From Heaven to Hell

Submitted by lmcshane on Mon, 06/16/2014 - 08:56.

Reflections on Father's Day in CLE - after HEAVEN of pool in Frostburg - went to Lincoln Park yesterday - did NOT go in the cloudy, cold water. 

Despite a heavy -duty, professional staff and great pool captain - their hands are tied when it comes to what is permitted by "downtown."

What is permitted??

Street clothes in the pool, babies in diapers, crass and vulgar language - I had to endure a "family" of trashy teens (Caucasian) with screaming babies - and witnessed the "father" say - "Shut UP! Before I beat the hell out of you..." and kids (African-American) jumping into the pool and loudly calling each other "N#gger"...

Nice...this is Frank Jackson's Cleveland and he should own up to it.

Frostburg is multi-cultural



There is a long history of co-existence - of many cultures- especially "black and white."   And now, as Frostburg University attracts faculty and students from all over the world - you see even more diversity - including the last taboo for rural America - gay couples with kids.  

There is no conflict.  It's almost too peaceful, too boring.  But, it is definitely preferable to the "culture" we almost CULTIVATE in CLE.  See above CLEAN pool - where folks observe common sense rules - like showering before getting into the pool, no running, no cussing, parents supervising their kids.

Not to say it is all "no fun"  - Frostburg has a diving board, where teens congregate, and happily do flips all day - to entertain the rest of us.