Eric Brewer for Mayor of Cleveland Ohio

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Cleveland mayoral contender Eric Jonathan Brewer says he'll file criminal “dereliction” charges against Jackson if he doesn't reopen Public Square “There is no ambiguity whatsoever in Chapter 11, Section 71 of Cleveland's charter under the heading of "Executive" as it pertains to the duties of the mayor. It's the same under Ohio's general laws. The mayor shall enforce the duly-enacted resolutions and ordinances of the council. The use of the word “shall” makes the duty “mandatory.” Jackson has no other choice but to enforce council's ordinances as written unless they expire, are amended or repealed.$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:cleveland_oh On May 21, 2003 Jackson along with former councilmen Martin Sweeney and Roosevelt Coats co-sponsored Ord. No. 893-03 that authorized then Mayor Jane Campbell to enter an agreement with GCRTA to obtain Federal Transportation Administration funding to complete the Euclid Corridor Transportation Project. East Cleveland's former mayors and councils had entered similar agreements before I took office. A copy of Ord. No. 893-03 can be found at the following link. It begins on the 7th page numbered 1061.,%202003.pdf Once ratified by the two legislative bodies only they could amend it. The mayor's only duty was to enforce it; and Ord. No. 893-03 was enforced by Campbell and Jackson until the current mayor unlawfully decided to “amend” it by keeping Public Square closed. Jackson's decision placed him in violation of Ord. No. 615.12(e), “dereliction of duty.” It is a second degree misdemeanor which instructed Jackson that he can neither recklessly exceed the authority of the mayor's office or fail to perform its duties. Jackson further violated Ord. No. 615.06 because his failure to perform the mayor's duties, and his reckless decision to exceed the authority of the mayor's office, criminally obstructed the official business of Cleveland as a municipal corporation. More importantly, Jackson's dereliction and obstruction will recklessly create a $12 million liability for not only GCRTA and overburden its passengers; but also for the city's taxpayers. GCRTA's board will have no choice but to file a civil complaint against the city's taxpayers to recover the $12 million Jackson's reckless and lawbreaking decision cost them. I heard Jackson make a statement to residents at a Ward 1 town hall meeting that GCRTA won't “really” lose $12 million. His confused mind reasoned that the Federal Transportation Administration would “only” reduce GCRTA's budget by $12 million or withhold $12 million in future funding. What he completely ignores is that a $12 million cut to GCRTA's buddet will result cuts in services to service-starved Cleveland passengers. He will expose more Cleveland school students to public safety issues who already have to walk too far to catch buses inside the city, and this is unacceptable. There will be loses of GCRTA employee jobs and disruptions to their families; and to the city's tax base for those who live in Cleveland. There will be fare increases for GCRTA passengers who are already paying too much for public transportation that was once affordable. Fare increases to cover a $12 million reduction in GCRTA's budget will push fares past the ability to pay of the more than 23 percent of Cleveland residents who do not own cars in some neighborhoods. GCRTA will also expect Cleveland taxpayers to reimburse them for Jackson's reckless and unlawful conduct. I'm the son of a Cleveland Transit System bus driver when the city ran its own buses and before regionalism. I've watched wait times increase as routes decreased. I've watched fares go from 25 cents to over $3. I've watched bus service go from serving Cleveland neighborhoods and businesses to serving the region, which has not benefitted the residents of this city. It's easy to see why services have eroded to some extent when government officials operate outside the legal and sensible limits of statutory elected offices. Jackson's conduct would be viewed as criminal if he embezzled $12 million from Cleveland taxpayers or GCRTA passengers. His actions are criminal if a reckless decision to disobey an ordinance the mayor had no other duty but to enforce creates a $12 million liability for an agency where Cleveland's residents have an interest and a board seat. It's criminal if he creates a $12 million liability for Cleveland after suckering voters into supporting a 2.5 percent income tax to generate $80 million to help improve safety that's not made us any safer. If Jackson didn't want Public Square to be opened then he shouldn't have sponsored and voted to enact Ord. No. 893-03 in 2003. As the council president who led his colleagues to support it, Jackson knows he needed council's approval to amend it. That approval has not been requested by him or offered by a council. Cleveland's municipal government is not a dictatorship. Elected and appointed public officials and employees don't get to do what they want. Jackson's bullshit answer about his concern over Cleveland's safety because of terrorist attacks in Nice, France is as illogical as President Donald Trump appointing five Goldman Sachs bankers whose firm has a contract with Russian President Vladmir Putin. Clevelanders aren't worried about terrorists in Nice when Jackson's dysfunctional management of the city's police department has us living in terror in our neighborhoods. That example just sounds crazy. Clevelanders will not be forced to pay another dime in taxes for the Jackson administration's unlawful conduct. GCRTA's passengers will not suffer any more discomfort because of Jackson's sucking up to downtown property owner interests. If he doesn't enforce Ord. No. 893-03, and continues failing to perform the legal duties of the mayor's office, I'm filing a criminal complaint against him. The offenses I'll be alleging are 2nd degree misdemeanors and will be heard in Cleveland municipal court before a jury of Clevelanders if the court agrees to the prosecution. I will ask as many GCRTA passengers who are Cleveland residents and want to sign and join in the complaint to follow me on Facebook to learn the date of its filing. Jackson can prevent this by enforcing Ord. No. 893-03 and reopening Public Square. The mayor's reckless bullshit has got to stop.”

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Missing in CLE

From Eric J Brewer, candidate for Cleveland Mayor, on FB: 800,000 missing children a year. Ja'Nya Mix from Cleveland's west side is one of the 2000 children who go missing a day across our nation. 65 percent of them are from the nation's Descendant of Slave community. It's an epidemic. 97 percent return home. Three percent don't. It's the three percent police don't make a priority.

Ja'Nya was last seen on Saturday and known to be walking to a friend's home in the 14200 block of Triskett. It's on the far west side of Cleveland between Lorain Avenue and Franklin Avenue for those who know that side of town. Closer to Lorain Avenue. Ja'Nya is 12. She's 5'2 and 120 pounds. I lived on Cleveland's west side from 1981 to 1986. I know the area well. It's not like the east side with over 4000 abandoned homes. More than one third of the west side is inhabited by the Descendants of Slaves. None have ever been elected to a Cleveland city council seat. Ex-Cleveland council president Martin Sweeney “gerrymandered” the city's ward boundaries in 2013 to prevent west side Descendants of Slaves and Puerto Ricans from having access to the west and south side council seats. Segregationists at work.

Saturday was February 18th. Today is February 19th. Ja'Nya's face came across my RSS news feeds at around 9:50 a.m. Local reporters were being asked for help by Cleveland police from the First District today. The First District is lead by Captain Thomas McCartney. Out of the five police districts, only one commander, Captain Dennis Hill, is a Descendant of Slaves under Super Chief Calvin Williams. Good looking out, brother. I don't believe any Descendant of Slave Cleveland cop has ever led the First or Second Districts. Not that it matters as far as protecting Cleveland children is concerned. It damn sure hasn't under a non-boat rocking black chief of police who perpetuates the same segregationist police practices that have always existed in this town. Williams stays in his place.

Ja'Nya's disappearance was given attention today. Since I initially wrote this she's been returned home after being found in Garfield Heights. Maybe we'll learn why. What I want to do is use her "missing status" to reflect on police missing person procedures under Williams and here's a link for you to review on your own.…/…/MissingWhatToExpect.pdf…

The guideline on the Cleveland police website is headlined, “Missing? What to expect.” The “document” is 49 pages long and could have been condensed down to one except the cop designing it had to go all Powerpoint to pick up some overtime. Lot's of pages. Big letters. More overtime hours. Cops overcomplicate everything to create the illusion of complexity so that every task is stretched to its limits to generate an overtime opportunity. Minimum of three hours at time and a half when they work past 8 hours. It's in the labor agreement Mayor Frank Jackson signed after council approved it.

I'll condense the 49 pages to the minimal message they convey. Nothing. Cleveland police do nothing. Here's what I mean.

When a juvenile under the age of 14 goes missing Cleveland cops take a report and send a supervisor. The supervisor goes to the house to gather information for a report. These instructions are on the 37th of the 49 pages. If the child is 14 and up, and not known to be in danger, cops assume they're runaways and take a report. They're pretty much fucked, which is why cops didn't go all out on Alliana DeFreeze. She was 14.

