Freeze the Foreclosures

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From: Bill Callahan
The Great Bank Bailout was first proposed by the Secretary of the
Treasury and the Federal Reserve Chairman on September 18, less than 40
days ago. Just think of what's happened since then. $700 billion in
"capital infusions" approved for the financial industry. Wachovia
acquired by Wells Fargo. WaMu acquired by JP Morgan Chase. National City
acquired by PNC, using $5.5 billion in bailout funds. And talk --
endless talk -- about whether and how to bail out homeowners facing
default and foreclosure.


Now think about what hasn't changed: Since that day in September,
despite all the talk, 1,271 new foreclosure cases have been filed in
Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court. And 596 more foreclosed Cuyahoga
County properties have been sold at Sheriff's sale.
This must stop. Now. But it won't, unless we make it stop.


That's why you need to be at the Justice Center this Thursday at 4 pm to
help the Foreclosure Action Coalition tell our elected county judges:
Enough is enough.


It's time to Freeze The Foreclosures!
The flyer for the Freeze The Foreclosures rally, with the list of
sponsoring groups and other details, is at:



Please click on it, read it, make copies and share them with your
friends and neighbors. And then JOIN US on Thursday.
Email me or call me at 216-870-4736 if you have questions.
See you Thursday.


Justice Center
Ontario West 3rd and Lakeside
Cleveland , OH 44113
United States
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Clarification--the rally will be held on the north side of the Justice Center.  The Lakeside steps.  Please encourage anyone you know, especially downtown workers,  to attend. 

We heard it got canceled

We heard that the rally was canceled due to the appearance of Bill Clinton at the same time in proximity. What is there to that report? (Bill has always  been the best friend these banks ever had, and the friend-trend continues)

Wolves in sheep's clothing

Unfortunately, there are a lot of politicians out there, who proclaim themselves just another unlucky sheep, while they essentially represent the wolves.
"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."
Sadly, this well-intentioned effort is doomed by the apathy we have towards the victims of our greedy financial industry.

flesh out the cryptic parable please

Now's no time for innuendo and parables. Please be forthright and forthcoming as you tear our hair and gnash our teeth.

 What's the female form for "Jeremiah"?


We are seeing on the west side, the same planned abandonment the east side has endured for generations. Deals that benefit a few greedy people and poison communities, so that developers can come back, a few years later and make a killing.  There is a pack of wolves operating here.  Hospital administrators (Metro see John Carroll stories in PD/the Clinic's Opportunity Corridor land grab), drug store "titans" (CVS/Rite Aid/Walgreens), CDCs, LLCs and, especially developers using subsidies from the state and federal government (NRP), are some of the wolves involved. 
When our elected representatives go along with these monied interests, they sell their souls.  I feel for them, because the stakes are high and their own families come first.  Nonetheless, they should stick to their moral compass and do what they can to foil outright greed. The greatest insult to me as a resident, is to see the City of Cleveland use our tax dollar to demolish buildings, not to secure the community, as we are being sold, but to put money in the pocket of a developer. 

The demolitions we have witnessed in Ward 14, 15 and Ward 16 are located strategically in commercial corridors.  The parcels opened up by the demolitions, trigger a chain reaction of property transfers that result in a shoddy built environment of tax-abated housing, fast food, chain stores, cash checking, car washes, gas stations and dollars in the pockets of people who live outside the community.

Now, to add insult to injury, the Catholic Diocese is playing the card game and cashing out their chips on the inner city by selling off their churches to the highest bidder. Leaving us with no god at all.