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I deleted the Venn Diagram post--it is the one factor that humble posters, not administrators, can control here. 

For some reason, it's okay to use REALNEO, but not to use Facebook or Twitter.  Fine.  I agree--it's insidious and the site recently sold all of our personal info dispersed there to Spokeo.com.  I didn't invent REALNEO or Facebook or Twitter or Spokeo.  It is important to find some way to enjoy one's life. If social media makes anyone miserable.  You have control.  Flip the switch.  OFF.

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realNEO is actually completely unique and amazing...

realNEO is actually completely unique and amazing... and the rest is corporate sell-out waste of time crap.

better to not be online at all and read books than to waste time Facebooking.

It is anti-social media.

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Too bad you deleted it - it was in the Buzz at Cyburbia

Too bad you deleted it - it's in the Buzz at Cyburbia, for cities and places - http://www.cyburbia.org/buzz/cities_and_places?page=2 - and had good insight from many members.

Of course, when you post to realNEO your content is distributed, syndicated and emailed to many other sites and individuals around the world and registered in search engines, cached, and even goes into permanent archives you don't even know exist... so deleting does little to change the facts or who knows the truth.

And realNEO global traffic is going higher than ever, now that we seem to be pretty much Troll-free... and are always toll-free.

Best to be smart, open and honest on realNEO... and do not do anything illegal here.

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