If it's a missing elderly person, they take reports and broadcast it over radio every four hours. It's assigned to a detective. Detectives only work two shifts. No night shift. After the adult is missing 29 days cops get dental and DNA records. After a year the report goes to homicide. The same with the missing juveniles under 14. If you're an adult 18 up to being an elderly person with Alzeheimer's, you're pretty much fucked. They'll take a report.

They tell you a report will be taken. 49 fucking pages of nothing. One detective. One zone car. Get all the right information in the report. Broadcast over dispatch every four hours. Check the warrant unit to see if they're in custody. The intake unit to see if they're in the hospital. The Coroner's office and CCS to see if the vehicle was towed. That's about it. Overcomplicated and convoluted mumbo jumbo which generally concludes that cops do “nothing” to find missing persons.

I'm willing to bet that none of that procedural shit operates like it's written. These are the same mutha fuckas who left 4000 rape kits unprocessed for over 30 years. That covers all of Jackson's time on council and as mayor.

What you see in Cleveland's police procedures is totally different than the “optimal” procedures from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the U.S. Department of Justice. Here's a link to their Volunteers In Police Services program Cleveland was invited to join in 2002 by the IACP. No. Cleveland didn't join.…/0/documen…/pdfs/missing-persons.pdf

I'm sharing this because the IACP and USDOJ's guidelines are different than that bullshit Jackson and Williams are selling. Folllow the link and scroll to page 11. Here's a shortlist of what you'll read and it doesn't take up half of one page. Not even close.

“Activate a phone tree to assemble volunteer response teams. Activate exisiting citizens on patrol volunteers who are on duty. Assign lead numbers to lead forms. Drive the agency command van during a missing person investigation. Canvass neighborhoods door to door. Act as a liaison with victims' families to communicate law enforcement's efforts in working their case. Coordinate, organize and lead a group of spontaneous volunteers in a designated activity. Collect, log and preserve evidence. Control the perimeter at the scene of the missing person. Direct traffic around the scene of a missing person. Develop, post, and distribute posters and fliers. Man phone banks. Participate in the physical search, conducting line or grid searches.”

Trust me when I tell you that much information is on less than a half page. What you can tell from the IACP and USDOJ is that like me they view missing persons as an emergency, not an administrative report taking procedure. What they also do is rely on volunteers.

Some will remember my Guardian Angel safety patrol days in 1981-1983. We organized a search party to find a missing elderly woman, Eletra Musto, and a runaway 12-year-old. Musto was found by others drowned at Edgewater Park. We found the missing girl in a Public Square bus shelter. She'd already been picked up by a pimp to be turned out.

What you'll read in the IACP and USDOJ's “Volunteers in Police Services” information is that they want communities to rely on “citizen volunteers from the exact community” working with the police. That was Curtis Sliwa's concept for the Guardian Angels.

I was accused by the FOP's president in Cincinnati, Elmer Dunaway, of being a gang leader in an attempt to discredit us. I travelled to Cincinnati to his meeting inside the FOP hall, talked to his members and told him to go fuck himself and that his allegations were lies. When I finished talking to cops they were skeptical but on board. Ken Blackwell and Jerry Springer were on Cincinnati city council. Dunaway had worked with councilman Charles Luken to introduce legislation to keep the Guardian Angels out of the city. I attended the council meeting and challenged all their bogus assumptions. Chief Myron Leistler backed off.

The problem for us in Cleveland and elsewhere in Ohio is that police unions don't want volunteers doing anything connected to police work. It's why CPPA president Steve Loomis is always calling for more police. The police unions think they own every aspect of policing, and that citizen volunteers take jobs from “them.” In Alabama that state's general assembly passed laws making it illegal for government to negotiate with public employee unions.

Williams, Michael McGrath and Martin Flask are all former CPPA and FOP members. They're “union” police chiefs who benefitted from the mindset that kept them in double-dipping careers for 30 years and beyond. Ask them to reveal their DROP payouts. I dare them to go public. $1 million to $1.5 million each in one time after retirement payouts on top of near six figure pensions and their current salaries.

The police unions have been the biggest obstacle to citizen involvement in crime solving, and it's why we get “reports” instead of “action” when crimes against the people are committed. What I learned as a citizen volunteer, and I think James Box understands this very well, is that people will talk to other people before they talk to the cops. Box shared with me at the vigil after she was found that Alliana's body was mutilated. Her eyes had been gouged out. Her chest cavity was sliced.

The unsolved homicides. People know. They're not talking to the police. They're talking to each other because when the police are told their response is not an emergency.

I'm firing Williams. I'm firing Martin Flask and Michael McGrath. Cleveland police leadership will be overhauled. Policies will be reviewed. Priorities will be reshifted to focus police on making missing persons an emergency response. I'll even use TV20 to broadcast missing children and adult pictures to the community on the city's own cable channel. We broadcast mug shots of violent offenders East Cleveland cops arrested 24-hours-a-day. Put so much public attention on some of them they decided to leave the city. Bye Felicia! It makes no sense that the city has its own channel and only uses it to make the politicians and employees running the government look good instead of helping the people paying for it. We wouldn't need the mainstream media if we used our own.

90 percent of fire calls are false alarms. 90 percent of EMS calls aren't life threatening. So what? When firefighters and EMS workers get a 9-1-1 call for help they go fast. They don't take reports until after the emergency has been addressed. When a child under 18 goes missing it should be all hands on deck. Even runaways, habitual or not, need to be found.

I don't know how Cleveland police developed such an inadequate attitude about missing persons. Williams, Mike McGrath and Martin Flask are not overly-ambitious. All are Cleveland police lifers for the most part. McGrath was an East Cleveland sergeant before he was hired as a Cleveland sergeant. He was a sergeant when Jackson appointed him chief. Not much in the way in any of them in outside experience or perspective beyond their 619 hours of police training, even if they've attended or graduated from college. We can see their aptitude by their results.

The bottom line is that Cleveland has a missing person problem that all too often results in the lost lives of children and adults. We don't need an emergency report from the police. We need an emergency and fully-adequate response from the police.


EJB on Cle Council

Eric J Brewer for Mayor: 

Cleveland city council ain't gonna like me fucking with 'em but fuck it. Let's go in on the 2017 budget they just approved on March 27th.

I want you to key in on the "Advertising and Public Notice" section under "Contractual Services." This is an election year. Council has traditionally spent around $296,641 for that little jake flake newsletter they send out that ain't nothing but advertising for them. This year they've increased the newsletter and communications portion of the budget to $662,650. It's an election year. They're going to use a portion of the $80 million income tax increase money to fund their campaigns.

Consider that Councilman Zack Reed was bragging about fighting for $500,000 for a summer youth program like he was looking out for us. $80 million tax increase. $500,000 to put Cleveland youth to work for the summer. Doesn't sound like fair exchange ... does it? Hell no. Sounds like mutha fuckin' robbery. I digress.

$500,000 of our tax increase money for summer youth. Council without a second thought adds $366,009 to their own budget for extra advertising during an election year. So if they skipped trying to pimp voters to support their re-election campaigns, that $366,009 could have been spent on top of the $500,000 for more summer youth workers.

There's more. Council wants additional money for travel. $20,000 more. They've also taken $32,000 for "tuition reimbursement." Are we paying for councilmen earning $80,133 a year to attend college? Are Cleveland taxpayers paying for Kevin Kelley's law school education? Terrell Pruitt missed a year's worth of work and still got paid. This shit is nuts.

I've shared a few key pages from the 2017 mayor's estimate council just substantially passed as a budget. It will make interesting reading.

Don't expect the mainstream media to jump on this topic. Have you ever read a Plain Dealer or story about Cleveland's budget and the mayor and council's fucked up spending priorities? This is bullshit, folk. It really is bullshit.

The link below is to the 2017 Mayor's Estimate council substantially enacted as a budget. Read it. Especially candidates. We'll be communicating about the budget often over the next few months of the mayor and council campaign. I definitely intend to run a different ship.…/…/2017MayorsEstimate_0.pdf

Three Teens Shot


Eric Brewer understands that the CLECabal has not served our community.  The rise of the gang overlords has recruited young men and women to a scary underworld in cities like Cleveland and Chicago - WAKE UP people. This is not an issue that only affects one community - it effects us nationally and internationally.

