Good Morning real NEO - last night the air was unhealthy... were your windows open?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 08/09/2010 - 01:22.

August 9, 2010 Ohio EPA AirNow web portal air pollution current conditions for Northeast Ohio - 1:00 AM Report
Unhealthy For Sensitive Groups in Cleveland and surrounding communities, as it was all prior day and last night... now?

Good Morning real NEO - last night the air was unhealthy... were your windows open?

It seemed like a beautiful Sunday night for sleeping with the windows open but you should not have last night. You should have known better. Did you know the air pollution would make you unhealthy last night? Were you warned it would be unhealthy today?

Northeast Ohio Area Coordinating Agency air pollution monitoring portal of EPA data for Northeast Ohio,
which is completely dysfunctional, reported USG conditions in Akron before midnight, but had Cleveland omitted
and indicated moderate air pollution later - but the USG conditions in Cleveland did show through on AirNow (above)

No. But "They" should have warned you.

They is your Mayor, your council-people, your county officials, your Governor, your Senators and Congresspeople... your President - the people you elect and pay taxes to support so they may keep you healthy and safe in America.

They appoint, hire, manage and fire the people who work at the Cleveland Department of Health and other city and county health departments, the Northeast Ohio Coordinating Agency (NOACA), the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), EPA Region 5, and the Federal EPA, all responsible for making sure you are protected from harm to your health through effective regulation, management and monitoring of pollution in America, starting in YOUR BACKYARD.

This expensive new public park and playground in Little Italy is within eyesight of the smokestacks of University Circle's
Medical Center Company coal burning plant, which dumps 1,000s of tons of air pollution on citizens here each year
Why waste this money on such an attraction to poison children?!

The undeniable truth is that air pollution monitoring in Northeast Ohio has been ineffective since at least 2003, so it is hard to say it has ever been effective. I've never seen the system work right in five years... and I've been watching and documenting that fact for that long, because I am concerned about public health, the environment, social justice and the health of families.

That others aren't equally concerned here astounds me, but is life.

What is not "life" for me is tolerating ineffective air pollution monitoring information technology, because we all know better. That the air pollution monitoring here has been broken for the past decade shows intent by our public officials and their employees to harm citizens here - harming the 1,000,000s of citizens of the region and in our air currents over such a great length of time that the years lost to pollution-related premature death as a result of excessive pollution here are certainly in the 1,000,000s as well. Millions of human life years lost to pollution, because we never knew.

As the pollution monitoring of here gets better - which it now shall - you will learn how much harm Mittal and other coal plants cause health here, how important it is to monitor that pollution, and how important it is for citizens to be warned when pollution will be excessive... and the pollution from Mittal is excessive.

WIth good monitoring and warning, you may protect your children from sleeping with the windows open on a polluted night like tonight...

You will know not to exert yourself, use any internal combustion engines, or BBQ on a polluted day like today...

And you will soon realize you should in fact always use air conditioning and avoid outside air here, at all times.

All for a few coal burning facilities in town - they ruin everything, but what the hey.

At least you'll soon be able to watch the damage with greater accuracy, and make your own predictions of the harm this will cause you and your region in the future, and whether you have a reason to accept that in your life.

There are 49 other states in America - a few that are environmentally progressive and very pleasant - and many nice clean countries around the world are happy to welcome escaping Americans as new citizens... it may be time to consider reducing the carbon footprint of Ohio by leaving, so Mittal may have more of more than their fair share of our air.

Cap and trade, anyone?

See how dysfunctional your environmental monitoring was the night before last - know it is dysfunctional tonight, and know I am detailing that for the EPA.



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Report from Steelyard Commons at Noon: Pure Shit

Report from Steelyard Commons at Noon: Pure Shit, Cancer and Death as far as eyes may see, and 100s of workers in constant harm just to get a low paying job at WalMart etc..

I'd like to see chain-wide healthcare data for all the national stores in Steelyard to see how many absences they have there for health problems vs. healthy locations... our problems are WalMart's problems (if they even care about healthcare of workers).

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