Ghost Ride

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I imagine my fellow bike rider friends Jim Sheehan and Lois Moss might want to distance themselves from me after the MTB salvos thrown about here at REALNEO-- But, at the risk of more criticism....I will put in a plug here for Ohio City Bike's Annual Ghost Ride and chili extravaganza.

RIDE, if you DARE!

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I love riding in the Flats

It seems with the abundence of vacant and misused land around Cleveland, like the Superfund site known as the Flats, and the need to determine better ways of managing and using that land, and the realization little about our surrounding nature is authentic to before man, why should the few people left here need to fight to have places to enjoy just about any type of outdoor or indoor recreation or sport they like.

Jim and Ohio City Bike Coop know how to live large in Cleveland, taking what is here and making the best of it their own way.

And the Flats is one of the coolest places on Earth to ride, if you have an MTB.

Disrupt IT

Dance Video of the Day ;-) Serge Huercio

extreme cycling

Wow, not that's some extreme cycling choreography!

I wonder if any of our NEO bikers can do these things. The Satie might be a turn off though, so cyclists turn your sound down when you watch this one. Satie is so francais!

fixie finagling

You might see find some good fixed-gear technique at the bike polo games ~ Sundays, 11am at the Harold T Clark tennis courts just East of the Muni Lot on Marginal.

See Pedal Republik of Cleveland (MySpace).