From EJB: Three teens shot. 2 of them were 14 year old females. One a 17 year old male. I was dropping off petitions to a friend and we heard shots. These shots were much louder than those we typically hear on the streets if you live in a Cleveland neighborhood. A few minutes later we saw police, ambulance and fire truck lights. That's when we walked to the corner and I decided to share what we were witnessing with you.

We learned that shotgun shells had been recovered. The shooters drove past, fired and turned down Grantwood. I have no idea if the shotgun or a .45 caliber handgun was used in the shootings. You can see from the recording police were combing the area for evidence. My friend and two other residents of the area said there was a shooting at the same location last year. 

I know the area well having lived on both Everton and Olivet. I have family still on Olivet and lots of people I know in the neighborhood. My grandfather ran a block of buildings that included apartments and a bowling alley with stores at E. 105th and St. Clair. Lee Memorial A M E Church is a family church where both my late cousin and sister served as ministers with Rev. Wesley Reid. My uncle was one of the deacons who interviewed Rev. E.T. Caviness for the job at Greater Abyssinia when he was preaching in East Saint Louis, Illinois in the early 1960's.

I'll be honest. E. 105th Street disturbs me because it was once "full" of businesses and people out and about doing things in the neighborhood. Now all the retail space is taken up by about 30 churches along E. 105th Street, probably the holiest street in the city. What was once retail space for businesses is now church parking lots. I told my friend, and my observation was confirmed by another resident of the area, that I've seen prostitutes selling themselves on the steps of Cory United Methodist Church more than once at night.

You cannot have a neighborhood without small businesses. 

I've been talking to people and small business owners. The small business owners are terrified at the violence and really want out of our neighborhoods. I spoke to the brother of the Palestinian merchant who was murdered at store on E. 116th Street near Rev. Eugene Ward's church. These folk are terrified of 13 and 14 year old teenagers walking into their stores, showing them weapons, and taking what they want. 

I'm learning that there are self-emancipated teenagers surviving anyway they can because parents have been incarcerated or have addiction problems that makes them incapable of leading families. As we learned with the death of Breanna Fluett, that some of these young adults, it's not realistic to call them children, are being murdered because of their involvement in crimes their peers want to remain undiscovered. Teens are pimping other teens for sex and profit. They're surviving in the most life-disregarding ways.

Here's what sticks out to me about Cleveland as someone who watched us go from 980,000 to 389,000 people. All the prosperity has left the neighborhoods. They're damn near empty of everything productive. Even if we have failing schools failing students could once find a job in a neighborhood small business. The "hustles" that once existed for people because of small business proliferation in the past are now gone. A totally unskilled person can't walk up the street anymore with a squeegee and wash a small business owner's store windows for $3 and earn $50 or $60 bucks a day serving up to 20 stores. I doubt there are 20 retail outlets on E. 105th Street to compete with the 30 or so churches that are only open one day a week. Even the Glenville shopping center is damn near empty. 

What the crime scene showed me is that there are plenty of "report taking" and "evidence gathering" cops after a crime. I didn't see a single police car as I drove along E. 105th Street just on patrol who's presence might have prevented the shooting. I'm telling you that our neighborhoods, all of them, are not being well-served by our existing police presence, and I have no intention of hiring the 400 more Zack Reed wants. For the size of this city's population we already have enough. 

The problem is that those already on the payroll aren't being properly deployed, and ain't working on solving crimes. It's what you get when people who work for a city don't live in it. It's what you get when councilman are running "their wards" trying to be mini-mayors instead of sitting their asses in city hall investigating departments and employees to see what legislative changes can be made to get more efficient work output from them. Do you see your Congress man or woman running around "their district" trying to be a mini-president? Council is an intellectual and deliberative body and the intellects we got ain't working.

I'm still information gathering. Since I've worked for former Mayor Mike White as one of his special assistants, and I've always covered Cleveland crimes with my newspapers, I have an understanding of the scope of the crime problem in this town, and some ideas that I think will reduce it. We'll discuss those ideas as we move forward with the campaign. 

I do recognize the climate out there for cops is a lot different than it was in the past, especially since it's been learned that they're not killing roughly 450 citizens a year, and that the number is actually closer to 2000. That number and the feelings the public has towards them makes being a cop in this town and others dangerous, so I also have to think about their safety.

None of the youth have died. I just hope we don't end up with more shootings because those who love them might choose to handle the retaliation on their own instead of letting the police do it. I know nothing about the teenagers or why they were targeted. We will know if people talk. Stay tuned.

$70 million for the Q renovation should replace lead pipes

from Eric J Brewer: Dan Gilbert. Look at the fucking water pipe that's feeding water to homes in Cleveland. It's poisoning us with lead, copper, fecal coliform and some other nasty shit. We've been overly-generous to you as a Michigan resident. You've got your own constitutional amendment as the owner of all of Ohio's casinos. You've had enough. Cleveland isn't investing $70 million of our tax dollars to fund any portion of a $140 million renovation of The Q.

I want all of you folk to take a look at the copper, lead and mineral deposits in the picture of a “household” water line. It's identical to the one feeding water to the majority of our homes in Cleveland; especially those of us who live in “old” neighborhoods. I'm in the 'hood off E. 116th Street. Zack Reed is my councilman though I've never voted for him. I'm drinking the same funky-assed contaminated water Reed, Jeff Johnson and Frank Jackson don't even want us to know is a threat to all our health. It's just like the gotdamned Noble Road dump and the other 9 Cleveland's politicians and Armond Budish, along with the Cuyahoga County council, have all allowed to proliferate our neighborhoods. I hope the feds bust Jim Rokakis' ass along with Gus Frangos and Cheryl Stephens. Fucking scoundrels.

Here's a copy of Cleveland's 2015 water quality report. You need to read it.

Copper content is poisonous and high. Lead content is at life-threatening actionable levels. This means Jackson and the city council should have long ago coordinated a public education campaign to make us aware that they were so poorly handling water safety duties that our drinking water was poisoning us. I've read water reports from communities outside Ohio and other parts of the state. There's something called “fecal coliform” in our drinking water that comes from human and animal shit that they explain in their reports. Cleveland's water report doesn't identify “fecal coliform.” They call it "organic compounds." Shit is shit.

The entire world but Cleveland remembers Hillary Clinton's words at the DNC that our city's drinking water was worse than Flint, Michigan's. Now the political assholes responsible for protecting us from poisoned drinking and cooking water are running for mayor, and figuring out a way to take $70 million of our money and give it to Dan Gilbert. Bullshit.

The 2015 Cleveland water quality report clearly identifies the problem with why copper and lead levels are so high. Household water pipes from the street to the home. That's it.

When my administration was negotiating with Jackson's during my time as East Cleveland's mayor it was shared with me that Cleveland had replaced all the pipes from the treatment plants to the streets. The lines from the street to the homes were not. Even though “the city” is “the people,” the people leading the city under Jackson and this council took the perspective that “the people” were responsible for the water lines from the street to their homes.

I know some of you are going “what the fuck?” because this information has not been shared with you; and that's the problem. When copper and lead levels reach actionable levels Jackson and the council have no other choice but to inform you according to federal laws: and it's criminal that they haven't. More importantly, knowing the age and income levels of the city's property owners in the “older” neighborhoods, Jackson and the council should have devised a way to finance or appropriate funds to replace water lines from the street to the home since they know poison water is affecting all our health.

So instead of $70 million in Cleveland funds to renovate a stadium that benefits a billionaire who doesn't even live in the state, that money should be invested in replacing water pipes that look like the one in the picture that's poisoning the water we're using for drinking, cooking and bathing. Gilbert's got to wait. This is a citywide health emergency that takes a precedence over all other purposes for “extra” municipal funds.

For you activists who are in opposition to both the county and city's money being used for The Q's renovation. The county council can't fund the renovation alone, so I'm going to focus your attention on Cleveland's “referendum” process as a way to defeat Jackson and council's misappropriation of the city's money.

Section 59 under Chapter 7 of Cleveland's charter authorizes voters to decide any non-emergency ordinance through a referendum to repeal one council has passed. Signatures from registered Cleveland voters totaling 10 percent of those voting in the last “regular municipal election,” when Jackson and the council ran in 2013, is all that's required to start the ball rolling to prevent $70 million to The Q from being appropriated. The signatures must be presented to council within 30 days of the ordinance being passed. Not 31 days.

