"good morning tremont" if you folks knew the half of it 'organized crime" in tremont (in support of henry's stories))

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hi folks;
remember the movie "good morning vietnam" with robbin williams -
"good morning tremont" if you folks knew the half of it 'organized
crime" in tremont you would call for the f.b.i., and other federal
agencies, but most of it is kept quiet - deals are made - pay offs -
political police power (most police are good) -
theres much more wonderful spiritual arts and cultual stuff in tremont
and this will prevale -
keith sutton,i was told bought browns market bulding and rents to sam,
who rents the gas station from the owner gelatta's (spelling) who have
millions and own oil-gas etc., and drugs are sold and used from both
brown's and the gas station and the "usual suspects" work and live on
starkweather and professor (i'll email the addresses) and are some of
the bullies and are very disfunctional and had terrible growing up
and some actually are seeing professional help at the mental health
clinic at metro hospitol, but that does't help you folks like keith,
amy and many others that are victims and most of their victims don't
call the police and make a report - like keith, he wanted a low
profile - and the usual suspects commit other crimes in tremont and
other areas - 757 brayton, next door to me is part of the operation
(which i was going to share with you all in a few days) and police
detectives came about 3 weeks ago and got about 40, marijuana, plants
from the back yard garden of 757 brayton, and the police only gave
jean harris, the mother, a police record in lorain and cuyahoga county, owner a warning and no arrest - the son danny
admire, on probation for fleeing police, is one of the usual suspects - drugs. stealing, fighting,
etc., the police have been called because of loud hate rape, fighting,
selling drugs, and 757 brayton was sent a notice by the city that it will cost them $100.00 each time the police come on a call and make a police report and the other harris son grian harris,was in prison in georgia, and now in prison in ohio for drug trafficing and
receiving stolen property and brad admire is on five year parole after six years in prison for sexual abuse of minor girls in parma, ohio - and i have two   camers on my home ministrythat document few hundred cars and license numbers that i passed on to police and colieen reali. our tremiont county prosecutor and great joe cimperman, city council, d-13,
and the webb family which have 2 young daughter a young son - have
called the police many times and the police just give them a warning
which makes us belive that thet are working as informers and have a
get out of jail free card and don't go to jail - also a person by the
name of ronald - ron, works at the gas station, and has been doing bad
work on cars for years i've been told -
all the past owners (except one about 30 years ago) i recall - of the
owners of browns market have been middle eastern, and some have been
arrested for food stamp fraud and other crimes, and all the previous
owners of browns, have been complained about drugs being sold, out
dated food, etc., and they would leave tremont and sell to someone
else like sam, which wonderful courages joe cimperman, fought aganist
the beer and wine license when sam toke browns, but sam conned me and
others and hired the great attorney kent minchall, (spelling) in
tremont, on professor, and helped sam get the license - sam did show
courage by threating the drug dealers at browns and professor and
starkweather - what happen probably some law enforement agency is
using the before mention in sting and ruses to catch bigger humans in
the game of crime and the regular citizen is the one that suffers like
keith, amy, etc., and are caught in the middle of the cross fire or
they have a criminal enterprise going in tremont -
so folks you see why i carry a gun and have permitt to protect myself
and you - i know to much and speak out they say and the predators
would like to kill me but they can't -
amy, should file a claim in small claims court against sam, and others
and keith should request the u.s attorneys office investigate these
folks on the "ricco" law - conspire to commit crimes - and sam, will
disappear and others will take his place -
me and yogi go to angel's quveas, auto repair and towing, and i have
known angel for many years and he is really a guardian angel, and his
relative, wonderful hector quevas, is the deputy chief of police for
cleveland, and 2 of angels brother are cleveland police and alot of
police and other professionals and regular folks go to angels for
their cars or and for their self and many many many times i have been
at angels, and have heard horror storys of sam's gas station doing
terrible work on someones car that angel warned them not to take it
there -
angel is a genious, about cars and some times humans and other species
- we need a video camera folks so i can document much more of the
above - my cameras view finder doesn't work - please donate one or i
can pay with terms -
michael schweiger, has been arrested af few times for three stay in
jail, thanks to folks like you calling -
schweiger, knocks on the elderlys door and request a drink of water to
take his medicine and he talks his way in and steals or cases the home
for later - or request to mow the lawn or do work etc., -
moe, the drug dealer, got busted with more than 2 onces of crack by
tremont school, about ten years in prison -
the one emailer said lets cool are jets and not form the court of
public opinion here - well -
"take sides, neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim,
silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented." - elie wiesel.
eternal thanks,
guy and yogi

--- In tremontleaders [at] yahoogroups [dot] com, amy weahry <merrick_house@...>
> I also had a problem with them. They did $350.00 worth of work on
my car in March and it was still not running correctly. I took it to
Angel, who did ANOTHER $300.00 worth of work to it. ( Mind you, this
is a 93 Plymouth Acclaim) There is no way to prove whether or not
what they did was necessary or unnecessary, BUT, Angel did have a
conversation with one of the guys ( I don't know which one) who told
him that I directed him as to what should be done with my car and that
is what he did. Come on. They also changed my oil at that time and a
week later it was dry as a bone which leads me to believe no oil was
put into the car. My neighbor has worked there in the past and said
that Sams shoddy and overpriced work is intentional and he is well
aware of what he is doing.
> PETER LENEGHAN <treehousebar@...> wrote: This same guy was
spotted fist fighting with a young man on Professor just this past
Saturday morning.
> Maybe he should attend the block club meetings to understand that
this type of behavior is not wanted or acceptable in our neighborhood.
> Sammy Ross Catania <srcatania@...> wrote:
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> Read this ALL PLEASE
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> Subject: a concern
> Sammy, Keith Sutton was just here and very upset...There is at
this time a situation where he would like all of us to pass the
word.....He has been using the gas station on 10th for his company.
He had set up a situation where his employees could fill up their
car/trucks and sign a receipt. At the end of each week Sutton then
paid the bill. He noticed the bill had been getting larger but
attributed it to gas prices. This last bill was so high that he
looked it over and found several forged signatures to the tune of over
$900.00 dollars. Keith confronted him and he admitted a couple of the
forgeries and then got physical with Keith....Keith called the police
and pressed charges and the owner of the station ( I can't remember
his name) pressed charges against Keith. Now Keith says he has only
himself to blame for trusting the guy and not checking the bill.
However this is a felony we are talking about....We think this word
should be announced at all meetings and
> passed on to everyone....If you buy gas there only pay cash...he
could also forge a charge slip. But, I also believe that we do not
want to knowingly support someone like that in Tremont. We want to
support and help honest people who are committed to our community not
out to cheat us....Thanks, Sue Oh, by the way, Keith has copies of
the forged bills if you want to see them. I also called Scott and
told him to pass the word through Tremont West........


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Thanks for posting all of this, Guy. I had no idea the tremont yahoo group ever got so exciting!