Essentially, this is what I emailed Sen. Brown, NSA collected it, no doubt, so it is not news

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I am furious about what I read. How has our country changed so far, so fast, that this is happening? Our senators and representatives, as well as the government officials, and often the judges, are reprehensible. * * * * Quite some time ago, there were other whistleblowers about the extraordinary NSA surveillance and the immense building they are building in Utah to house it. I wrote you about it then and you said it had been forbidden. Well, they are doing it anyhow! What are you doing about it? Nothing I can see. I agree with those that ask for an investigation. Homeland Security is not keeping us safe but is wasting money and assaulting our rights. Go read about how they treated a college girl who bought water and they thought it was alcohol and she was in jail. Even if it had been alcohol, the local police could have handled it. Their supervisor defended their treatment of her. I have been reading lately a lot about bad police treatment, killing dogs and tasering old men. This ought to be stopped. I wrote to you recently about the immense purchase of hollow points that your office said was for practice because they are supposed to practice with what they use. So Homeland Security is going to use them, and the IRS and even the Fed bought them. Against who, Americans! Do you not know that this is against the Geneva Convention, which we used to follow, but no longer. We allow torture. If another country did it, we would be horrified. We are no different from anyone else. It does no good except anger other countries and means they will then torture any of our people they capture, in retaliation. Maybe you just don't care about the Convention, as you seem not to care about the Constitution you falsely so far at least, swore to defend. You have not defended it, on the contrary. You must know chaos will ensure what the money printing stops or when the world stops accepting the dollar. If you read economics you would know this is going to happen, if you kept up you would know China is making agreements with many nations to trade without using the dollar. Nations are buying oil from Iran, using gold. We are more and more impotent to protect the dollar, we borrow to even pay interest. Stop kicking the can down the road and follow Iceland or even Reagan's admirable Fed head. Pain for a short while, then recovery. The longer it lasts, the longer the pain and the worse the pain will be. Unfortunately, it looks as though chaos may be sooner rather than later. Just a hint of maybe stopping printing money and the markets were down a lot. With Snowden's publicity, other countries are getting even madder at us. Wouldn't take much for them all to realize we are bankrupt, as well as a Nazi-like bully, here and abroad. We need an honest special investigator to investigate the President also. Forget that he is of your party. Benghazi alone, not to mention arming Al-Quaida in Libya and Syria alone should be grounds for impeachment. The President, and you, swore to defend the constitution; but you are not doing so. On the contrary, you are allowing it to be ripped to shreds. I do not want to see armed warfare, martial law by our now-Nazi-like government and Revolution. Do you think you and all of your loved ones could successfully hide if this occurred. Some, perhaps, but not all. And it will be your fault, because you did nothing. I read that NSA may have incriminating things on you and other politicians. Even the Capital cloak room was bugged! So, you go along. The shame if they ever disclosed whatever it might be, would not be as bad as the internal warfare that may ensue. Be a man, act as you are supposed to do on behalf of your constitutents, who are getting madder and madder at one scandal after another: trying to take away our right to bear arms, Benghazi, the IRS, the IRS bonuses and trips to Vegas, now Snowden's disclosures being more widely publicized than previous whistleblowers (who ought to be PROTECTED, and are not, look at Snowden). Plus no bankers going to jail, habeus corpus disappearing (and you voted FOR it and said it wasn't in there, but it WAS, a judge declared it unconstitutional, because, unlike you, evidently, SHE READ it. And the DOJ says they are going to ignore it and appeal it!) I fear it won't take much more to light the match and the conflagration will destroy many, many of us, including your loved ones, perhaps you yourself, since you haven't done anything but allow/support all this. WAKE UP!

Found names of previous NSA whistleblowers, jailed 4 water buy

But they were pretty much ignored: national security whistleblowers like former NSA officials Thomas Drake, William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe and former Justice Department lawyer Thomas Tamm, all of whom drew attention to civil liberties concerns about the NSA’s warrantless surveillance program under President George W. Bush.

I was wrong, the agents were state Alcoholic Beverage Control agents, not Homeland Security, who jailed a young woman because she bought some water. They just acted like them. How did they know she was under age. Sure were wrong about it being alcohol.