I'm guessing, but about 60,000 people voted in Cleveland's mayor and council races in 2013. 10 percent is 6000. Once the signatures are collected council pursuant to Section 60 of the charter must either agree with what the voters want or put it on the ballot for the voters to decide. The ordinance is in a suspended status until voters decide yes or no. There is also no way for council to legally enact a $70 million ordinance to renovate The Q and describe it as a fucking “emergency.”

Here's a link to the charter and ordinances.…/…/cityofclevelandohiocodeofordinances…

Lead and copper poisons every organ in our bodies. It's affecting all our quality of life, and it's robbing our children of their futures. Kidney and liver disease are health effects of drinking the water Jackson and council aren't keeping from being poisoned. It lowers the IQ in developing children and contributes to an infant mortality rate that is higher than that of 3rd World nations right here in Cleveland. It leads to emotionless violent behavior.

I've provided an avenue for activists to battle Jackson and Cleveland city council. All they need to know is that you have the manpower and will to execute a referendum. I have access to space and seating for 300 available downtown for a large group of activists who want to meet.

I'm deadly serious about using the $70 million on the Cleveland side of The Q renovation deal to invest directly into replacing water lines like the one in the picture that's supplying our drinking water. No other purpose makes more sense in my opinion, and this is one of among many reasons that I'm seeking the job of mayor. The assholes we've got leading the city today are focused on the wrong things, and they can't see “right.”

We've got to have other discussions than the one's we're being misled into having by our politicians. Gilbert will understand. He's got to wait.

He can go build that $700 million, 52- story “tallest” building he wants in Detroit with the money he's taking out of Cleveland and Ohio as a guy with his own constitutional amendment in our state. A constitutional monopoly. Politicians who'd rather renovate stadiums than save lives. Boy do we look stupid in Ohio

Brewer for Mayor - Public Square open to buses

The buses are traveling again through Public Square because it was explained to Mayor Frank Jackson that he had no legal authority to amend Ord. No. 893 – 03. Jackson saw his name on Ord. No. 893 -03 as one of it's sponsors when he was council president on April 14, 2003. He presided over the council meeting that enacted it.

Don't buy Jackson's bullshit about a “traffic study.” It's irrelevant and alternative facts. As I've explained to you all before, Jackson in his official capacity as “mayor” is an “ordinance enforcement officer.” Section 71 of Cleveland's charter instructed him to enforce the duly-enacted ordinances and resolutions of council.

Ord. No. 893-03 bears Jackson's name as “co-sponsor” when he served as council president and Jane Campbell was mayor. He'd look like a gotdamned fool if he now says the mayor has the authority to amend it.

That ordinance kept Public Square opened, and only council and the GCRTA's board have the authority to jointly amend it to keep the street closed. They didn't budge and Jackson backed down. If he didn't back down I'd already prepared a criminal complaint to file against him for dereliction of duty pursuant to Ord. No. 615.12. It's a second degree misdemeanor and Jackson would have lost. Mike Polensek gets it and shared the same thoughts as mine to a Cleveland Magazine reporter.

What the Public Square debacle demonstrates is that neither Jackson nor the council “leadership” understands nor operates within the limits of each “office's” legal authority. Jackson in his capacity as mayor can submit ordinances and resolutions to seek council's approval, but he can't vote in council's meetings. The mayor has only a “voice” in council's legislative affairs, but it's influential if used well.

Council's role pursuant to the charter and Ohio law is “legislative only,” but this city's council men and women think they're “mini-mayors.” They operate so far over the lines of legislative authority their conduct is criminal. But because Jackson fails to perform the mayor's duties to supervise the conduct of all the city's officers, since he can't supervise his own, the lines of authority between the two separate and distinct branches of government is unlawfully blurred.

I saw this bullshit in East Cleveland. Voters stuck me with a councilmember who wanted to attend my cabinet meetings. Council members think they “direct” city employees; particularly housing, building inspectors and police. They “use” city enforcement employees to target their political enemies. Matt Zone, Jeff Johnson, Zack Reed … Joe Cimperman was notorious for using police, fire and building officials to harass black downtown business owners. Ken Johnson's got his own street sweeping equipment paid for with block grant funds.

How? Seriously. Councilmen don't perform or control street sweeping duties, but in Cleveland this type of convolution is okay. How the fuck in any configuration of a general law of this state, or the charter of Cleveland, does a councilman have general funds set-aside to perform street sweeping duties?

So, yes, Jackson tried to bluff his way through the dumb decision he made about closing Public Square to GCRTA's buses and got his ass handed to him by Ord. No. 893 – 03. I know when he read it, or when Blaine Griffin or someone "briefed" him on it, he was like “Aw shit! I fucked up.” Damn straight you fucked up.

What's pathetic is that council president Kevin Kelley could have ended the discussion right away if he'd only sent law director Barbara Langhenry a request for a legal opinion. Zack Reed could have not wasted a city employee's time with his ordinance about nothing that went nowhere if he or Kelley had asked Langhenry the following questions as an “official communication” in writing.

1. Does the person sworn to perform the duties of mayor pursuant to Section 71 of Cleveland's charter have the authority to amend Ord. No. 893-03?
2. Does his refusal to open Public Square, regardless of his reasons, exceed the authority of the office of mayor pursuant to Ord. No. 893 – 03?
3. Does his refusal to enforce Ord. No. 893 – 03, regardless of his reasons, establish that he is failing to perform the “ordinance enforcement” duties of the office of mayor?
4. Does his failure to enforce Ord. No. 893 – 03, and his ordinance-amending decision to exceed the authority of the mayor's office by keeping Public Square closed, regardless of his reasons, meet the criteria established in Ord. No. 615.12 for dereliction of duty?

A councilman or woman who doesn't have the literacy skills to write his or her own “official communications” is intellectually handicapped. Writing “official communications” forces the elected official to think in a very “deliberative” manner.

The fact is that had Kelley as council president understood the authority of the office he holds, as Polensek did, the conversation with Jackson would have been over in less than a week. Maybe hours. The entire drama he created with Joe Calabrese and the GCRTA board would have been avoided.

What should piss everyone off is all the expensive emotional drama Jackson took this community through over a non-issue where his conduct was clearly unlawful. The truth of the matter is that public employee “time” was wasted by employees of three agencies: Cleveland, GCRTA and the Federal Transportation Administration. Funds from all three governmental and tax-supported agencies were directed to the wages and resources of employees who met, wrote letters, researched governing documents to unnecessarily defend against Jackson's refusal to enforce Ord. No. 893 – 03.

Jackson now skates his ass off without any hint of accountability or reprimand because the technical details behind how he broke the law are too complicated for the town's media to understand. There is a “sum total of public waste” connected to his reckless decision to disobey Section 71 of Cleveland's charter. Now imagine the type of “off thinking” we just went through with Jackson existing throughout the municipal corporation.

The official business of the City of Cleveland was “obstructed” when Jackson disregarded the duties he was required to perform as mayor to enforce Ord. No. 893 – 03. Kelley, as council president, aided and abetted Jackson's obstruction by not demanding that he enforce Ord. No. 893 – 03. The checks and balances between the two branches of government in Cleveland, as we can see by this simple example, is completely dysfunctional. It's how Ward 1's Terrell Pruitt gets to violate U.S. Department of Defense Directives and be paid $80,133 while on active duty for a council seat two sections of the charter said was vacated and should have been filled after he missed 10 regular meetings. Plain English ain't plain English in Cleveland.

There's a science behind municipal government that most miss, and it's a damn shame because understanding it would make life much simpler. It's when we get officials operating far outside every governing document they swear to obey and enforce that we get shit like what we just went through with Jackson and that weak-assed council president.

Public Square is re-opened. Big fucking whoop. It should never have been closed. Money and time wasted over some dumb shit.

Eric Brewer on the CLE Mayoral race

What did HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson say that was wrong, offensive or ridiculous? He didn't compare “slavery” to “immigration.” The whole issue of “comparison” is media-created, disrespectful and racially offensive.

