Honor System Marketing - Never taught in any school

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After shopping at his vegetable stand for the last few years, I finally got to meet the proprietor, Bill Henderson.
When I asked him how long he had been marketing vegetables via the honor system - Mr. Henderson explained that his daughters were the initial inspiration - the girls sold vegetables along the road side in front of their house, and when the girls got older and lost interest, Mr. Henderson explained that he just kept the stand out on the street with a cigar box with about 4 dollars in change in it.   
Now retired, Mr. Henderson very enthusiastically merchandizes vegetables raised by relatives and friends and from his own garden.   Mr. Henderson said he had Alzheimer’s.
I got the feeling that his involvement with his roadside business was keeping him as youthful and vigorous as he was when he helped his little girls set up shop years ago. Very inspiring.
"I just sold out of shallots", he told me.  (my favorite at the stand)
"No problem with theft - but that's probably because of the area".  "One day I came home and there were coins sprinkled around in the grass, kid's on bikes took a little money." “When we go away for the weekend I come back and the box is stuffed full of money”.
Honor System Marketing is obviously the most efficient method of making low volume sales.  
Are the benefits of Honor System Marketing taught in any school?  
I have been through quite a bit of schooling and Honor System Marketing was never mentioned. 
How about at the Harvard Business School or Whartons?  Not a chance. 
How will this form of marketing, the most efficient form possible, expand if its benefits and problems  are not taught?



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