Ed Hauser died because the Affordable Care Act was not available to him - Read Roldo please

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 01/11/2017 - 12:40.

What Roldo writes is absolutely true...I knew Ed Hauser well.   

Please read Roldo here at Have Coffee Will Write.

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viva ed!

 He was the man!  So glad to have known him and his work in the early days around here.  I tell my kids about him when we are at Wendy Park.

Death By Politician

jeff - no offense - but I think roldo's memory is very cloudy these days - he is right to remember Ed Hauser for his civic activism - but Ed was a smoker and he died of a heart attack compounded by the stress caused by the politics in NEO. I think he may have been influenced by this recent post on the Noble Rd. dump:

Barbara Garner was killed by the politicians in the photo.

Ed couldn't afford an ambulance...that's our system...


Sudden, deadly.   
How does this happen?
I have had four experiences with friends who have had sudden heart attacks and died immediately. 
Five, counting Ed Hauser.
Hal Morehouse in the golf course changing room after a round of golf - bang, down, gone.
Mrs. McGacky bending over to  unload her dishwasher - on the kitchen floor.
Vincent's brother - 58yrs old behind his snow blower just a week ago - his daughter found him in the snow the blower motor still idling.
George Mehnki driving his car away from a late-rent-due argument with his long term tenant who had lost his job in the 2008 economy downturn - banks killed George - and he turned his car upside down....