It is reporters and bloggers, not Dr. Carson, who should be facing criticism. Fucking foreign-owned media focuses on this shit instead of our real issues. The Chinese just bought up all our Hollywood studios. Rupert Murdoch, an Australian buddy to Vladmir Putin, owns FOX, the Wall Street Journal and 143 other newspapers here and abroad. Much of the internet news is written by Asian Indians and Filipinos working for $6 and $12 a story. They watch fucking YouTube videos of our council meetings and report what's going on. What the fuck do they know about our constitution, charters and local and laws? Google's going so gotdamned far with dumbing us down that they're planning to use Artificial Intelligence, computers, to replace reporters. America is not America. None of this shit is American and outsiders are manipulating us for profit and to control our nation's power.

Anyone who has studied the story of Slaves and the Descendants of Slaves knows our ancestors were “immigrants” based purely on the definition of the word, whether forced or voluntary. An immigrant is no more than a person who migrates or is migrated from one place to another. Children migrated from another country by their parents are “taken” or “forced” into the relocation in the same unwilling or unaware manner as the West and Central Africans who were kidnapped by other Africans and sold to Portuguese, British, Spanish and Dutch slave traders. They didn't know where they were going when they were being forcibly migrated and human trafficked in chains. Damn near every ethnic immigrant has some form of human trafficking connected to their presence in this nation.

So when Carson said, “There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slaves ships ...” he was stating a truth. He said another truth, which was that our Slave ancestors “... worked even longer, even harder for less.”

Longer, harder for less, and with more federal, state an local legal restrictions and deliberate U.S. Supreme Court acts taken to keep Descendants of Slaves from working, owning businesses and progressing. Dr. Carson has the historical perspective to know even these gotdamned failing schools Mayor Frank Jackson is allowing non-Cleveland residents to mismanage are intentionally screwed up to thwart Descendant of Slave access to the workplace and opportunity. But, of all the words reporters and critics could have selected from among those they chose, notice how “worked even harder and longer for less” were de-emphasized though they're staring us all in the face.

You'd have to be the Descendant of Slaves to know that Carson was also truthful when he said, “But they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-grandsons, great-granddaughters, might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”

They didn't highlight those words, either. To think that once here the Africans who'd been betrayed by their own kind and sold into slavery did not have dreams of doing better is to suggest that all our ancestors were supposed to do was just work, accept abuse and suffer. It suggests that our ancestors were just lazy-assed captives and not the Americans whose brains, skills, talents and work ethic built this fucking country. Fuck any idiot who disrespects them by not acknowledging this truth. The patents in the U.S. Patent Office tell the story. From the stop lights to whipped cream to the mutha fuckin' Matrix, Descendants of Slaves "define" America. Even George Peake, a Descendant of Slaves, led Moses Cleaveland to Cleveland. Land he once owned is now Rocky River.

We built America. Our DNA is firmly embedded in the Red, White and Blue; and not all of us accepted servitude. Our commitment and loyalty to this nation, exclusively, is not ever in question; and ain't no one questioning Dr. Carson on that Russian shit Trump and the white dudes around him are involved in.

Yes our ancestors had dreams, and so did their children, grand's and great's. Cinque had a dream. Denmark Vesey had a dream. Nat Turner had a dream. Frederick Douglass had a dream. Harriet Tubman had a dream. Booker T. Washington had a dream. Marcus Garvey had a dream. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad had a dream, and so did Paul Robeson, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You damned right my Slave and Slave Descendant grandparents and parents had dreams. My Descendant of Arkansas and North Carolina Slaves Mother still does for her children, and so do I for mine.

The real racism is Dr. Carson being discredited by self-interest protecting white journalists as some kind of coon-assed sellout and us buying into that shit. Did you ever witness him kissing Trump's ass throughout the campaign or getting involved in his personal nonsense? He is the only non-ass kissing person in Trump's camp and the one who got what he wanted.

Yeah he's a doctor for those who think he should have asked for Health & Human Services. He asked for HUD. He got HUD. He got it because that's where he believed he could do the most good for the Descendants of Slaves. Of all the federal agencies, HUD's workforce is or “was” the blackest. I don't know what happened under President Barack Obama. When President George Bush's HUD Secretary, Alphonso Jackson, invited me to the agency's headquarters during my time as mayor, I thought I was back in East Cleveland there were so many black folk working. Black folk were balling under Bush.

It is foolish for the Descendants of Slaves to allow themselves to be manipulated into believing the false spin a media that does not care about us is using to define one of our brothers.

He's smarter and more individually skilled than any person in Trump's cabinet of billionaire and millionaire corporate marauders, and the rouge double-agent Russian-friendly group of traitorous ex-generals he employs. But yet to the “white” media, and the “black” reporters who take instruction from their editorial bosses, Dr. Carson is being cast in the light of the “clownish black man” when he's actually their intellectual superior.

We're in Cleveland complaining about vacant and abandoned homes and the dead carcasses of men, women and children being found in them. This is the first time since President George Bush that a Descendant of Slaves is managing HUD. Obama didn't give us one.

I know HUD and from what I know some of you want for Cleveland, it will be a mistake for us not to build a strong relationship with Dr. Carson and prevent him from having the dialogue he wants to have with us. You don't like the direction neighborhood development is moving. He's the man who can change it.

When I'm elected mayor of Cleveland I'm going to seek a relationship with HUD and Dr. Carson. I'll kidnap him if necessary to visit our city, drive with me through our neighborhoods, and introduce him to our blighted and environmentally toxic lifestyle. He's got the storefront development money, the business improvement money, the new housing money, the senior housing money, money for homeless housing, money for LGBT senior housing, the housing renovation money, money that can be used to possibly replace water lines from the curb to the house if we can get him to submit a request to Congress for it.

I'm telling you from the perspective of knowing HUD better than most mayors in the nation, Dr. Carson is “our” man and just know that the people trying to turn us against him don't have our best interests at heart. If they did the headlines would have been about how he said our immigrant ancestors “worked ever longer, even harder for less.” And still do.



Mayor Frank Jackson is about to fuck up the $80 million he got a slim majority of Cleveland voters to support as a half percent income tax increase in November. Seriously fuck it up. What he's spending the money on also shows it wasn't needed. I attended his 12th State of the City Address and all it confirmed was that Frank ain't got a “management” clue. Council would be fools to approve his administrative operational plans. They achieve nothing which benefits the inhabitants of the City of Cleveland.

At $75 a ticket there were about 1000 people in Public Hall gathered to hear Jackson's address. About 85 to 90 percent of the audience was white. Cleveland is close to 60 percent black when the 11 percent undercount is included. I don't know who from the audience was a Cleveland resident, but judging from the folk around me they appear to reflect the 82 percent of workers who don't live in the city.

The questions were not any that I would recognize as a concern from city residents except the man who asked Jackson about his illegal CPP utility fees. The answer was bullshit.

He didn't want any questions from Alliana DeFreeze's family. None from Samaria Rice. None from Abe who owns Nadia's on E. 116th Street. He didn't want to explain to Abe why cops took so long to respond after his brother was shot to death across from Bishop Eugene Ward's church. Fuck the abandoned houses. Not a single fucking question about the failing schools because the place was full of school officials who'd paid the $75 ticket costs. So the guy he called “Superintendent” Eric Gordon didn't have to answer any questions about the Centers for Disease Control showing that one in 5 students attempted suicide. Mike Fox didn't have to answer any questions about why much of the Ridge Road transfer station equipment is inoperable. Natoya Walker and Merle Gordon didn't have to answer about the Noble Road toxic dump they let grow to 5 stories of chemical death. The majority of the $75 attendees were “the choir” who'd been fucking up over the last 12 years. Ain't no way in hell they wanted to answer any questions from “the people” Jackson talked about who couldn't afford the tickets. How could they? 82 percent of the jobs in the city are in the hands of non-city residents.

Just imagine the cynicism of a “State of the City Address” and everybody in the room is pimping the system. Do you think in that $75 a ticket environment, where everybody's in their nice suits and cute dresses and fly shoes knocking off six figures, that they're going to ask themselves any questions about why they're fucking up? Walk into that environment as a real Cleveland resident, with a question like “are you corporate Cleveland's bitch?” and all you get is laughed at and ridiculed. Are you crazy? Jackson said of course he's taking the money. He said they can't buy him. The evidence shows he's already been bought. Wasn't he standing in front of a big blue screen with an AT&T logo?

It's why Jackson's state of the city tickets were $75 instead of free. The high ticket cost is designed to discourage Cleveland residents from participating and asking questions about the real “state of the city.” Reporters and the City Club are all in on the scam. $75 a ticket. 1000 attendees. You do the gotdamned math. Who gets the money? Follow it to the City Club, the citadel of free speech. You can believe that "free speech" silly shit if you want. Ain't none of it real. It's an illusional trick on the people. Why? Because all Jackson was talking to were the people who are dividing up our money.

