Why does OUR Government have a sting/entrapment operation on Occupy in Public Square?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 05/01/2012 - 11:01.


Image: Toledo Blade

Why is it that of all the Occupy camps across the USA, the FBI took up a "successful" sting/entrapment operation in Public Square?   Could it be true that there is a more active wanna-be "anarchist" spirit here in Cleveland than, say, in Oakland, CA?    Just curious of the instigating circumstances which led the FBI to become involved....

 I  haven't yet read the entire affidavit.  Are the circumstances surrounding why the FBI became involved effectively explained in the affidavit?

On another topic...

Whether it is  the variety of colors in a flower pedal, the various shades of dead grasses in a field in the Fall, or the greens, yellows, whites and grays in these leaves - the color schemes seem so perfect.   Why's that?

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Occupy permit pulled for Public Square - Casino opening soon

 No coincidence here.   Mayor Jackson won't renew the "permit".  

Can all this really be orchestrated?    The FBI, the timing, the "clean up" of the Square?


Rats need to go.  


Setting up stupid people

Hi Jeff--just curious, what do you think the FBI did wrong here?  I agree that Occupy Cleveland folks don't deserve the flak, but these guys...I have no real sympathy.  What am I missing?  Should FBI have warned them..that their behavior crossed the line?

FTR-I am disgusted by reaction of Ken Sillman and Mayor Jackson--pulling Occupy permit to protest--but, what's new?? I wish that Obama administration would just expose all the dirty dems in NEO at this point--especially, Martin Sweeney and the land bank crew pulling Jackson's strings when it comes to schools and real estate...

Setting up VULNERABLE people...

 Anyone can do this. Make kids want to blow up a concrete bridge like the Fulton Street Bridge that took Kokosing a year to demolish.   We can all do this  with a federal budget.  This is not homeland security, this is entrapment. Plain and simple. 

So how did this all occur?   Who instigated the FBI to have a mole/instigant at Occupy?   

Was it the Greater Cleveland Downtown Partnership? 


Not them.

So what was the motivation?

Clean up the Square?

As it happens, 

The Square will be clean for Dan's Casino opening.


Just cOOOO- IN_ CEEE-Dencence


Insane lengths...

It's just tooo weird to be true in CLE. 

Then again, who would think that we would still harbor crooks like Martin Sweeney, named in a federal indictment, and the Land Bank gang (they know who they are), who camouflage real estate and contract deals (aka demos for developers) for the GCP, Forest City and carpetbagger investors at the Western Reserve Land Conservancy???? 

I would think Horseshoe Casino Dan Gilbert would not be especially conscious of a few protestors (the lot that included Satindur Puri for yesterday's news cameras)...but your theory may be right, Jeff (see above posts).


PD demonstrating some unusual investigative energy

Demonstrating some unusual investigative energy,
the Plain Dealer's  Rachel Dissell, and PD reporters Stan Donaldson and Grant Segall, with researcher JoEllen Corrigan - have helpfully reported here on the arrest history of  the Occupy Cleveland "bridge bombers"
For our government to pay moles to entrap young (or any age) persons who are clearly having a hard time - and then having our government orchestrating, instigating, advancing, financing, transporting, these folks towards mayhem in order to arrest them for a hair brained scheme that none of the accused would ever have been remotely able to enact without pro-active government advancement - is morally repugnant and wrong.
The tax money expended to entice and entrap and "prosecute" - should have been spent for social services to orchestrate,  instigate, advance, finance, transport these folks towards moral and civic high ground.
The real story that needs to be uncovered here is at whose direction- and why and why in Public Square of all places in the USA - did a government mole burrow into the Occupy Cleveland tent? 

occupy set up and isolation

I learned the other day that these kids have just been released from solitary confinement. I am amazed & angry that they have ever been subjected to 23 hrs per day confined to a cell with 1 hour for excercise in a larger cell. Really?

Were Boston bombers entrapped? But got out in front of FBI?

 The recent shooting in Florida of a Chechnian acquaintance of the older Boston bomber - to me - points to a potential cover up by the FBI.

While Whitey Bulger is going to Court this week in Boston, Ma in a case where the FBI went way out of bounds and WAY OUT OF CONTROL, well, we all know history repeates itself...

Please explain to me why the Boston Marathon Bombers incident isn't an FBI entrapment operation (like the lame entrapment Occupy Cleveland FBI operation) -  which unfortunately went off the rails and out of the FBI's managment. 

These guys from Chechnya - could they possibly be smarter and more dedicated and more organized than our tax paid FBI folks?


Before you respond...take a look at the image at the top of this report.....


total cover up

I am so sad for this country...


society sets up the crime & the citizen commits it-chinese prov.

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