Geology 101 - Sandstone patterns

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In the North East Ohio area Berea sandstone was used for many building projects, including all the sidewalk slabs in many communities.   The quarries were massive operations.


(Historical working quarry image from the web - I could not find the source to give credit)

When you walk on the sandstone sidewalks, you can tell what the weather was eons (in the Mississipian age about 300 million years ago) ago at the time the specific patterns in the sand, before it became stone, were created.  In the image above a very specific weather event took place to make the pattern - visible here on a damp sidewalk.   

What was the weather that day?

Remember, before the sand became stone the Berea sands were in sand dunes.....

Take a look in Google Images at the many spectacular sandstone patterns.

And the Berea Historical Society records that grinding wheels were also made from the gritty sandstone.

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Slippery when wet...sandstone sidewalks

Wow; they seem like but a memory.... sandstone sidewalks.... I remember that they were best for hopscotch and chalk drawings....


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