Jackson also did this thing I saw him do at a Ward 1 meeting. “Oh. I'm being signaled. I'll take one more brief question and I'll make my answer brief.” Then he leaves. He wants to talk and bounce without being challenged.

So why do I say Jackson's state of the city address shows he's about to fuck up the $80 million? Let's use budget round figures for illustrative purposes.

He's asking for a $612 million budget this year which is up from the $560 million council approved for last year. That's about a $72 million increase. Round figures.

He's hiring more police, EMS workers, public health workers, building and housing workers, community relations workers and creating a new cabinet job to deal with “youth violence.” $25 million is going into some sort of neighborhood development fund. Sounds good, right? Here's the problem. Raises, overtime, unbudgeted expenses and unforeseen settlements. And … what will he achieve with the money? Addressing youth violence. Making Cleveland a great city. Mumbo jumbo bullshit.

He wants $1 million to support an “administrative” operation to deal with youth violence. Youth violence is in part a “failing schools that don't lead to a job, future or hope” problem; not a give a few friends a job problem. It's also a problem that's grown worse under Jackson with CDC news that 20 percent of Cleveland school students have attempted suicide. The problem didn't just start. It's been ongoing ever since he's led the city. Jackson didn't “stabilize” Cleveland as he claimed. He made matters worse. His best thinking is what got us here.

The solution to youth violence isn't a new “administrator.” It's a direct allocation of city money to provide them with a part-time job. $1 million would go a long way in paying Cleveland school students only, no non-residents, to work on community-based projects painting fire hydrants, or installing mailboxes on senior citizen homes, or even painting homes and porches.

Add that to the $2.7 million they want to spend for the all-terrain vehicle park and that's $3.7 million to mitigate youth violence. Put that with the $36 million these assholes want to use in our money to support renovating the Q, and we've got nearly $38 million. I'll take $20 million for a curb to the faucet capital improvement project after we identify houses with really jacked up water pipes, cut a deal with the pipefitters and plumbers unions to train Cleveland youth ONLY; and put their asses to work as apprentices for about 15,000 houses as a start. Put that kind of investment into youth violence and they'll be so damn tired from working they'll take their asses home, smoke a blunt, catch a Steel Reserve “Spiked Watermelon” 8% and fall asleep on the couch.

The point is that the administrative plan Jackson "reported" to non-residents at his State of the City address, without resident input or opposition, is not approval. Ward 1 didn't even have any semblance of a voice in the 2017 budget discussion because Jackson and council president Kevin Kelley disenfranchised black people by leaving their seat illegally vacant. It's still vacant. Terrell Pruitt was not “appointed” to the seat he vacated after 10 regular missed meetings.

Jackson didn't talk to the residents of Wards 1 through 17 at the Public Hall they paid for; and that campaign show he put on was not a state of the city address. This shit needs to be a free in the evening event for the people. Free parking everywhere for Cleveland residents. No gotdamned tickets. Free bus and train rides for residents of Cleveland that night. Cops making sure they get to and from their state of the city address safely. The residents of Cleveland did not get a state of the city address from Jackson.

The $80 million was sold as budget balancing extra money Jackson needed to avoid reductions in service and make the city safer. Does what you read about his plan in brief give the impression he's creating a safer city?

So instead of maintaining or slightly increasing the workforce level he's increasing it to the limits of the $80 million. It means that after one or two years Jackson will need another tax increase to cover the extra employees wages, benefits, overtime, unbudgeted expenses and unforeseen settlements. It's the same shit he's been doing over and over again since he's been mayor. I served 4 years without a single request for additional money. I had already taken steps to eliminate my last year deficit by June 2010 without a tax increase or a reduction in force that would have disrupted our progress.

Consider that out of the $612 million, Jackson wants $199 million for police. That is almost one-third of the entire operating budget. Some of you may not want to read this, but Cleveland has too many police for a city with 389,000 residents. The problem is deployment and visibility. Not manpower. Too many plain clothes cops in unmarked cars. Mark all the cars and put all cops in uniforms and visibility, the greatest crime deterrent, increases. Seriously. Martin Flask, Michael McGrath and Calvin Williams have “units” with one cop. And think about what I'm sharing this way. With all the money that's already been spent on police, why did 4000 rape kits go unprocessed for 30 years? What has Cleveland invested in police over 30 years? $5 billion to $6 billion and they couldn't process 4000 rape kits? Bullshit!!!!!

If you read the 2008 state audit of my time as East Cleveland's mayor you'll see I spent about 44.9 percent of the city's general fund on police, fire and EMS that year and ended up with a 40 to 75 percent reduction of crime in every category. Jackson's spending more than 60 percent of the city's budget on police, fire and EMS, and is taking it past 65 percent with this round of increases. That's obscene and leaves less money to support other resident needs.

So if Jackson sneaks his ass back in office he will be asking for yet another tax increase in less than two years. He doesn't understand the word “inflation” since he's never owned a business or managed one for a business owner before his election as mayor. That's been his problem all along. No outside perspective other than as a city hall worker for nearly 35 years. It's the same with everyone else on council but Councilman T.J. Dow. He's the only one I know of who has sought to operate a business whether it was successful or not. He tried which means he understands that money is not to be wasted. I'm aware that he's not friendly towards Jackson's budget either. All should be in opposition to it.

That “great city” bullshit Jackson tried to sell sounded ridiculous. After 31 years in office his state of the city speech should have highlighted how he made Cleveland great, not just the neighborhood he lives in. Not just a few “boutique” neighborhood “sections” that gives the appearance of apartheid. Dude said he had to “stabilize” the city after Jane Campbell. That was funny since he was the council president. Sounded to me like my ex-council president who became the mayor who killed East Cleveland.

Next year my 2018 State of the City Address will be free and open to Clevelanders. What I described above is how it will happen. I've written 5 State of the City speeches and delivered 4 when I served as East Cleveland's mayor. I wrote a former East Cleveland mayor's first “state of the city” speech. We will discuss the “state of the city” and I will stay until the last city inhabitant's question is answered. I never charged anyone a dime. At my weekly town hall meetings I stayed until the last question was answered; even if it was one on one.

The bottom line is that Cleveland ain't the Frank Jackson Show and this bullshit he sold at the state of the city address to a bunch of non-residents, vendors and city workers is not approval.



Over the past week I've been meeting with campaign supporters, including potential donors to talk about fund raising strategies. One of my supporters thinks we can raise $1 million. I'll settle for $500,000. To the big boys, I'm advising you to hedge your bets. You can't buy this race for Jackson. I intend to win. I'll serve corporate Cleveland, too, but you WILL share. You also won't get everything you want. Cleveland taxpayers will not pay to renovate The Q.

I've registered a web domain for the campaign and started building the site and adding content. My Friends will get a preview first and I'll be seeking your comments. I've got an important meeting coming up about the Noble Road dump that might provide a solution from a big money player. I'm reorganizing aspects of my life to devote more daily time on the campaign. Even today, I'm attending Mayor Frank Jackson's State of the City address. $75 a ticket. The event should be public and free. It will be next year.

I've even been working on my own combination free and low cost health care plan for the residents of Cleveland that will offset President Donald Trump and the Republicans Obamacare changes.

I'm building knowledge about a plan I have to stimulate direct financial support to build neighborhood-based businesses and to replace water pipes from the curb to the faucet.

Thanks for all your insights about my chances of winning. I'm encouraged.

It appears as if I have extremely high name recognition. It comes from 38 years of public involvement. Depending on your generation, my name's association with the public dates back to my first newspaper, Clique, in 1979 and then to the Cleveland Press as a reporter in 1981. From there the Guardian Angels took me statewide and on the cover of most of the state's newspapers, and some magazines. I appeared on television programs in all the major Ohio media markets, and in campus newspapers for both colleges and high schools. I spoke on the campuses of all the state's leading universities, and in council and town hall meetings in the major cities.

I was a Cleveland school board candidate in 1983 and received 17,000 plus votes citywide. That's about 2000 votes less than what Jackson got in 2005 when he beat Jane Campbell for mayor in the primary. That was the same year I defeated Saratha Goggins and got 85 percent of the vote in East Cleveland's general election.

