Hot power plant cooling water is KILLING Buffalo, NY with "lake effect" snow - Buffalo must sue Lake Erie electrical plants

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 11/18/2014 - 17:33.

dramatic Image from NBC (couldn't find photographer credit - probably from CCTV cam on highest building visible in the next link )   (Clipper wind turbines seen from west are just behind the wall of snow in the NBC image )

You can't run a City if it gets 3 feet of snow - frequenty.    You don't need to put up with adversarial weather if that weather has been created by human activity you can pin point.

Over the past 24 hours Buffalo, New York has been hit with over three feet of snow.  The National Guard has been called out to help clear the roadways, etc. (Read NBCweather report news here.) This snow is costing the City of Buffalo and the surrounding communities millions upon millions of dollars.   Business are shut.   Employees unable to get to work.   

This is why people move out of an area - the weather!   Buffalo and the Niagara areas are  already hurting with vacant houses, loss of traditional businesses, etc.    

Is this a natural phenomenon?  

Not if the lake water is being un-naturally heated by upwind/uplake/upstream electrical power plants and other heat polution point sources.  

The City of Buffalo and it's neighboring communities need to file a federal suit demanding damages from the power plants and others who use the Great Lakes as a heat dump for condensing steam from their electrical steam driven turbines.   

Take the Perrry, Ohio Nuke, for example....millions of gallons of Lake Erie are evaporated out of its cooling tower every day.   Where does the evaporated moisture condense and come down back to earth?   Buffalo?   You think?

Take Dunkirk, New York's coal fired electrical plant which doesn't have evaporative cooling towers - it just flushes lake water to strip heat from the steam condensate...Is the heat put into Lake Erie by the Dunkirk operation burying Buffalo in lake evaporation and snow?

The answer has to be yes. 

City attorneys of Buffalo - I have a suggestion - sue the bastards.  

Not only would such a suit advance energy efficiency by making people/corporations/generators/coal burners/nukes responsible for waste heat as well as carbon, it would put you attorney's on the map because it would be a unique and very difficult to win suit.  

And that's what makes life fun!  Go for it!

You will win eventually - because your suit will represent scientific truth.

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More images of snow wall hitting Buffalo from

 These images are correct.   Commentary is worth reading as well.