hi tom all - 2 police heroes walking in tremont - brayton ave. & harresment by 754 brayton resident - will post video

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hi tom all - two cleveland police heroes  were walking on brayton about 11 am or so - i'm searching our video to post - also about 4:30 pm car 213a female officer drove by and stopped as i was thanking her - all police - and she stopped in front of next door 757 brayton criminal gang for a minute and checked it out -

after car 213a left - as i was still out side and the bullies at 754 brayton across the street from me - were they drink booze and smoke the drugs etc. - james dunaway convicted felon and illegal drugs also and two other males yelled out "get back in your house" some other words i couldn't hear - they are friends of 757 brayton gang - will check video

eternal thanks - cheers - sophia - guy


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