Warren says "Death of the Middle Class" is on the horizon (VIDEO)

Submitted by Eternity on Sat, 12/12/2009 - 09:34.

Max Eternity - In her official capacity of Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, Elizabeth Warren--Professor of Law at Harvard University--is bringing to light the real possibility that with current economic policies as they are, the US is on a crash course with a destiny likely to result in America no longer having a middle-class. Warren states:


"One in five Americans is unemployed, underemployed or just plain out of work. One in nine families can't make the minimum payment on their credit cards. One in eight mortgages is in default or foreclosure. One in eight Americans is on food stamps. More than 120,000 families are filing for bankruptcy every month."



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check the film "Masked and Anonymous"

 check the film "Masked and Anonymous" if you want to see what this might look like.

it has a great soundtrack too! sophie zelmani - my favorite... and of course bob dylan.