Help Urgently Needed Printing Proposed Amendments to TWDC's Proposed Bylaws

Submitted by Claude Cornett on Tue, 10/20/2009 - 11:24.
So far, we have been unable to obtain the necessary funds or printing services to print enough copies of our proposed amendments to TWDCs proposed bylaws in time to be received by all 800 to 1000 TWDC members two weeks before the TWDC membership meeting at 6:30 pm, Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at Zion Church (2716 W 14 St.). The proposed amendments are on-line at
Any financial or printing help would be greatly appreciated.
Larry Cornett
(216) 583-0007
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more info pls?

I went to the link, but unsure;

How many pages are in each of the hand-outs?  And did u get estimates as to how much of a total bill might be for this printing?  If so, how much is needed?   All black n white, or any color?

Not sure if able to help, but [some]  possible, and would like more information, Thanks, Betty B.  


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Cost of printing and mailing Amendments to Proposed TWDC Bylaws

The lowest cost of printing 1000 copies of the proposed amendments at that I found commercially (in 12 point fonts on both sides of 8 pages) was $608.60 plus tax.  797 would be used for mailing to all TWDC members, and the rest (minus misprints) would be available for distribution at the TWDC meeting on 11/11/09 meeting at 6:30 pm at Zion.

First class postage would cost an additional $486.17

A self-inking rubber return address stamp would cost about $20, including tax.

So far, we have collected $280 in donations, and spent $19.38 for envelopes (that four of us labeled at the TWDC office yesterday afternoon). 

We also bought 20 reams of paper last Friday when we had an arrangement with Guy to arrange for the printing and will have to return when he backed off from the job yesterday (unless someone will let us use their printer for a donation towards toner).  Until yesterday, we were counting on Guy arranging for the printing (on the paper we bought plus a $200 donation to a place Guy thought would provide two sided copying on their xerox machine -- to help offset the cost of toner) and postage on his free matter for the blind mailing service (which is why the master is in 12 point print).  If that arrangement had worked out, we would have been able to get the job done for lightly more than the amount of donations received so far.

If we can get the money or the printing and postage arranged (we will do the labor), we can get the mailing out. 

Any help will be appreciated.


Larry Cornett, Ron Baker, and Robert Pinkerton




How to contact Larry Cornett about donations and/or amendments

I can be phoned at (216) 583-0007 or e-mailed at lcornett [at] en [dot] com.  Please e-mail me directly or phone if you can help, or would like to discuss this matter.

TWDC member numbers

1,000 first class 1 oz. letters will cost $440.00 plus copying plus envelopes. This is a huge membership. When does membership enrollment end for a final number? Can you get TWDC to enclose the alternate by-laws with their proposed by-laws and pay the difference in postage? This reduces postage from .44 to .17 per letter (1 oz is .44 and 2 oz is .61). $170 vs $440, eliminates the costs of envelopes and you will only need the copying and $170. That is a pretty fair request and maybe the costs are easier to meet. Just a thought.

TWDC refused to include our

TWDC refused to include our amendments in their mailing.  I have not heard a response from them on our request to link to our proposed amendments to the TWDC proposal from their webpage.  Links to would be appreciated.


Larry Cornett (AKA Claude Lawrence Cornett, Jr.)