George Polk Award for Videography - Neda Agha Soltan Shot in Iran

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 02/21/2010 - 00:11.

I suggest realNEO members consider the developments surfaced in the Guardian article highlighted below. One of the world's top Journalism prizes - The George Polk Award - was awarded to an anonymous bystander who captured a death in Iran on a cell phone and uploaded it to the Internet. The 40 second video is the most disturbing I have ever seen, by a long shot, and I do not embed it here, nor include even a still frame, nor do I recommend anyone viewing it - if you do you will see a person die, close-up, in a very bloody and graphic way.

Why I post about this on realNEO is that, as the Guardian writes, the "New 'videography' category reflects rising professional use of user-created content". Further: "This award celebrates the fact that, in today's world, a brave bystander with a cellphone camera can use video-sharing and social networking sites to deliver news," said the New York Times' John Darnton, the curator of the Polk Awards.

From the Guardian...

Anonymous video of Neda Aghan-Soltan's death wins Polk award

New 'videography' category reflects rising professional use of user-created content

The George Polk Awards, one of the most important annual journalism prizes, has honoured the anonymous video of the death of Neda Aghan-Soltan during the 2009 Iranian election protests.

The new videography category reflects the increasing importance of user contributions to journalism in an era where cameras are commonplace. It is the first time in the 61-year history of the awards that a work produced anonymously has won.

"This award celebrates the fact that, in today's world, a brave bystander with a cellphone camera can use video-sharing and social networking sites to deliver news," said the New York Times' John Darnton, the curator of the Polk Awards.

More ...from the Guardian...

Weapon of Choice

  It's ironic today that you posted this reference and I was just going to post a similar reflection on why the security at the Cleveand Metopolitan School District felt it was so important to confiscate my camera.

This month's New Yorker includes powerful images highlighting The PROMISE--of the American Civil Rights Movement.  It's a promise we must not forget.

The portfolio by Platon incorporates images shot by photographers credited and archived  at Corbis, Image Works, Magnum, TIME & LIFE, Getty, Polaris, and the Associated Press. 

Can REALNEO get remembered for capturing a story and moment we should not be allowed to forget?

Happens all day, evey day

The mainstream media and local bloggers have been merciless on us, yet we have prevailed.

Stealing you camera was a desparate act by the authorities - it is probably sitting on Susan Goldberg's desk at the PD, surrounded by the Cleveland School Board members, all asking their authorities what to do now.

I'll bring my camera to the next meeting, and I dare them now, in advance, to confiscate it... I've bought special equipment designed to capture jackasses in their natural environments, and preserve that FOREVER...

Disrupt IT

And, my N1 shoots high resolution video...

And my D300 still camera shoots even higher resolution video...

And who knows what else I'm carrying these days...

And I am poor

Disrupt IT

Teaching 1,000 people a day about healthy childbirth

Teaching 15,000 women people about healthy childbirth, in her first two weeks of life, Clara is already a memorable real NEO star, showing realNEO delivers the best content in the region.

There is more value in our two hypnobirth video clips, launched here, seen by like 1,000 people a day, than the PD delivers, ever, IMHO.

I do not recommend watching a life end, linked above, but I do encourage you to watch a life delivered into this world, shared below...


Disrupt IT

laura its not clear did they keep-steal your camera or give back

laura its not clear did they keep-steal your camera or give back

yogi and guy

Confiscated and gave back

I was allowed to attend the meeting, but not to bring my camera into the School District building.

theres watch hat button pen and other secret video cameras

theres watch hat button pen and other secret video & still in one cameras that are about 1 to 2 hundred dollars or more retail -  wholesale about half and do 2 to 4 hour or more  that can be downloaded to a computor  ubs etc.-

norm-all realneo coop can purchase said camers and more with a small donation from everyone or a few - and loaned out to realneo coop investigative reporters or just any capture  of reality

yogi and guy

CMSD's daring plan

Singling me out for my camera was ludicrous, given the fact that a number of people walked through their security check point with cell phones that can take pictures... thanks Norm for the offer to be there--I think the next board meeting is this Tuesday, when the District will most likely trot out another modification to the plan--I will get the details and post here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Board Business Meeting – 6:30pm
John Marshall High School
3952 West 140th Street, Cleveland

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Board Work Session – 6:30pm
Board of Education Administration Building
Board Room
1380 East Sixth Street, Cleveland

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Board Business Meeting – 6:30pm
East Clark School
885 East 146th Street, Cleveland

I anticipate that the District will again drop Ginn and Tremont...only not call it a mistake this appease the School Board's discontent with the unbelievably, sloppy, irrational and criminal--"plan."  The PD put out another corporate pro-editorial today, which now uses the word "daring," to sell it. UNREAL NEO.

I wrote a response to a similar gushing editorial in Crain's Cleveland a few weeks back--I won't even bother to respond to the PD.  At least Crain's printed my editorial.  Thanks Crains.

Sanders' transformation plan a farce

Nothing illustrates the disconnect between suburban/exurban Northeast Ohio and the city of Cleveland more than the letter to the editor submitted to Crain's by Jim Rundo of Chesterland in your Jan. 25 issue.

Mr. Rundo rhapsodizes about the foundation-funded Boston Consulting Group/Eugene Sanders Transformation Plan for the Cleveland schools, and admits that he lives nowhere near Cleveland — but only has Cleveland's best interests at heart — when he steps up to proudly endorse the plan that he acknowledges will be painful.

Well, it is time that those of you living outside the city of Cleveland realize that we, who do live here and who do pay taxes in the city of Cleveland, are tired of being your blood meal.

It is time that you acknowledge that Eugene Sanders and Daniel Burns were recruited to destroy and corporatize the unionized Cleveland public school system. Outside corporations and contractors have had their field day at the taxpayers' and at our children's expense. Corporate interests have intentionally undermined our schools and communities to line their pockets.


This Cleveland Metropolitan School District school board can either recognize the fraud and vote against the Sanders' Transformation Plan on Feb. 23 or they can continue to bleed away our future.

It's that simple. Eugene Sanders and his administration are under investigation in Toledo for fiscal malfeasance. It's only a matter of time before the full extent of fraud and corruption is uncovered here in Cleveland as well.

I respect Crain's Cleveland Business and the business community in Northeast Ohio. I ask you to not endorse this plan and to hold our school administrators accountable to every child and to the taxpayers supporting our schools.

Laura A. McShane