Everything's up to date in Forest City...they've gone about as fer as they can go...

Submitted by mabeldog on Mon, 05/26/2014 - 16:02.

Could it be that our very own Forest City has been pulling the strings of the "urgent" remediation of WC Reed Field? They are already BFFs and old pals with the EPA who awarded them a shiny gold star in 2007 for their "visionary" upscale "eco compliant" housing development on a formerly petroleum saturated airfield in Stapleton Colorado. It is a Pleasantville Paradise of $400,000 to $1,000,000 homes replete with rain barrels, no driveways and an eco-correct 10 feet of space between the giant homes. It is heralded as a new "urbanist vision" where...."an existing piece of the city is cleared out in a TABULA RASA reclamation project, AS IF WHAT HAD BEEN HAD NEVER BEEN". This vision of course does not include affordable housing, a tiresome stipulation to which Forest City agreed and are admittedly way behind in their commitment. But come on who cares when the project is bursting with eager 30 something yuppies in the $150,000 plus income bracket. Mostly white residents and TEN MINUTES from downtown Denver. Sound familiar? 10 minutes from downtown? No WONDER formerly ignored wallflower Denison east of Pearl is the new prom queen. The problem for the inept machers our "leaders" at city hall is that residents of this newly scrutinized neighborhood like it here. They have known all along what the "representatives" downtown are just finding out. They are immune to intimidation and phony cancer threats. Not one single person of the over 100 people I spoke to handing out flyers in the last 3 days..young and old and in the middle, hispanic, black and white is freaking out about his/her property values. Or "toxins" in the field known as the playground to the locals, where they, their parents and their children have played and picniced for 50 years with zero health problems. They are NOT going to be driven out. And that presents a problems for the marionettes downtown. I warned my neighbors that with that kind of positive attitude about the neighborhood their homes, especially along Park Place and West 15th could easily be torn down"by accident" of course while they are at the store. Like what happened to the bank owned property at 3708 West 15th. But they are ALL furious that a little carpetbagger thinks he can overrule all the more imnportant politicians, and experts and MUrDer the gorgeous old oak trees that have been watching over the park for 100 years. One young man and his friends heading over to the basketball court on West 23rd said, "Who does that dude think he IS?"

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Stapleton Colorado and FC plans for CLE

NRP Foster Pointe residents petition

Revisiting this petition - where Councilman Cummins adds his worthless two cents - Fact is the City and this Council rep have violated federal Section 106 laws -determining through bogus puppet task force that best use of federal monies would be to demolish historic Wirth House - I hope the feds are watching Cummins closely as he is in pocket of developer Stark who played fast and loose w/demo of property on Fulton and is "shadow" partner in insane "Villa Hispana" project on W. 25th that will benefit no one - and will squander federal set asides -just like NRP Foster Pointe (subsidized housing for seniors), which is degrading into squalid conditions - as management provides little oversight and maintenance and is raising rents to boot...http://www.change.org/p/stop-aldi-move-to-steelyard-…/…/2147


(Residents have submitted a petition to NRP - there is very little maintenance of the interior, problems w/unlawful use of property by non-residents etc.)