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Submitted by Tom Orange on Wed, 10/14/2009 - 17:26.

"Cleveland has lost more population and housing in the past 5 years than previous trends would have suggested.... The movement of many poor residents to the suburbs surrounding Cleveland is one aspect of the new reality. A early sign of this trend can be seen in the growth of foodstamp recipients in many suburban municipalities.

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Transformation of Middle Class to Poverty

  Tom--thank you for articulating this, but I think that the issue should be clarified to recognize that "poverty" is not a condition that follows a people. 

It is a condition that can afflict anyone--regardless of age, income, nationality, language or gender. 

There is not a migration of a group of people afflicted by the condition of "poverty."  The affliction of poverty is affecting more people and geographic location will not determine whether you are afflicted or not.

Housing stock

  Also, as we allow housing stock to deteriorate-- anyone and everyone will migrate from older housing to newer housing that is constructed in the suburbs.  It follows necessity, not poverty.

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