, one bullet went through the ladys living room into the dining room, ricocheted off of her dining room chair into the kitchen..no one was hurt in any home

Question of the day--what happened to Cleveland Police's Drug Safety Task Force and board ups of problem houses--Mayor Jackson?