Some may remember me as the Call & Post's leading political reporter in 1984-85. 25,000 copies a week for a year is 1.3 million newspapers that featured my bylined name on the front page.

Some may remember me as CMHA's spokesman in 1989 and 1990, and appearing often on the news to speak on behalf of George James and the board led by Robert Townsend. I've hosted radio shows on WRMR AM850, FM108 when it was WDMT and on WERE when I was "the most dangerous man in Cleveland radio."

In speaking to a friend this week I reminded her that in 2003 I mailed Cleveland Challenger to every single one of Cleveland's 197,000 households. It was the largest single edition of any newspaper EVER distributed in the city. Between 2002 and 2005 I printed and distributed about 1 million copies of the Cleveland Challenger. I've published 12 newspapers. The total number of copies I've put on the streets has been close to 2 million. Just imagine that as Cleveland Life's editor in chief we were circulating 50,000 copies a week. 200,000 a month. 1 million in 5 months and my name appeared in each and everyone of them. The friend told me "we all have read you" when she spoke of my audience.

I think most Clevelanders who know my work in East Cleveland know I was the only mayor who kept the city out of fiscal emergency. They know I cut crime by 40 to 75 percent and that the city was headed in the right direction. They know it fell after I left, but they also know it wouldn't have fallen if I had remained.

The drag thing isn't a "ding" on my record, just a point of reference. Consider that despite the controversy, it was the number 3 story in this media market behind the bribery scandal involving David Letterman and Tiger Woods getting caught cheating on his wife. The story went national and international, and hit all the major online news sites. Politico, Huffington Post ... you name it. Former Late, Late Show host Craig Ferguson did a week's long monologue about my 2009 re-election campaign.

So while the drag thing for some is a distraction, it makes me just that much more well known over my potential opponents. It also gives me a better in with the LGBT community. All Gary Norton, Art McKoy, Mike Smedley and Ralph Spotts did to hurt me only made me stronger and better known. Most people don't go through that kind of shit and come back. I love being under-estimated. I also got to dump a bunch of fake-assed "friends" and "false loyalties." Nothing like going through a cleansing. Keeps like simple.

I've learned that Jackson's approval rating is about 18 percent, which means he's in the same boat as Tim McGinty. It's "anybody" but Jackson, the public just isn't sure who "anybody" is since there are so many contenders. It means for me this campaign will be one based on who can deliver the most popular "ideas." It won't be a personality contest because I think voters are looking for substance.

From what I hear, Jeff Johnson and Zack Reed might as well quit. Bill Patmon and Michael Nelson generated fewer than 1000 votes each when they challenged Jackson and Campbell in 2005. The voters view Johnson and Reed in the same light as they view Jackson. They want most of council gone. They're sick of them. That's all I've been hearing.

There's a "white candidate" push but who? Two restaurant owners? One from New York and another from Russia? A Republican? Okay. I owned a restaurant. I didn't learn a thing running it that would help me as mayor. My back and feet hurt, and I smelled like food. Couldn't walk past a dog without them mutha fuckas drooling. I'll never do that shit again and my hat's off to anybody who does. That work is "hard."

I've got my negatives. In my opinion they're not based on truth but perception. It could be something I've written about someone a critic liked. It could be connected to something I've written with which a critic disagrees. I might not have returned a phone call. It could be I fired or caused them or someone they know to be prosecuted; or that I didn't deliver on something someone wanted and that I couldn't give. It could very well be the sum total of every lie that's ever been shared about me by a reporter, or facts they omitted that would have shared a truer light on my role in a public matter. I've got 38 years of off and on public eye living. There is a wrong fact or information in every article published, including the good one's.

Hell. The council I dealt with in East Cleveland, that Gary Norton led as president, described me as arrogant; especially after I criticized them for missing anywhere between 35 and 70 meetings each in less than four years. They made a part-time job even more part-time. It explains why Norton couldn't fill my size 13's. Elected office is a "job." Not a "title."

These are my up close Cleveland mayoral campaign observations. Don't expect to see this information in a Brent Larkin or Mark Naymik column in the Plain Dealer because they're not going to boost me by sharing these truths. The media right now is dancing all around me for a variety of reasons of which you folk and Harry Boomer already know.

So expect me to be downplayed by the mainstream media but know that it doesn't matter. There are a lot of things that have happened since I left East Cleveland in 2009 that puts me in the driver's seat of defining myself without their help.

Thanks for all. Keep talking me up.

EJB on Party snub of Nina Turner

Here's why Nina Turner decided to resign her membership from the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party's “executive committee.” She's still a DNC member.

Three nights ago on Sunday two awards in the name of the late U.S. Rep. Louis Stokes were handed out at the $200 a ticket Cuyahoga County Democratic Party dinner. One was for leadership the other for courage. Nina was given the “courage” award.

There was no mention of the award in Lou's name printed on the program. No biographical information. No video highlights. Cuyahoga County Democratic Party chairman Stu Garson did a half-assed introduction of the reason the award existed. He treated the entire Lou episode like an after-thought. Nina and the other awardee were given up to 60 seconds to speak.

The flu bug that's got a lot of us coughing, hacking and running through boxes of tissue, me included, had taken Nina out. Nina's husband, Jeffrey, wanted her to attend and receive the award. Nina wanted to stay at home. She decided to attend and they arrived right before the program began.

I'll share why white ethnic Democrats should have been more reverent towards Lou.

Up until Call & Post editor and publisher W.O. Walker's death in 1981, Descendant of Slave (DOS) voters voted for their own; just like the other ethnics still do today. At that time we were taught just like the other ethnics not to give a shit about either party. We then tossed up between the white ethnics from either party if an ethnic coalition could be created that would result in patronage jobs, contracts and political board appointments. This is how all the segregated ethnic groups operated. I've written about the Black Plans, but there are the Latino Plans, Irish Plans, the Italian Plans, the Polish Plans, the Hungarian Plans, the Jewish Plans and so forth. Women got Women Plans and today we have LGBTQ Plans. Retired Cleveland municipal court Judge Ralph Perk, Jr. told me that's how his father won the city's mayor's race in 1974 against Arnold Pinkney. He created a bloc of ethnic political coalitions.

Because of Cleveland's large immigrant population, members of each ethnic and religious group moved into segregated neighborhoods and supported candidates from their own communities as their numbers grew. The bigger and more organized the ethnic group grew the more political offices they took from each other. When any of the ethnic groups grew to be larger than the politically dominant one, the politically dominant group would seek to divide the larger group by cutting deals with its leaders. Most of the times it was done through gerrymandering.

So when W.O. died and the DOS community lost the cohesiveness his editorial leadership of the Call & Post offered, Stokes and other Democrats abandoned ethnic loyalty politics and they became “Black Democrats.” DOS's like Peter Lawson Jones became Democrats who just “happened” to be black. W.O. used the Call & Post similar to the way I use Facebook.

After W.O's death Black Elected Democrats of Cuyahoga County (BEDCO) eventually replaced the 21st Congressional District Caucus. Operation Alert and Operation Big Vote that Cheryl Wills ran out of the Call & Post's 4th floor eventually died. BEDCO damn near single-handedly wiped out any semblance of political loyalty that black voters once had to black candidates. This county's DOS voters became brainwashed Democrats. Black Republicans were recast as Uncle Tom's so white ethnic Democrats became okay.

Many of us were furious when Lou supported four white ethnic Democrats over four DOS Republicans, George Trumbo, Bobette Ousley, Craig Cobb and Larry Smith, Jr., for Cleveland municipal court in exchange for Democratic party support of his daughter, Angela. Lou gained a lot of praise because of the overall “quality” of his public service. But his switch of allegiance from Black to Black Democrat empowered a lot of white ethnic Democrats to defeat Republicans who were DOS. DOS political unity was gradually eroded.

I'm summarizing and condensing a lot of history, but I'm sharing this information to underscore just how much white ethnic Democrats owed Lou for their political progress in the DOS community. It's why he should have been more than an honorable mention at the Democratic Party's $200 a ticket dinner. His name should have been on the program in big-assed boldfaced letters with a big fucking “THANK YOU LOU” from every white ethnic who's benefited from blind “straight D” voting in Cuyahoga County's DOS community.

