Equestrian Gem

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Frankly, it makes me a little concerned that this significant work resides in such a casual setting.  Cast in 1949, its creator is an important contributor to Cleveland's artistic and industrial design heritage.  The cognoscenti know...and keep it to themselves.   (i needed someone to tell me!)

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Let Me Guess...

The Trojon Horse???

I do hope the Greeks inside are friendly, and brought LOTS of Virgin Olive Oil to trade!!!

There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't.



The Sculpture Center has a database on the outdoor sculptures in NEO.  Unfortunately, the database was hacked.

Hugh O’Neill Memorial - Schreckengost


Hugh O’Neill Memorial

by Victor Schreckengost (1949)
Cleveland Police Stables
Cleveland, OH

Viktor's fine art took many forms over the years. He created drawings and watercolors. He also designed stage sets and costumes for performances at the Eldred Theater of Western Reserve University and summer productions at Cain Park in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. His designs were well-reviewed. Viktor also designed costumes for the 1939 Akron Rubber Ball. Viktor continued his work in clay and ceramics creating sculpture, pottery, and monumental architectural sculpture in relief. Viktor's sculpture falls into a number of thematic categories including animals, ceramic heads, African-American subjects, political sculpture, slab forms, cast and monumental sculpture, academic sculpture, and memorials, trophies and public sculpture. Most notable of this last group are the Culver Air Trophy honoring the winner of the women's air race at the Miami All-American Air Maneuvers in Florida and the O'Neill Memorial in Cleveland, Ohio remembering Hugh M. O'Neill who played a major role in establishing Cleveland's mounted police unit. Viktor's pottery includes intricately decorated plates, bowls, and other vessels of varying shapes. At the request of his friend architect J. Byers Hays, Viktor also designed and fabricated large architectural relief sculptures for the bird and pachyderm houses at the Cleveland Zoo and for the 1954 extension of Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Ohio.

Conserved July 1997.

This memorial was gently washed with non-ionic detergent and soft bristle brushes, then rinsed with low pressure water. Microcrystalline wax was applied to warmed metal and buffed when dry and cool. An additional coat of wax was applied to cold metal, then buffed. The plaque was treated similarly and the letters were polished and sealed with Incralac.