Gasoline Theft in The Driveway....Fuel Lines Cut & Drained....

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 22:47.

I have been noticing my gas guage on the vehicles I drive over the last few weeks like anyone else these days. With gas prices so high, who can afford to not watch their mileage and gas usage? A couple weekends ago, my dad came to visit in his vehicle too. It was running in perfect condition....

To make a long story short; it looks like someone simply rolled under the vehicle and cut into the gas lines to drain the gas out.... UNBELIEVABLE. After talking to some people I began to hear all sorts of methods that people are stealing gasoline including pulling up to other cars and putting tubes between tanks and using a portable pump to drain your tank straight into theirs right in parking lots in a matter of minutes. (True or not is unverified-but sounds possible...) 

So, look out citizens....check your cars all over... Watch your fuel gages and your gas lines....check under the driver's door areas along the perimeter of your car for "leak" spots on the ground. Moreover, watch where you park. I asked Clark Auto Parts if their parking lot was under surveillance only to realize that it was NOT fully covered by their cameras. I asked the manager to correct that problem to protect the patrons who park there. That's up to him and his resources though.

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A few years ago, when the high Chinese demand drove the scrap metals market to its highest point in decades, thieves were rolling/sliding/crawling/jacking up and going under new cars with a hack saw and cutting the catalytic converter out of the exhaust system.    These new converters brought several hundred dollars on the market – they could be sold as new factory replacements!   Even used cars were having their converters sawed out for palladium, platinum, and rhodium scrap.
As metals prices have receded a little, we see less of this type of cat theft.
Now – as exemplified by the report Angelward14 has just broken – gasoline is becoming the object of undercarriage attention – or siphoning out of the filler pipe - by thieves.
At about $4.00 per gallon a 20 gallon tank is just like $80.00 cash sitting there (if its full).   Very low tech, gas siphon pumps come in many versions as this Google images link illustrates.   
Sure, “self service” is the norm with gas theft – so Ladies and girly men – don’t expect full service - you've got to PUMP IT yourself!.  
On many cars the gas lines run right inside the rocker panels (which are right under the doors - Google images here) – so cutting the gas line can be done without needing to get under the car.   A nice convenience – and the job is safer for the thief since the thief is less likely to get accidentally doused with flammable gas.   This means the thief can have a few drinks before going out on a suck, siphon, or drain mission.    Low lights - actually the darker the better -  and little buzz can be a crucial component in this type of suck and go mission - just as a few drinks can help instigate meeting the opposite (or the same) sex in a bar - a few drinks and you are a little less concerned about the repercussions of your actions, and your inhibitions recede.    The gas tank in THIS car is beginning to look REAL good!
Of course not one car manufacturer built the possibility of gas theft into the engineering of the gas lines of their vehicles – and most manufacturers don’t even provide a locking gas filler access lid or filler pipe cap.    
Who would steal gas?  
As Angel has noticed – gas theft will become very commonplace as gas price rises.


Neil's DYNAGARD Gas Station on West 31st & Clark pumps gas 4 U..

Neil has been on that corner with the Pink Gas Station for years. They always try to keep the prices down and they pump the gas for you... Just like the old days. While they stay so busy sometimes that it is hard to get further "FULL SERVICE" treatment-they also do repairs and have "free" air for your tires. Neil's little "old fashioned" type gas station is one of the quiet highlights of our community...

(I was getting air in dad's tires when I noticed the leak under his driver's door...) I hadn't even needed to get gas that day as he had already filled his tank before he got to Cleveland. Sadly, the fact that we didn't fully realize the extent of the damages resulted in a list of other issues with the vehicle and it is now inoperable until it can be repaired.

Just another day in the life! So, what kind of charges would someone get for stealing gas like this? What is it, like a misdemeanor or something? 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"


I am very saddened to hear the below news. I was in shock when I heard it yesterday. KEEP PRAYING FOR HIM TO RECOVER THROUGH THIS. Neil was in a state of shock yesterday when I stopped to share prayers and hug him. I have known Neil since I was a baby as him and my folks were friends. I love Neil as he's always been good to us. I feel so horrible for him. Please pray for his family and his son's recovery.

PRAYING FOR DAVE and HIS ENTIRE FAMILY. He's the son of NEIL from NEIL'S DYNAGARD GAS STATION ON CLARK AND WEST 31st Street. See the Councilman's post yesterday: Brian J. Cummins
I'm sadden to report a violent shooting at the Dyna Gard (PINK) gas station located at 3301 Clark Avenue. Neil Williamson's son David was shot in the face and is in critical condition, in a coma at MetroHealth Hospital. Our prayers go out to David his Father and family. There have been no arrests made yet. A description of the suspects will be posted soon. If anyone has information please call the 2nd District Detective's office at 216-623-5218.

Always Appreciative,