How would you grade the Cleveland Plain Dealer since Egger became Publisher and Goldberg Editor

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 12/02/2008 - 14:40.
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Great poll

Great poll. 

Like most of the respondents' I'm at level "D." I'm rapidly descending to "E," however. Only the fact that my DH feels "it's not civilized not to subscribe to at least one newspaper" has kept me from cancelling.

As for "C," the city may be shrinking but the region sure isn't, which suggests that the PD is overlooking -- both in print & online -- some important potential readership communities. 

And "A" made me snort coffee through my nose, thank you very much.




Lila Hanft, Ph.D.

I'll tell you why, if you have all night

It's this sort of one-sided bought and sold - didn't ask or didn't report the real story or the whole story (it got edited out) or incessant shallow cheerleading. It is hard to tell if it's the writers or the editors, but with folks who haven't got the climate change is reality yet in editorial positions, I have to wonder... maybe its some editorial staff that shoulda got "the call".

From Freetimes: Volume 15, Issue 83
Published December 13th, 2008

James Renner

The Boss Of You

Safely Re-elected, Bill Mason Is Throwing His Weight Around Again


"After reporter Bob Paynter wrote a two-part expose on the racial disparity of drug cases handled by Mason's office, The Plain Dealer gave Mason space in its forum pages to refute the paper's own reporting. "Bob Paynter got it wrong - very wrong," wrote Mason. Sources within The Plain Dealer have said that Mason also met with several top executives. Shortly thereafter, Paynter took a buyout offer, and sources say that he did so because his editors didn't stand up for his work. Editor Susan Goldberg did not respond to a request for comment."


Often I want to say, don't waste paper on the opinion pages - just report the news.