Imagine now being Nina and knowing information like this is part of Cleveland's DOS political history. You're also sitting at a table waiting for an award you didn't ask for, on a night when you're sick and would rather be at home. To top it off, not everybody in the room is your friend. Among them are enemies and detractors. Your success only underscores their inferior mediocrity. Let's be real. Ohio's 88 Democratic Party organizations are statewide losers. This is clearly a Republican-controlled state thanks to these losers and the state organization in Columbus now led by David Pepper. The party has developed no stars or ideas.

You think about Lou's party loyalty sacrifices and your own, and not only are they disrespecting him they're disrespecting you. You also know their asses are going to come running for your endorsement because they have done nothing to “earn” the DOS vote. And when they come the same assholes dissing you will run that “party loyalty” bullshit and expect you to “buck dance” to the beat.

Y'all have no idea what Nina and Jeff experienced nationally, statewide and locally from Democrats. Some of the shit they've shared with me would instantly reverse any loyalty we have towards Democratic Party candidates and elected office holders.

Nina didn't support a Republican when she backed Bernie Sanders. She supported another Democrat. But in the Ohio and Cuyahoga County Democratic Party organizations, the DOS's are still seen by the once pro-slavery party as property without an independent thought. We can't support the Democrats of our own choices. We have to support only the Democrats that “they” support. So for Nina to support Sanders was wrong. Supporting Hillary Clinton was right. That's the type of mindless control drama you're dealing with inside the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party and it's not the only thing bothering you.

Today at this moment in history Nina is Ohio's best known and most nationally-respected Democrat. Consider that Nina's now hosting “The Nina Turner Show” on the Real News Network and her first guest is actor Danny Glover. She's a CNN Correspondent. We all know she's been a regular since the Obama campaign on MSNBC's The Ed Show, and on shows with Rickey Smiley and others for the past 5 years. She guests on other shows often. She speaks all over the nation and she's so closely-aligned to Sanders it caused a national disturbance at the DNC when Hillary Clinton and John Podesta didn't let her speak on his behalf. Nina was so powerful a Sanders surrogate Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein wanted her as a vice presidential running mate.

Now. And I'm not trying to be dismissive when I write these words. Let's take Richard Cordray, Nan Whaley and Connie Pillich. Roll them all up together on the national and statewide recognition scale. Do you know them? I don't. Who are they? Google search their names and they in no way have more content than Nina. What makes them more credible Democratic candidates for governor or leader than Nina, especially since they're running to her for support? What about State Senator Eric Kearney or John Barnes? What about Kelli Prather or even Tara Moseley Samples? What does it take for a Democrat who is a DOS to be credible enough to be included on the statewide ticket? What? All we get to do is vote. We're not asked to play. The GOP has elected or appointed DOS's to Secretary of State, Treasurer and Ohio Supreme Court. Two DOS Republicans have served as state treasurer.

What gnaws at you the most is that for them to win these mediocre and virtually no name Democrats need Nina and every other DOS politician I named being “party loyal” and making an introduction.

On the day of the $200 a ticket dinner, interim Cuyahoga County Democratic Party director Lillian Sharpley called Nina on behalf of Garson to ask if she'd announced her candidacy for governor because he was only recognizing “announced” candidates she said “no.” If those were the ground rules, no problem. Nina's got a new national television show and a deal with CNN. Announcing a candidacy eliminates an opportunity to grow an even larger name before an official announcement is necessary.

So when Garson announces the “announced” contenders for Ohio governor, and then announces those who have not announced and leaves out Nina, at some point all the slights and mean-spirited shit Democrats have put you through becomes just too damn much. It's like, “What's the point?” But when this asshole is signaled by State Rep. Sandra Williams that Nina is in the room, Garson says something like “Nina now wants to be acknowledged.” No. She didn't want to be acknowledged. What anyone would have expected was for him to play by the rules she'd been told by Lillian that he was operating under. That's the thing with these disrespectful assed Democrats. They fuck up. You're wrong.

So as Nina and Jeff are walking towards the door to leave after receiving a half-assed delivered award in the name of another DOS the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party was pretending to honor, and a Democratic woman who supported Hillary makes an ignorant and snide remark, and another before you get out the door, you throw up your hands and say “Fuck it. I'm out. Effective immediately.”

CLE=Flint Lead Poisoned kids

 From Eric J Brewer - candidate for mayor- City of Cleveland: 

I am right. 18,000 water lines from the curb to the home will be replaced in Flint, Michigan based on a federal court order. The US EPA will kick in $100 million. $87 million will come from the state of Michigan. It's estimated to take until 2020 to complete the project. Lots of plumbers will be working. This is what I want for Cleveland and it's a topic that's not on the agenda of any candidate for mayor; especially Mayor Frank Jackson and councilman Jeff Johnson. They haven't ever in over 30 years of elected office spent a dime in Cleveland funds to deal with a comprehensive curb to the faucet water pipe replacement program to protect us from drinking water contamination. That is my plan and I want the plumbers and pipefitters unions to train Cleveland students and "residents" as apprentices.

So I'll renew my opposition to investing a combined total of $282 million in city and county tax dollars under Jackson and County Executive Armond Budish on renovating The Q for Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers. Hillary Clinton said during the presidential campaign just last year that Cleveland's drinking water contamination was worse than Flint, Michigan's. I drink this shitty-assed water and so do you. Jeff's getting his drinking water from pipes in his $500,000 nearly-new Twinsburg home where he lives with his wife and step-daughters as a Summit County resident.

The pipes from the curb to the home in Cleveland can and must be replaced, but it has to be the will of the people in order for it to be the will of the elected officials. A federal judge in Michigan sees replacing pipes from the curb to the home as the responsibility of the federal and state government; as well as the municipality.

The federal court ruling confirms that my thinking about this topic is correct, and that I have properly assigned responsibility to the right parties. It is my belief that the ultimate goal of water testing is to ensure that it's safe for human consumption. It makes no sense for Jackson, Johnson, Kevin Kelley and the rest of council to spend millions, billions over the years, to clean and test water, and replace pipes to the curb, when the water entering the faucet from the curb to the home through old lead-filled pipes is re-contaminated.

Jackson, Johnson, Kelley and council have failed to deliver clean water to Cleveland inhabitants no matter how many times its tested daily. It's why their unlawful and voter suppressing emergency ordinances are so malicious. They want to join with Budish and the county council and spend $282 million in public funds while using legislative trickery to strip Cleveland voters of an opportunity to vote yes or no to their decision.

Think of how viciously uncaring elected officials are who would justify taking $282 million from the poor to give to a billionaire who in Russia would be called an "oligarch." It's even more insidious when those who are supposed to advocate for the poor advocate against them under the guise of advocacy for cash.

The national NAACP joined the battle for environmental justice in Flint with a 103 page class action suit on behalf of the contaminated residents last year. The Cleveland NAACP chapter embraces spending $282 million to renovate The Q instead of that money being spent to support the environmental health needs of this town and county's life-threatened residents.

Ridiculing The Q renovation's critics for wanting to have $282 million in public funds spent on people and not a billionaire casino owner's interests is misguidedly wrong. Belligerence is not leadership. Scorn is not wisdom. People who support the fucking over of people may not have received the memo. 2017 is different. No one's loyal today to the past. This town and all its real inhabitants are feeling the pain and the people are "war-like angry." Wars come with casualties. Sometimes one has to hurt and heal to see.

30 years of Frank and Jeff and billions spent to deliver water that makes us sick under their watch. Responsibility for water safety rests with the mayor and council. I was born in 1953 drinking Cleveland water. I'm drinking it today in 2017. Whatever is in it has fucked me just like it's fucked you. If what Frank told me when we cut the deal for Cleveland to provide direct services to East Cleveland residents, and that water is clean to the curb; I'll find the money to make sure it's cleaned to the faucet.

People want to know what I plan to do. I think it's better they know how I think. Thoughts like these are what occupies my mind. I took the blue pill. Serving as East Cleveland's mayor changed me and what I learned about managing a challenged urban city won't go away. I can lead Cleveland with my eyes closed. What's aggravating for me is that I see solutions when I hear Frank, Jeff and council's excuses.

I know my petitions haven't reached everyone who's requested them, but we are moving forward with my campaign for mayor. I believe we're on schedule to have petitions completed by the end of April. If you haven't been reached out to please reach out again. There's a stronger infrastructure of people around me who are anxious to step up.