Feel Good Report Card Signs

Submitted by mabeldog on Sun, 05/27/2012 - 12:59.

 Last year when the Ohio Department of Education released their scorecard information on all state schools, the Cleveland Municipal School District scored 1 (that's right ONE) out of 26. FYI the 10th Grade reading score was the only passing entry BARELY squeaking by with a 76.4%, 1.6% above the bare minimum. A very few schools improved their status and new signs were rushed to the printer and hung proudly above the entry door. For all the other schools, that did WORSE, which was most of them, the previous year's sign was left to flutter and fade in the brutal Cleveland elements. Willson Elementary decided to leave the Open House September 2010 sign hanging since there was NOTHING good in a report card for a BRAND NEW half empty school that failed every single category.

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Commercial development opportunities!!!

See above--meanwhile, old Willson School sits shuttered and boarded up on East 55th St.

I have photos of Willson...which I will dig up...but there are so many schools slated for demo...in addition to John Marshall...sick.


Prediction: John Marshall will never be rebuilt

  Just like Orchard and Dunbar on CLE's west side--the CMSD will hold residents hostage with the plea for more money to reconstruct these schools and more to keep the graft and kickback scheme rolling along.

John Marshall will be torn down to leave a gaping hole in the West Park neighborhood of CLE.  Just as the gym collapse at East High was used to pass the levy in 2001--And, how is East High, after millions of taxpayer dollars spent? 

It's boarded up and shut down. 

Don't believe the lie.

Posters at REALNEO


One of my neighbors is posting here (using an alias)...see above posts.  I am grateful that REALNEO allows folks to post their opinions.  There is a very real FEAR factor.  Real Estate is the game and CMSD is part of the race politics used to shift demographics in this town.  My neighbor knows this and knows how real estate works.  I am grateful for the time put into the posts from this person.  Please see and follow additional posts by mabeldog.  


Meanwhile, today the PD's Parade magazine stresses the need to rebuild schools, which is somewhat ironic as NEO is tearing them down.  The school levy will be on the ballot in May.  I encourage everyone and anyone reading this site to VOTE NO.  There is some moronic belief on the part of CLE establishment and Greater Cleveland Partnership that it is easy to buy the "east side," read African-American, vote--I know that Kimberly F. Brown is working to make folks understand the truth. 

There are no jobs for African-Americans in the promised "rebuilding" of CMSD schools: