Green Energy Summit 2009

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The time to act is now! Green is no longer in champagne activism territory; it has firmly positioned itself in the business mainstream as the next clean engine for economic growth. With rapid strides in technology, economic pressures, high energy prices, resource shortages, environmental threats, and compliance imperatives driving unprecedented growth in green energy, the pressure on scientists, technologists, government, and the industry to develop and adopt new methods for harnessing green energy has never been this overpowering.

The first of its kind in India, Green Energy Summit 2009 will provide a unique platform for debate, dialogue and action between research, industry, academia, financial organisations, entrepreneurs and government bodies worldwide. The four tiers of the summit will see a congregation of the most intelligent minds and proactive organisations to create a sustained, result-oriented mindset, bringing into picture those questions that are most relevant for India at this juncture.


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champagne activism

  Photo credit March National Geographic Magazine

Great expression and boy am I sick of it here in NEO...Bangalore is looking attractive to me about now. this not the cooperative model we are striving for here in NEO?  I am so tired of hypocrites...this month's National Geographic Magazine is all about energy savings, although the editor admits he lives high on the land by commuting a long distance to work, so his precious family can enjoy the PURITY of the countryside....I am no environmental saint, but when are the rich folks going to start putting their money, where their mouths are?


NOTE: The Green Summit has been rescheduled, so I guess the carpool to Bangalore is off for now :)