Get rid of the negativity...don't be realistic...

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Mon, 03/11/2013 - 23:37.

I am appalled to have read someone's post relative to this subject outlining how sick they were of the "negativity" around them....Awwwwww

I'd just like to say this from my ignorant hillbilly perspective....

Men & Women of our nation, stand around the globe 24/7 defending and upholding democracy so you can sit on your lethargic, overweight asses and complain about how your day was disrupted by someone else's reality...which you received as negativity... Get a fricken grip and face the music of someone other than your selfish weasel behind's world.

I am so sick of overpaid, uninvolved, chug a lug, class clowns trying to undermine the reality of all this corruption that has destroyed the fabric of America. It's so fricken ugly that it makes me sickened....and yet; I challenge them to lift their psuedo Christian behinds to rise to the occasion of balancing the ideologies of putting others before themselves....ha...not in today's disgracefully self centered world....

I love the working class folks who live in a mild version of tunnelvision as though they have never had a day of humanity taught to them through all their Sundays at Mass. I love hearing them snicker, cackle, and make jokes at the expense of the less than fortunate. I love hearing their undermining comments which attempt to make themselves appear to be big and wonderful (Far bigger than their size 40+ belt buckles can imagine!) I wonder if they even begin to realize how small they ultimately become as they disdainfully dog out the world of needy folks. I wonder if they recognize the monster in the mirror every morning. I wonder if they realize the Karma of their own lacking morality despite their superficial attendance as "committed" folks will ever hit them...but I have faith that they will wake up one day to see it all hitting them in the face....

Hate breeds hate. Corruption breed corruption. Destruction leads to more destruction. Superficial lifestyles full of expensive toys cannot compare to priceless moments shared... Status symbols, Status toys, expensive clothing and jewelry...hahah...a house in the burbs....hahha...aww aren't you special....Lives of silent drudgery illuminated by your valueless disrespect for others. Hahah...Weed out the rif raff, don't blame the political system---no don't ask you to get off your ass and hold your leadership accountable...nope...just keep ragging out the naysayers who are screaming for your attention to PAY ATTENTION...boohoo.

Aww...I guess I just felt like saying that I am personally comically amused by those who are grown past their 40's and still denegrating and degradating the world around them as if they really believe someone respects a weasel's perspective. I see it regularly.

I hope that all these useless, so called Americans begin to recognize that they are part of the major problem in America...particularly the ignorant, hardworking middle class who continually point fingers at the little people who depend on social services for assistance. God forbid desperation ever hit your unhumble grace, no consideration..I'd almost wish that upon you...but then again...seeing you bust your rear daily is almost justice enough. You don't get to appreciate the things money cannot buy.

I am blessed....not rich, but deeply aware of the fact that no amount of hardwork, money, or anything can buy back time with the ones we love. My dad has been diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer...I am staring at a time bomb, ticking away...grasping the moments; tirelessly working to find anything that will provide him with a quality of life beyond anyone's understanding. No, we cannot afford to travel the globe and execute the bucket list....but we certainly can treasure the most amazing of moments together....Perhaps it's only five minutes at the table...but it's time that no one can comprehend how significantly we consider the world around us to the death---before ourselves..while facing the odds of a quick demise.

Strange isn't when you're given a terminal your life and family become the most invaluable commodities around. Poof---in time---this will all be but a memory...........For's a race against the timeclock......and then I see hear all these people talk crap while they never "MAKE TIME" for the moments that they "chat" about. HAHA...My dad says it best....................don't come see me when I'm dead and cry over my grave..............come see me while I am alive and laugh and enjoy LIFE with me....


For all those folks wasting away their lives judging the rest...........please try to leave judgement up to GOD..........Until then; recognize how stupid and pathetic you sound when you open your mouth contemptuously devaluating the lives of matter what their status is on earth.


Blessings to all. I got to hug my dad today...share information with him to fight his battle with cancer....and even washed his window on his car. I feel blessed amidst all the chaos of the facts looming over us............and for that and a list of poor folks trivial riches......I am thankful. More importantly; I am thankful for all those jerks who continually light me up like the FOURTH OF JULY with their dumbass comments! Have a blessed day all. Sorry for saying it all from my heart....just amused and blessed! 

By the way; I don't know if it's being negative or realistic...but either way; I feel as though it's being truthful with ourselves and the world around us that life is too short for bullcrap! So, ride the bull and keep on smiling....God doesn't promise tomorrows.

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Ride the Bull

Yakkity yak yak...don.t talk back!


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